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Поиск книг, содержащих: Bernoulli shift

КнигаСтраницы для поиска
Ito K. — Encyclopedic Dictionary of Mathematics. Vol. 2136.D
Berger M. — A Panoramic View of Riemannian Geometry498, 515
Coornaert M., Papadopoulos A. — Symbolic Dynamics and Hyperbolic Groups20
Ruelle D. — Thermodynamic Formalism: The Mathematical Structure of Equilibrium Statistical Mechanics79, 128, 155
Ott E. — Chaos in dynamical systems27
Nagashima H., Baba Y. — Introduction to chaos: physics and mathematics of chaotic phenomena3
Walters P. — Ergodic Theory: Introductory Lectures18, 98
Ito K. — Encyclopedic Dictionary of Mathematics136.D
Nagel R., Derdinger R., Günther P. — Ergodic theory in the perspective of functional analysisII/3
Hilborn R.C. — Chaos and nonlinear dynamics190—192
Rordam M., Stormer E. — Classification of Nuclear C*-Algebras Entropy in Operator Algebras87
Ash R.B., Doléans-Dade C.A. — Probability and Measure Theory394
Drmota M., Tichy R.F. — Sequences, Discrepancies and Applications324
Walters P. — An introduction to ergodic theory105
Wiggins S. — Chaotic transport in dynamical systems55, 56, 57, 60
Cvitanovic P., Artuso R., Dahlqvist P. — Classical and quantum chaos175
Greiner W. — Classical mechanics. Systems of particles and hamiltonian dynamics474, 486
Pier J.-P. — Mathematical Analysis during the 20th Century329
Argyris J., Faust G., Haase M. — An Exploration of Chaos234, 241, 247, 656
Walters P. — Ergodic Theory — Introduction Lectures18, 98
Reichl L.E. — Modern Course in Statistical Physics323
Badii R., Politi A. — Complexity: Hierarchical structures and scaling in physics77, 81, 89, 120, 126, 271
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