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КнигаСтраницы для поиска
Bathe K.-J. — Finite element procedures415
Greenwood N.N., Earnshaw A. — Chemistry of the Elementssee also “Transition element ions”
Herrington J. — Podcasting Hacks
Stein E. (ed.), Ramm E. — Error-controlled adaptive finite elements in solid mechanics132
Jaswon M.A. — The Theory of Cohesion. An Outline of the Cohesive Properties of Electrons in Atoms, Molecules and Crystals199
Talsky G. — Derivative spectrophotometry. Low and higher order175
Guimaraes A.P. — Magnetism and Magnetic Resonance in Solids40, 46, 55
Abraham Taylor — An introduction to X-ray metallography100, 101, 105, 106, 163—165
Stoner E.C. — Magnetism and Atomic Structure with 56 diagrams100—102, 105, 164—167, 227, 314—325
Douglas Clark C.H. — The basis of modern atomic theory206 seq.
Slater J.C. — Quantum Theory of Atomic Structure vol1194—195, 211, 374—394
Hume-Rothery W., Raynor G.V. — The Structure of Metals and Alloys13, 66, 81, 82, 86, 196, 209, 210, 213, 214
Hume-Rothery W. — Atomic Theory for Students of Metallurgy56, 90, 163
Holmes R.A. — Physical Principles of Solid State Devices11
Dekker A.J. — Solid State Physics457
HarrisR. — Nonclassical physics: beyond Newton's view310
Hume-Rothery W. — Electrons, Atoms, Metals and Alloys109, 190, 235
Rice F.O., Teller E. — The structure of matter30—33
Unknown A. — Solid State Physicssee "$YBa_{2}Cu_{3}O_{7-\delta}$, transition element substitution"
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