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Herrington J. — Podcasting Hacks
Herrington J. — Podcasting Hacks

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Название: Podcasting Hacks

Автор: Herrington J.


This guide explains how to listen to a podcast on the web or a PDA, and how to set up the basic hardware and software to produce a personal podcast. The 75 tips offer advice on selecting the right audio hardware, interviewing people, editing audio, posting the podcast to the internet, marketing the podcast, and taking the show on the road.

Язык: en

Рубрика: Разное/

Статус предметного указателя: Готов указатель с номерами страниц

ed2k: ed2k stats

Год издания: 2005

Количество страниц: 453

Добавлена в каталог: 22.08.2007

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Предметный указатель
(Cool) Shite on the Tube podcast      
--longhelp command-line argument (lame)      
.elp format      
.forward file      
.torrent file      2nd 3rd 4th 5th
a cappellas      2nd 3rd
A versus B mash-ups      2nd
AAC (Advanced Audio Coding) format      2nd
Ableton Live      
AC-3 format      
accent coaching      
ACID (Sony), creating music      2nd 3rd
ACID (Sony), mash-ups and      2nd 3rd
Acoustic Rooms      
ActiveState Perl, installing      2nd 3rd
ActiveState Perl, Podcastamatic and      
ActiveState Perl, podcatchers and      
ActiveState Perl, Tk support      
ActiveSync program      2nd
Add or Remove Programs control panel      
Advanced Audio Coding (AAC) format      
AeroPlayer player      
AGC (automatic gain control)      
Aggregators, Libsyn directory and      
Aggregators, RSS feeds and      
Aggregators, tracking blog mentions      
ahs      2nd
AIF files      
AIFF (Audio Interchange File Format)      
Air America Radio network      
AKG microphones      2nd 3rd
Album field (MP3 files)      
Alesis portable mixers      
All Music web site      
All Podcasts directory      
AltaVista Audio site      
Alto microphone preamps      
Amazon.com, Associates program      
Amazon.com, Honor System      
Amazon.com, sports section      2nd
Ambience, adding background      
Ambience, interviews and      
Ambience, wind noise as      
AMEK microphone preamp      
American Press Institute      
Amplitude graph      
Amplitude, graphic equalizers and      
Amplitude, men's voices      
Amplitude, of signals      2nd
Amplitude, parametric equalizers and      
Analog sound      2nd
Analogue Samples site      
ANT client      
Apache web server      2nd
APHEX 320A Compellor      
Apis      2nd
AppleScript Studio      2nd 3rd 4th
AppleScript, Audio Hijack Pro and      
AppleScript, automation toolkit      
AppleScript, speech synthesis and      2nd
Archos portable media player      
ART microphone preamps      
Artful editing      2nd 3rd
Artist field (MP3 files)      
ASCAP, composer rights and      
ASCAP, copyrighted material and      
ASCAP, podcast songlist and      
ASCII characters      
Atom syndication standard      2nd
ATRAC3plus format (Sony)      
Attack parameter (compression)      
Attenuating signals      
Audacity application, beercasts      
Audacity application, changing speed and      2nd
Audacity application, compressor support      
Audacity application, diffing signal      
Audacity application, enveloping and      
Audacity application, functionality      
Audacity application, ID3 tags and      
Audacity application, maintaining consistent levels and      
Audacity application, multitrack editing and      
Audacity application, pitch shifting and      
Audacity application, plug-ins and      
Audacity application, political podcasts      
Audacity application, room equalization      
Audacity application, sports podcasts      
Audacity application, tunable noise filters      
Audacity application, WAV format      
Audience, beercasts and      
Audience, keeping engaged      
Audience, knowing the      
Audio Converter for HotRecorder application      
Audio Hijack Pro application, automating      
Audio Hijack Pro application, cart programs      
Audio Hijack Pro application, incorporating effects      
Audio Hijack Pro application, interviews and      
Audio Hijack Pro application, music shows      2nd
Audio Hijack Pro application, review shows      
Audio Hijack Pro application, simulating rewind      
Audio Hijack Pro application, Skype and      2nd 3rd 4th 5th
Audio Hijack Pro application, Soundflower tool and      
Audio Hijack Pro application, speech synthesis      
Audio In tool      
Audio Interchange File Format (AIFF)      
audio theatre      2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
Audio Theatre.com      
Audio Unit (AU) plug-ins      2nd
Audio Weblogs      2nd
Audio, background ambience      2nd
Audio, copyrighted material      2nd
Audio, digital      
Audio, editing      2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th
Audio, FireWire adapters      2nd
Audio, fixing common problems      
Audio, grabbing legally      2nd 3rd
Audio, integrating email feedback      2nd
Audio, mash-ups      2nd 3rd 4th
Audio, recording to files      
Audio, setting up home studio      2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th
Audio, speech synthesis      2nd 3rd 4th 5th
Audio-Technica, condenser microphones      2nd
Audio-Technica, field recording microphones      2nd
Audio-Technica, shotgun microphones      2nd
Audio-Technica, stereo microphones      
Audio-Technica, studio microphones      
Audioblog, hosting MP3 files      
Audioblogger service      2nd
AudioPathServerSide variable (Podcastamatic)      
AudioPathWebSide variable (Podcastamatic)      
AudioTrak sound cards      
Audition (Adobe), encoding with      
Audition (Adobe), extraction tools      
aural exciter      
Auralex      2nd
AutoCast program      2nd
Automatic gain control (AGC)      
Azureus client      
band-pass filters      2nd
Bandwidth      2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th
basic editing, adding special effects      2nd
basic editing, Audio Hijack Pro and      2nd 3rd
basic editing, building sweet sound      
basic editing, fixing audio problems      2nd
basic editing, gain control      2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
basic editing, multiple tracks      
basic editing, selecting tools      2nd 3rd
basic editing, sound considerations      2nd 3rd
Basketball Babble      
bass traps      
batteries, spare      
beatmapping      2nd
beats per minute (BPM)      2nd 3rd
beercasts      2nd 3rd
Behringer, microphone preamps      
Behringer, MIDI mix boxes      
Behringer, portable mixers      
Behringer, sound mixers      
Behringer, studio microphones      
being in the moment      
Bellari microphone preamps      
beyerdynamic microphones      2nd
Bias      2nd 3rd
binaural microphones, explaining      
BitTorrent P2P network      2nd 3rd 4th 5th
blank sound recording      
Blog Torrent tracker      
Blogger service      
Bloglines      2nd 3rd
blogs, ads and      
blogs, bandwidth and      2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th
blogs, comments system      
blogs, conference calling      
blogs, converting text-based      
blogs, first podcasts and      
blogs, MP3 files      2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
blogs, podcasts and      2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th
blogs, podcasts by email      2nd 3rd
blogs, podcasts without      2nd 3rd
blogs, political podcasts and      
blogs, trading links to      
BlueHost service      2nd
Bluetooth, call recording and      
Bluetooth, hands-free headset      
bluggcaster (Blugg.com)      
BOND      2nd
BPM (beats per minute)      2nd
breaking news      
breath sounds      2nd
broadband connection      2nd
Broadcast Host      
broadcasting, coaches for      
broadcasting, creating networks      
broadcasting, professional-quality      
broadcasting, voice considerations      
browsers, displaying HTML show notes      
browsers, finding podcasts with      2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th 11th
browsers, playing podcasts      
browsers, RSS and      
BugCast podcast      
bulletin boards      2nd 3rd
bumpers      2nd
C-SPAN Archives      
cabling, microphones and      2nd 3rd
cabling, signal path noise and      
cadence of speech      2nd
Call Corder site      2nd
call-ins, political podcasts      
cardioid microphones      2nd
Caribbean Free Radio podcast      
cart applications, example code      
cart applications, sound effects and      
category management      2nd 3rd
ccLookup tool      
ccPublisher tool      2nd
Cedub Studio      2nd 3rd 4th
cell phones, call-recording feature      
cell phones, controlling recordings with      
cell phones, data connections      
Cepstral Text-to-Speech      
Cepstral Voices      
cgi-bin directory      2nd
change pitch effect      
change speed effect      2nd
change tempo effect      2nd 3rd
channels, mixers and      
chorus, mixers and      
Cinecast podcast      
civic journalism      
click event handler      2nd
clipped signals      2nd 3rd
CNN network      
Code Generation Network      
COM objects      
commentary      2nd 3rd 4th
Comments      2nd
Comments field (MP3 files)      
commercial networks      
commercial status      2nd 3rd 4th
composer license/rights      2nd
compression rate (MP3 files)      
compression, hardware effects processors and      
compressors, Audacity support      
compressors, clipping and      
compressors, noise from      
compressors, signals and      2nd 3rd
computers, mash-ups and      
computers, noise from      2nd 3rd
computers, speakers on      
computers, USB standard      
condenser microphones, interviewing and      
condenser microphones, moisture and      
condenser microphones, power to      2nd 3rd 4th 5th
condenser microphones, recording ambience      
condenser microphones, sample setups      
Conference Call      
contemplative silence      
content, creating elements      
content, importance of      
content, listening for      
Cool Edit      2nd
copyrighted material, fair use      
copyrighted material, grabbing audio legally      
copyrighted material, infringement issues      
copyrighted material, legal considerations      2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
copyrighted material, licensing and      2nd
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