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Branden C., Tooze J. Ч Introduction to protein structure
Branden C., Tooze J. Ч Introduction to protein structure

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Ќазвание: Introduction to protein structure

јвторы: Branden C., Tooze J.


Introduction to Protein Structure gives an up-to-date account of the principles of protein structure, with examples of key proteins in their biological context generously illustrated in full colour to illuminate the structural principles described in the text. The first few chapters introduces the general principles of protein structure both for novices and for non-specialists needing a primer. Subsequent chapters use specific examples of proteins to show how they fulfil a wide variety of biological functions. The book ends with chapters on the experimental approach to determining and predicting protein structure, as well as engineering new proteins to modify their functions.

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»здание: 2nd edition

√од издани€: 1999

ƒобавлена в каталог: 29.03.2006

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ѕредметный указатель
Cell cycle, $G_0$ phase      106
Cell cycle, Gap 1 ($G_1$ phase)      105
Cell cycle, Gap 2 ($G_2$ phase)      105Ч106
Cell cycle, M phase      105
Cell cycle, protein kinase conformational changes      105Ч109
Cell cycle, regulation by p21      166
Cell cycle, S phase      105
Cell growth/differentiation      271 272F
Cellulase, NMR      387F 390F
Cephalosporinase genes, DNA shuffling      366 366F 367F
ch      see УImmunoglobins constant
cH-rasp21      254F
Chaperones      89
Chaperones, hsc70      293
Chaperonin, definition      100
Chaperonin, GroEL      see УGroELФ
Chaperonin, protein folding/unfolding in      99Ч100
Chemical shifts, in NMR methods      387 387F 388
Chimeric protein      190
Chiral forms, amino acids      5
Chlorophyll, accessory molecules      238 238F 239
Chlorophyll, arrangement      238F
Chlorophyll, circular rings in light-harvesting complex LH2      241 241F 242F 243
Chlorophyll, photon absorption      239
Chlorophyll, Уspecial pairФ      236 238 238F 239 244
Cholera toxin      254
Chothia, Cyrus      31 32 42 311 317
Chymotrypsin      29F
Chymotrypsin, active site structure      211Ч212 211F 212F
Chymotrypsin, domains      211 211F
Chymotrypsin, evolution      210
Chymotrypsin, evolution, gene duplication      212
Chymotrypsin, preferential cleavage mechanism      212Ч213
Chymotrypsin, specificity mechanism      209
Chymotrypsin, specificity pockets      212Ч213 213F
Chymotrypsin, structure      210Ч211 210F
Chymotrypsin, subtilisin similarity      216Ч217
Chymotrypsin, superfamily      210 212
cis-peptide      98 98F
cis-retinoid acid receptor (RXR)      185
cis-retinoid acid receptor (RXR), heterodimer formation      186 186F
Citrate synthase      17T
Classification of protein structure, classes      31Ч32
Classification of protein structure, topology diagrams      23
Clonal selection theory      299F 300
Coagulation cascade      361
Cogdell, Richard      241
Coiled-coil $\alpha$ helix      see У$\alpha$ helixФ
Collagen      284Ч286
Collagen, alanine mutation      285 285F
Collagen, fibers      283
Collagen, polypeptide chains      284 284F 285
Collagen, superhelix of left-handed helices      284Ч286 284F
Collagen, superhelix of left-handed helices, hydrogen bonding      286 286F
Collagen, synthesis      284
Collectins      36
Colman, Peter      71
Combinatorial control, leucine zipper dimerization      193
Combinatorial design, FSDЧ1 peptide      368
Combinatorial joining      302 302F 303
Combinatorial libraries      358
Combinatorial methods in vitro selection      see УBacteriophage displayФ
Combinatorial methods, definition      358
Combinatorial methods, protein engineering      358Ч359
Combinatorial screening, sequence recognition by SH3      274
Common cold, drugs      337Ч338
Complementarity determining regions (CDR)      301 302F
Complementarity determining regions (CDR), CDR1      305
Complementarity determining regions (CDR), CDR2      305 311
Complementarity determining regions (CDR), CDR3      302Ч303 305 310 311
Complementarity determining regions (CDR), CDR3, loop conformations and sequences      350
Complementarity determining regions (CDR), conformation prediction      350 350F
Complementarity determining regions (CDR), conformational changes      311Ч312
Complementarity determining regions (CDR), conformational changes, limited range      311Ч312 350
Complementarity determining regions (CDR), lysozyme and Fab binding      309Ч310 310F
Complementarity determining regions (CDR), T-cell receptor      317F (see also УHypervariable regions immunoglobulinsФ)
Computer-generated diagrams, $\gamma$-crystallin structure      74 74F
Computer-generated diagrams, myoglobin      22F
Computer-generated models      23
Computer-generated models, building from x-ray diffraction data      382 382F 384
Concanavalin A      77
Concerted model      113Ч114
Conformational changes      105
Conformational changes, calmodulin and peptide binding      109Ч110 110F
Conformational changes, complementarity determining regions      311Ч312
Conformational changes, ligand-induced      142Ч143
Conformational changes, protein kinase      105Ч109
Conformational changes, R and T states of allosteric proteins      113Ч114
Conformational changes, R and T states of allosteric proteins, phosphofructokinase      114Ч117 117F
Conformational changes, serpins      111Ч113 112F
Conformational changes, switch regions in $G_{\alpha}$      257Ч259
Conformational changes, trp repressor      142Ч143
Consensus motif, sequence recognition by SH3      274
Consensus sequence, $\alpha/\beta$-horseshoe fold      55
Consensus sequence, b/HLH transcription factors binding to      197 199 201
Consensus sequence, TATA box      154F
Continuous lipidic cubic phase      225
control module      151
Cooperative binding      113
Coreceptors, CD4      319
Corepressor      142Ч143 143F
COSY (correlation spectroscopy) NMR experiments      388 388F 389
COSY (correlation spectroscopy) NMR experiments, cross-peaks (ТfingerprintsТ)      388F 389
Covalent bonds, , peptide units      8
Covalent bonds, native/denatured state of proteins      90
Craik, Craig      213
Creighton, Thomas      96
Creutzfeldt Ч Jacob disease      113
Crick, Francis      13 35 36 121 285 387
Critical Assessment of Structure Prediction (CASP)      353
Cro gene, repression by repressor protein      130
Cro protein      129
Cro protein as dimer      132 132F
Cro protein as repressor      131
Cro protein, action in genetic switch region      130Ч131 130F
Cro protein, differential binding to operator sites      140Ч141
Cro protein, dimerization      132
Cro protein, DNA interactions      134Ч135
Cro protein, helix-turn-helix motif      132 134F
Cro protein, lambda      see УBacteriophage lambdaФ
Cro protein, phage 434      see УBacteriophage 434Ф
Cro protein, phage P22      135 136F
Cro protein, summary      141Ч142
Cro protein, synthesis      131
Cross-bridges      see Уwider MyosinФ
Cross-peaks, in COSY spectra      388F 389
Cryocooling      377
Cryoelectron microscopy, alphaviruses      340Ч341
Cryoprotectants      377
Crystallites      384 385F
Crystallization      375
Crystallization, hanging-drop method      375 376F
Crystallization, membrane proteins      224Ч225
Crystals, protein, channels in      374Ч375 375F
Crystals, protein, cooling      377
Crystals, protein, difficulties in obtaining      374 375 384
Crystals, protein, growth      375
Crystals, protein, isomorphous      380
Crystals, protein, structure      373F
Crystals, protein, unit cell      374
Cyclic AMP      253
Cyclic AMP-dependent protein kinase      277Ч278
Cyclic GMP phosphodiesterase      265
Cyclin      106 166
Cyclin A      106
Cyclin A, binding to CDK2      107 107F 108F 109F
Cyclin A, structure      107F
Cyclin box      108
Cyclin fold      108 159
Cyclin, half-life      106
Cyclin-dependent protein kinases (CDKs)      106 272
Cyclin-dependent protein kinases (CDKs) as relay of switches      106
Cyclin-dependent protein kinases (CDKs), CDK2      106Ч108 107F 272
Cyclin-dependent protein kinases (CDKs), CDK2, cyclin A binding and conformational change      107Ч108 107F 108F 109F
Cyclin-dependent protein kinases (CDKs), CDK2, domains      107Ч108 107F
Cyclin-dependent protein kinases (CDKs), CDK2, T-loop      108 109F
Cyclophilin      98Ч99 99F
Cyclophilin, cis-trans isomerization enhancement      99
Cyclophilin, structure      99 99F
Cyclosporin A      98Ч99
Cys-X-X-Cys motif      97
Cysteine proteinase      205
Cysteine, disulfide bridge formation      5Ч8
Cysteine, DNA-binding domain of GAL4      187 188F
Cysteine, loop length between, effect of stability      355Ч356
Cysteine, side chain in alcohol dehydrogenase      11 11F
Cysteine, structure      6F
Cysteine, zinc finger motif      176 176F
Cysteine, zinc finger motif, DNA-binding domain of glucocorticoid receptor      181Ч182 183 184
Cytochrome $b_{562}$      37 38F
Cytochrome c oxidase, crystallization      225
Cytochrome c'      37
Cytochrome, in photosynthetic reaction center      235 236 240
Cytosine, in DNA, hydrogen bonds      123F
D-form of amino acids      5 9
D-form, of amino acids      5 9
Dahiyat, Bassil      367
Database on World Wide Web      393 394
Database, homologous proteins      348
Database, protein folds      353
Davies, David      304 309
Deacylation      208 209F
Dehydration, ion selectivity filter mechanism      234
Deisenhofer, Hans      235
Deisenhofer, Johann      55 102
Denatured state of proteins      90
Dennis, Mark      362
Detergents, membrane protein solubilization      224 225F
Dictyostelium myosin      295
Diffraction patterns      see also УX-ray diffractionФ
Diffraction spot      379 386
Dijkstra, Bauke      39
Dimeric proteins, bacteriophage MS2      339Ч340 339F 340F
Dimeric proteins, glucocorticoid receptor      183Ч184
Dimeric proteins, lambda Cro protein      132 132F
Dimeric proteins, lambda repressor      132 132F
Dimeric proteins, phosphofructokinase (PFK)      116 (see also УHeterodimersФ)
Dipole moment, $\alpha$ helix      16 16F 357Ч358 357F
Dipole moment, peptide unit      16 16F
Distance constraints, NMR methods      390Ч391
Disulfide bonds/bridges      5
Disulfide bonds/bridges in $\alpha + \beta$ domains      32
Disulfide bonds/bridges, chymotrypsin      210
Disulfide bonds/bridges, collagen      285
Disulfide bonds/bridges, formation      5Ч8
Disulfide bonds/bridges, formation, during protein folding      96Ч98
Disulfide bonds/bridges, insulin      8
Disulfide bonds/bridges, protein stability increased      354Ч356
Disulfide bonds/bridges, stability      97Ч98
Disulfide bridge-forming enzymes (Dsb)      96 97 97F
DNA      121
DNA in control module      151
DNA recognition      129
DNA recognition by helix-turn-helix motifs      129Ч149 (see also УCro proteinsФ УHelix-turn-helix УRepressor
DNA recognition by transcription factors      151Ч174
DNA recognition, sequence-specific      124Ч125 125F
DNA recognition, sequence-specific for restriction enzymes      125
DNA recognition, sequence-specific, recognition pattern      124Ч125 125F
DNA shuffling      359F 365Ч366
DNA shuffling, cephalosporinase genes      366 366F 367F
DNA shuffling, process      366 366F
DNA, $\gamma$-crystallin sequence      76
DNA, A-DNA      121 122F
DNA, A-DNA, diffraction patterns      386 386F
DNA, A-DNA, major groove      123 123F
DNA, B-DNA      121 121F 122F
DNA, B-DNA as preferred conformation      124
DNA, B-DNA, base pairs in turn      135
DNA, B-DNA, base sequences      124Ч125 124F
DNA, B-DNA, deformation after TBP binding      155Ч157
DNA, B-DNA, diffraction patterns      386 386F
DNA, B-DNA, distortions due to protein binding      138 138F 145
DNA, B-DNA, helix-turn-helix motif binding      134
DNA, B-DNA, hydrogen bonds with protein side chains      124Ч125
DNA, B-DNA, major and minor grooves      122Ч123 123F
DNA, base pairs, in major and minor grooves      123F 124F
DNA, bending, CAP-induced      146Ч147 156
DNA, bending, energy      147
DNA, bending, functional implications      158
DNA, bending, TATA box-binding protein inducing      155Ч157 156F 158
DNA, conformational changes, differential binding of repressors and Cro      140Ч141
DNA, conformational changes, glucocorticoid receptor binding      182F 183
DNA, conformational changes, protein-DNA backbone interactions      139Ч140
DNA, diffraction patterns      386Ч387 386F
DNA, distortion, p53 binding      170
DNA, hairpin, in TATA box      154
DNA, helix regularity, fiber formation      384
DNA, helix structure      121Ч122 122F
DNA, helix structure, major and minor grooves      122Ч123 122F 123F
DNA, homeodomain complex      161 161F
DNA, homeodomain protein monomer binding      160Ч162 161F
DNA, kinks      156 156F
DNA, major groove, b/HLH motif binding      198Ч199 198F
DNA, major groove, classic zinc fingers binding      177Ч178
DNA, major groove, Cro protein binding      134Ч135
DNA, major groove, GCN4 binding      196
DNA, major groove, homeodomain binding      161 161F
DNA, major groove, hydrophilic protein-DNA interactions      157
DNA, major groove, lac repressor binding      143Ч145 145F
DNA, major groove, p53 binding      169Ч170 169F 171
DNA, major groove, sequence-specific recognition      124Ч125 125F
DNA, major groove, zinc cluster of GAL4 binding      188 189F
DNA, major groove, zinc finger of glucocorticoid receptor binding      184
DNA, Mat $\alpha2$-Mat al complex binding      163 163F
DNA, minor groove, homeodomain recognition      161
DNA, minor groove, lac repressor binding      143Ч145 145F
DNA, minor groove, p53 binding      169Ч170 169F 171
DNA, minor groove, TATA box-binding protein binding      155Ч157 156F
DNA, palindromic sequences      131Ч132 131T 135
DNA, POU region binding      165Ч166 165F
DNA, protein interactions      see УProtein-DNA interactionsФ
DNA, protein linked to      359Ч361
DNA, recognition      see УDNA recognitionФ
DNA, sequence-specific interactions, operator regions and repressors      139 139F
DNA, sequence-specific recognition pattern      124Ч125 125F
DNA, site-directed mutagenesis      354
DNA, structural change after TBP binding      155Ч157
DNA, structures      121Ч126
DNA, sugar-phosphate backbone      139 141
DNA, synthesis, cell cycle      105 106
DNA, twist angles      121
DNA, unwinding, TATA box-binding protein binding      156 156F
DNA, Z-DNA      see УZ-DNAФ
DNA-binding domain      129
DNA-binding domain, cis-retinoic acid receptor (RXR)      186 186F
DNA-binding domain, GCN4      194 195F
DNA-binding domain, glucocorticoid receptor      181Ч183
DNA-binding domain, MyoD      197F
DNA-binding domain, p53      167 167F 168Ч169 168F
DNA-binding motifs, helix-turn-helix      133 134F
DNA-binding motifs, lambda Cro and repressor proteins      133Ч134
DNA-binding motifs, zinc in      175
DNA-binding proteins      121 152
DNA-binding proteins, catabolite gene activating protein (CAP)      146
DNA-binding proteins, procaryotic, homeodomain differences      160
DNA-binding proteins, transcription factors      see УTranscription factorsФ (see also УCro proteinФ УRepressor
DnaK (Hsp 70)      100
dodecahedron      327F
Dodson, Christopher      95
Dodson, Guy      94
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