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КнигаСтраницы для поиска
Henrici P. — Applied and Computational Complex Analysis. I: Power Series, Integration, Conformal Mapping, Location of Zeros.95, 291
Rudin W. — Principles of Mathematical Analysis25
Latrve D.R., Kreider D.L., Proctor T.G. — Hp-48G/Gx Investigations in Mathematics36
Messer R. — Linear Algebra: Gateway to Mathematics219
Small Ch.G. — Functional Equations and how to Solve Them14, 15
Velleman D.J. — How to Prove It: A Structured Approach236
Sagan H. — Advanced Calculus of Real-Valued Functions of a Real Variable and Vector-Valued Functions of a Vector Variable13, 359ff
Morris S.A. — Topology without tears16
Humphreys J.F., Prest M.Y. — Numbers, Groups and Codessee injection
Sipser M. — Introduction to the theory of computation175
Khuri A.I. — Advanced calculus with applications in statistics5
Franklin J., Daoud A. — Introduction to Proofs in Mathematics126—127
Li M., Vitanyi P. — An introduction to Kolmogorov complexity and its applications7
Steenrod N.E. — First Concepts of Topology13
Lin I.H. — Geometric Linear Algebra. Vol. 1682
O'Neill B. — Elementary differential geometry2
Adams P.W., Smith K., Výborný D. — Introduction to Mathematics with Maple90
Hefferon J. — Linear algebraA-9
David O.Tall — Advanced Mathematical Thinking117
Rosenfeld A. — An introduction to algebraic structures11
Aliprantis C. — Principles of real analysis5
Kinsey L.C. — Topology of surfaces23
Liu C.L. — Introduction to combinatorial mathematics130
Verdina J. — Projective Geometry and Point Tranformations182
Dunford N., Schwartz J., Bade W.G. — Linear operators. Part 2(3)
Tourlakis G.J. — Lectures in Logic and Set Theory: Set Theory203
Gossett E. — Discrete Math with Proof729
Dunford N., Schwartz J.T., Bade W.G. — Linear Operators, Part II: Spectral Theory. Self Adjoint Operators in Hilbert Space (Pure and Applied Mathematics: A Series of Texts and Monographs)3
Canuto C., Tabacco A. — Mathematical analysis38, 114
Scheinerman E.A. — Mathematics: A Discrete Introduction199, 549
Sipser M. — Introduction to the Theory of Computation161
Jones N.D. — Computability and complexity from a programming perspective428
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