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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
121896 Sengers J.V., Kayser R.F., White H.J. Book Review: Equations of State for Fluid and Fluid Mixtures, Parts I and II 2002ХХ
121897 van Leeuwen J.M.J. Does the Interface Experience the van der Waals Loop? 1989ХХ
121898 Presutti E., Wick W.D. Macroscopic Stochastic Fluctuations in a One-Dimensional Mechanical System 1988ХХ
121899 Leonenko N.N., Enzo Orsingher E., Parkhomenko V.N. On the Rate of Convergence to the Normal Law for Solutions of the Burgers Equation with Singular Initial Data 1996ХХ
121900 Aibanese C. A Goldstone Mode in the Kawasaki-lsing Model 1994ХХ
121901 Program 1984ХХ
121902 Cancrini N., Cesi F., Martinelli F. The Spectral Gap for the Kawasaki Dynamics at Low Temperature 1999ХХ
121903 Dorizzi B., Grammaticos B., Pomeau Y. The Periodically Kicked Rotator: Recurrence and/or Energy Growth 1984ХХ
121904 Barra F., Gaspard P. On the Level Spacing Distribution in Quantum Graphs 2000ХХ
121905 Albeverio S., Seba P. Wave Chaos in Quantum Systems with Point Interaction 1991ХХ
121906 Future Contributions to Journal of Statistical Physics 1998ХХ
121907 Tölke J., Krafczyk M., Rank E. A Multigrid-Solver for the Discrete Boltzmann Equation 2002ХХ
121908 Freidlin M.I. On Stable Oscillations and Equilibriums Induced by Small Noise 2001ХХ
121909 Schlijper A.G., Kikuchi R. A Variational Approach to Distribution Function Theory 1990ХХ
121910 Reichl L.E. Book Review 1981ХХ
121911 Combescure M. Recurrent Versus Diffusive Dynamics for a Kicked Quantum System 1991ХХ
121912 Lebowitz J.L., Phani M.K., Styer D.F. Phase Diagram of Cu-Au-Type Alloys 1985ХХ
121913 Michael P . Brenner, Thomas P . Witelsk On Spherically Symmetric Gravitational Collapse 1998ХХ
121914 Kondratiev Yu. G., Minlos R. A. One-Particle Subspaces in the Stochastic XY Model 1996ХХ
121915 T. Franosch, Th. Voigtmann Completely Monotone Solutions of the Mode-Coupling Theory for Mixtures 2002ХХ
121916 Mario Feingold, Leo P. Kadanoff Passive Scalars, Three-Dimensional Volume-Preserving Maps, and Chaos 1987ХХ
121917 Valsakumar M. C. Solution of Fokker-Planck Equation Using Trotter's Formula 1983ХХ
121918 F. Delyon Recurrence of the Eigenstates of a SchrOdinger Operator with Automatic Potential 1990ХХ
121919 William Bialek, A. Zee Coding and Computation with Neural Spike Trains 1989ХХ
121920 Alexander Figotin Photonic Pseudogaps for Periodic Dielectric Structures 1993ХХ
121921 Thierry Dauxois, Nikos Theodorakopoulos Thermodynamic Instabilities in One Dimension: Correlations, Scaling and Solitons 2001ХХ
121922 Book Review: Fluctuations and Order: The New Synthesis 1996ХХ
121923 Aizenman M., Chayes J. T. Discontinuity of the Magnetization in One-Dimensional 1/Ix _y|^2 Ising and Potts Models 1987ХХ
121924 Oliffson Kamphorst S. A Mixed Phase Transition for a Hierarchical Spin Glass 1986ХХ
121925 Geoffrey L. Sewell Off-Diagonal Long-Range Order and the Meissner Effect 1990ХХ
121926 Cummings P. T., Stell G. Random Flights in Euclidean Space. I. General Analysis and Results for Flights with Prescribed Hit Expectance Density About the Origin 1983ХХ
121927 van Dongen P. G. J. Fluctuations in Reaction-Diffusion Systems: A New Exactly Soluble Growth Model 1988ХХ
121928 Bruce J. West, Michael F. Shlesinger Random Walk of Dislocations Following a High-Velocity Impact 1983ХХ
121929 V. Privman Restoration of Universality for the Rod-to-Coil Transition Scaling in the Infinite-Dimensionality Limit: Exact Results for Directed Walks 1987ХХ
121930 Avron J. E., Roepstorff G. Ground State Degeneracy and Ferromagnetism in a Spin Glass 1980ХХ
121931 Andrew J. Majda Random Shearing Direction Models for Isotropic Turbulent Diffusion 1993ХХ
121932 Lam P. M. A Percolation Approach to the Kauffman Model 1987ХХ
121933 Anton Bovier Perturbation Expansion for a One-Dimensional Anderson Model with Off-Diagonal Disorder 1989ХХ
121934 Ph. A. Martin, Ch. Gruber A New Proof of the Stillinger-Lovett Complete Shielding Condition 1983ХХ
121935 Gary P. Morriss, Lamberto Rondoni A Dynamical Partition Function for the Lorentz Gas 1994ХХ
121936 A. Latz Non-Equilibrium Projection-Operator for a Quenched Thermostatted System 2002ХХ
121937 Orrick W. P., B. Nickel The Susceptibility of the Square Lattice Ising Model: New Developments 2000ХХ
121938 Sunder Sethuraman Superdiffusivity of Occupation-Time Variance in 2-dimensional Asymmetric Exclusion Processes with Density ρ = 1 / 2 ∗ 2006ХХ
121939 Paula Gonzaga, Christian Maes The Gacs-Kurdyumov-Levin Automaton Revisited 1992ХХ
121940 Jonathan Maehta, Raymond Greenlaw The Parallel Complexity of Growth Models 1994ХХ
121941 X. D. Niu, C. Shu Investigation of Stability and Hydrodynamics of Different Lattice Boltzmann Models 2004ХХ
121942 Vladislav Popkov, Gunter M. Schütz Shocks and Excitation Dynamics in a Driven Diffusive Two-Channel System 2003ХХ
121943 Massimo Campostrini Linked-Cluster Expansion of the Ising Model 2006ХХ
121944 Geza Gyorgyi, Robert Graham Renormalization Group Study of Quantum Fluctuations near Classical Critical Points of Hamiltonian Systems 1991ХХ
121945 Evans J. W., Hoffman D. K. Exact Kinetics for "Almost Random" Irreversible Filling of Lattices 1983ХХ

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