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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
48319 Tomer R.B. Getting the Most Out of Vacuum Tubes n/aХХ
48331 Frimer A.A., Havron I.A. Ultraviolet and y-Ray-Induced Free-Radical Reactions of Nucleic Acid Constituents. Selectivity of Some Reactions for Purines. Suppression of the Reactivity of Pyrimidines n/aХХ
48369 ¬зрывчатые вещества и пороха под ред.Ѕудникова n/aХХ
48376 Johnson G.L. Wind Energy Systems n/aХХ
48479 SZE S.M. Solutions Manual to Accompany SEMICONDUCTOR DEVICES Physics and Technology 2nd Edition n/aХХ
48515 Geweke J., Tanizaki H. On Markov chain Monte Carlo methods for nonlinear and non-gaussian state-space models n/aХХ
48641 Murray J.S,, Sen K. Molecular Electrostatic Potentials n/aХХ
49031 Custom Woodworking - Bookcases, Shelves & Cabinets n/a ХХХ
49046 Contescu C. (ed.), Putyera K. (ed.) Dekker Encyclopedia of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology n/a ХХХ
49048 Details of Victorian Architecture n/aХХ
49275 Bellinger C. The Glassblowing Bible n/a ХХХ
49378 Improvised Lock Picks (Police Guide To Lockpicking) n/aХХ
49739 ћеждународный турнир городов n/aХХ
50055 Probability and Statistics n/a ХХХ
50068 Delli P., Leu M. Unigraphics NX-3 for Engineering Design n/a ХХХ
50069 Leu M.C., Joshi A. NX5 for Engineering Design n/a ХХХ
50097 Tsao G.T. (ed.) Bioseparation n/a ХХХ
50119 UFGS Complete n/a ХХХ
50140 Sadiki M., Soriyan O. Elements of Electromagnetics n/a ХХХ
50156 —лудскаго ќ. ќ равновесии и движении жидкости при взаимодействии ее частиц n/aХХ
50181 Hahnemann S. The Chronic Diseases, their Peculiar Nature and their Homeopathic Cure. n/a ХХХ
50187 –исс ‘. ќ линейных функциональных уравнени€х n/aХХ
50259 јлексƀевъ Ќ. —войство интеграловъ отъ алгебраических иррациональныхъ функций которые выражаютс€ одними логариθмами n/aХХ
50437 ёрьева —.ј. ќб интегрировании дифференциальных линейных уравнений с переменными коэффициентами n/aХХ
50461 ’инчин ј.я. ћетрические задачи теории иррациональных чисел n/aХХ
50592 Rutishauser H. Algorithm 104. Reduction to Jacobi n/aХХ
50623 Cuyt A. How Well Can Concepts of Pade Approximant Be Generalized to the Multivariate Case? n/aХХ
50629 Davenport J.H. Primality Testing Revisited n/aХХ
50639 Coleman S. Classical Lumps and Their Quantum Descendants n/a ХХХ
50652 Gander W., Gautschi W. Adaptive Quadratures - Revisited n/aХХ
50704 Fraser W., Hart J.F. On the Computation of Rational Approximations to Continuous Functions n/aХХ
50798 Stoltze P. Introduction to heterogeneous catalysis n/aХХ
51266 ∆еглов ¬.ј, –ыбкин ¬.Ѕ., ћацепуро ќ.¬. ”чись летать на дельта плане n/aХХ
50893 Maehly H.J. Methods for Fitting Rational Approximations, Parts II and III n/aХХ
50894 Maehly H.J. Methods for Fitting Rational Approximations, Part I: Telescoping Procedures for Continued Fractions* n/aХХ
50905 Matzner R.A., Seidel H.E., Shapiro S.L. Geometry of a Black Hole Collision n/aХХ
50907 Mehmood A.B., Shah U.A. Closed Form Approximations for the Three Body Problem n/aХХ
50932 Mukhanovt V., Wipf A. On 4D-Hawing Radiation from Effective Action n/aХХ
50938 Odlyzko A.M., Schonhage Fast Algorithms for Multiple Evaluations of the Riemann Zeta Function n/aХХ
50965 Ralston A. On Economization of Rational Functions n/aХХ
50974 Vlachopoulos J., Strutt D. The Role of Rheology in Polymer Extrusion n/aХХ
51000 Ѕертран ∆. јлгебра дл€ гимназий и реальных училищ n/a ХХХ
51049 Coleman S. The Fate of the False Vacuum I: Semi-Classical Theory n/aХХ
51052 Nimble J.B. The Construction And Operation Of Clandestine Drug Laboratories n/a ХХХ
51054 Guelberth C.R., Chiras D. The Natural Plaster Book: Earth Lime and Gypsum Plasters for Natural Homes n/a ХХХ
51056 Tuppert J. Reliable Two-Dimensional Graphing Methods for Mathematical Formulae with Two Free Variables n/aХХ
51072 Mittermaier C., Schreiner W., Winkler F. A Parallel Symbolic-Numeric Approach to Algebraic Curve Plotting n/aХХ
51109 ≈са€н ј.–., „убариков ¬.Ќ., ƒобровольский Ќ.ћ. ƒокументаци€ по Maple 11, Mathematica 5, MatLab 6.5 n/aХХ
51198 Holbrook J., Kim S.S. A Very Mean Value Theorem n/aХХ
51451 Dianzuo W., Somasundaran P. Developments in Mineral Processing n/aХХ

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