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КнигаСтраницы для поиска
Falconer K. — Fractal Geometry. Mathematical Foundations and applicationsxvi, 120, 236
Arrowsmith D.K., Place C.M. — Dynamical systems. Differential equations, maps and chaotic behaviour283, 285
Enns R.H., Mc Guire G.C. — Nonlinear physics with mathematica for scientists and engineers88
Gromov M. — Metric Structures for Riemannian and Non-Riemannian SpacesB.2.11—B.2.12
Folland J.B. — Real Analysis: Modern Techniques and Their Applications356
Stauffer D., Aharony A. — Introduction To Percolation Theory105
Higson N., Roe J. — Analytic K-Homology180
Hensley D. — Continued Fractions100
Falconer K.J. — Techniques in Fractal Geometrysee Sierpinski triangle
Stauffer D., Aharony A. — Introduction to percolation theory105
Schroeder M.R. — Schroeder, Self Similarity: Chaos, Fractals, Power Laws2, 17, 388
Higham N.J. — Accuracy and Stability of Numerical Algorithms521
Chan T., Shen J. — Image Processing and Analysis: Variational, PDE, Wavelet, and Stochastic Methods359
Kenzel W., Reents G., Clajus M. — Physics by Computer104
Young R.M. — Excursions in Calculus: An Interplay of the Continuous and the Discretesee “Sierpinski triangle”
Drmota M., Tichy R.F. — Sequences, Discrepancies and Applications210
Hughes B.D. — Random walks and random enviroments (Vol. 1. Random walks)11
Greiner W. — Classical mechanics. Systems of particles and hamiltonian dynamics469
Higham D.J., Higham N.J. — MATLAB guide16—19
Addison P.S. — Fractals and chaos4, 23
Posamentier A.S. — The Fabulous Fibonacci Numbers312—313
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