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КнигаСтраницы для поиска
Kedlaya K.S., Poonen B., Vakil R. — The William Lowell Putnam Mathematical Competition 1985–2000: Problems, Solutions, and Commentary35, 58
Reade J.B. — Calculus with Complex Numbers6
Honsberger R. — Mathematical Delights2
Franklin P. — Fourier Methods17
Kythe P.K., Schaferkotter M.R. — Partial Differential Equations and Mathematica70
Bradley C.J. — Challenges in Geometry: For Mathematical Olympians Past and Present41
Shankar R. — Basic Training In Mathematics98
Spivak M. — Calculus501
Bamberg P.G., Sternberg Sh. — A Course in Mathematics for Students of Physics: Volume 158
Kleppner D., Kolenkow R. — An introduction to mechanics434
Herman J., Simsa J., Kucera R. — Equations and Inequalities: Elementary Problems and Theorems in Algebra and Number Theory75, 77, 78, 84
Chan Man Fong C.F., De Kee D., Kaloni P.N. — Advanced Mathematics for Engineering and Sciences194
Cajori F. — An introduction to the modern theory of equations24
Margenau H., Murphy G.M. — The mathematics of physics and chemistry557
Bettinger A.K. — Algebra and Trigonometry (International Textbooks in Mathematics)199
Copeland A.H. — Geometry, algebra, and trigonometry by vector methods283
E. G. Phillips, M.A., M.Sc. — Functions of a complex variable with applications6
Cofman J. — Numbers and shapes revisited: More problems for young mathematicians228
Hildebrand F.B. — Advanced Calculus for Applications513
Moore F. — Elements of Computer Music464
Apostol T. — Mathematical Analysis, Second Edition29
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