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КнигаСтраницы для поиска
Greiner W., Muller B., Rafelski J. — Quantum electrodynamics of strong fields327—330, 332 (see also “WKB approximation”)
Bender C., Orszag S. — Advanced Mathematical Methods for Scientists and Engineerssee “WKB theory”
Goldstein H., Poole C., Safko J. — Classical mechanics115
Dittrich W., Reuter M. — Classical and quantum dynamics265
Chow W.W., Koch S.W. — Semiconductor-laser fundamentals25
Imry Y. — Introduction to Mesoscopic Physics16—37, 75—78, 82—84, 87—88, 135, 201, 204—207
Mihaly L., Martin M.C. — Solid state physics. Problems and solutions28
Nikiforov A.F., Uvarov V. — Special Functions of Mathematical Physics: A Unified Introduction with Applications235, 244, 248
Auerbach A. — Interacting electrons and quantum magnetism106
Nakamura K., Harayama T. — Quantum chaos and quantum dots10, 14, 48
ter Haar D. — Elements of Statistical Mechanics86
Greiner W., Reinhardt J. — Quantum electrodynamics418
Tsvelik A.M. — Quantum field theory in condensed matter physics32
Wald R.M. — Quantum field theory in curved spacetime and black hole thermodynamics57, 144, see "Back-reaction"
Grosche C., Steiner F. — Handbook of Feynman path integrals16, 20
Christensen S.M. — Quantum theory of gravity26, 48, 74, 161, 259
Nouredine Z. — Quantum Mechanics: Concepts and Applications495
Puri P.R. — Mathematical methods of quantum optics139
Roepstorf G. — Path integral approach to quantum physics117, 152, 199
Tsvelik A.M. — Quantum field theory in condensed matter physics32
Bornemann F. — Homogenization in Time of Singularly Perturbed Mechanical Systems (Lecture Notes in Mathematics, 1687)113
Cvitanovic P., Artuso R., Dahlqvist P. — Classical and quantum chaos485
Kashiwa T., Ohnuki Y., Suzuki M. — Path Integral Methods54
ter Haar D. — Elements of Statistical Mechanics86
Meyer-Ortmanns H., Reisz T. — Principles of phase structures in particle physics247
Stamatescu I., Seiler E. — Approaches to Fundamental Physics147
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