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Branden C., Tooze J. Ч Introduction to protein structure
Branden C., Tooze J. Ч Introduction to protein structure

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Ќазвание: Introduction to protein structure

јвторы: Branden C., Tooze J.


Introduction to Protein Structure gives an up-to-date account of the principles of protein structure, with examples of key proteins in their biological context generously illustrated in full colour to illuminate the structural principles described in the text. The first few chapters introduces the general principles of protein structure both for novices and for non-specialists needing a primer. Subsequent chapters use specific examples of proteins to show how they fulfil a wide variety of biological functions. The book ends with chapters on the experimental approach to determining and predicting protein structure, as well as engineering new proteins to modify their functions.

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»здание: 2nd edition

√од издани€: 1999

ƒобавлена в каталог: 29.03.2006

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ѕредметный указатель
$C_6$-zinc cluster family      190Ч191 190F 202
$F_{\nu}$ fragment      224Ч225
$K^+$ leak channels      see УPotassium ($K^+$) channelsФ
$K_m$ values      206 213 214
$K_{cat}$ values      206 213 214
$V_{max}$      206
$\alpha$ domains      31 35Ч46
$\alpha$ domains, coiled-coil $\alpha$ helices      35Ч37
$\alpha$ domains, doughnut-shaped      39Ч40 39F
$\alpha$ domains, evolutionary conservation      41Ч42
$\alpha$ domains, four-helix bundle      37Ч39 38F
$\alpha$ domains, globin fold      22F 35 40 40F
$\alpha$ domains, helix movements and side-chain mutations      43
$\alpha$ domains, hydrophobic interior      35 42Ч43
$\alpha$ domains, packing of $\alpha$ helices      40Ч41 41F 42F
$\alpha$ domains, size and complexity      39Ч40
$\alpha$ domains, tyrosyl-tRNA synthetase      59Ч60 59F 60F
$\alpha$ helix (helices)      14Ч19 15F
$\alpha$ helix (helices) in $\alpha$ domains      31 35
$\alpha$ helix (helices) in $\alpha/\beta$ structures, barrels      49 49F
$\alpha$ helix (helices) in $\alpha/\beta$ structures, horseshoe folds      55 56F
$\alpha$ helix (helices) in $\alpha/\beta$ structures, twisted open sheets      56Ч57 57F
$\alpha$ helix (helices) in $\beta-\alpha-\beta$ motif      27Ч28 28F
$\alpha$ helix (helices) in helix-turn-helix motif      129
$\alpha$ helix (helices) in membrane-bound proteins      35
$\alpha$ helix (helices) in zinc motif of glucocorticoid receptor      184Ч185
$\alpha$ helix (helices), $3_{10}$ helix      15 177
$\alpha$ helix (helices), $G\gamma$      263
$\alpha$ helix (helices), 6-F helix      116
$\alpha$ helix (helices), amino acids preferred      16Ч18
$\alpha$ helix (helices), b/HLH/zip family      200
$\alpha$ helix (helices), bacteriophage MS2 subunits      339
$\alpha$ helix (helices), barnase folding intermediate      94 94F
$\alpha$ helix (helices), buried and exposed types and sequences      17T
$\alpha$ helix (helices), C- and N-termtni      16
$\alpha$ helix (helices), calmodulin      110
$\alpha$ helix (helices), CDK2 (PSTAIRE helix)      107F 108 108F 109F
$\alpha$ helix (helices), coiled-coll      35Ч37 35F 36F
$\alpha$ helix (helices), coiled-coll, GAL4      187
$\alpha$ helix (helices), coiled-coll, heptad repeats      35Ч37 36F 192 286
$\alpha$ helix (helices), coiled-coll, leucine zipper dimerization      192
$\alpha$ helix (helices), coiled-coll, oligomers of fibrous proteins      286Ч287
$\alpha$ helix (helices), coiled-coll, stabilization by salt bridges      36 37F
$\alpha$ helix (helices), conversion from p sheet (protein design)      368Ч370 369F 369T
$\alpha$ helix (helices), Cro protein      132
$\alpha$ helix (helices), dipole moment      16
$\alpha$ helix (helices), dipole moment, stabilizing to increase protein stability      357Ч358 357F
$\alpha$ helix (helices), DsbA      97
$\alpha$ helix (helices), electron-density maps      381F 382
$\alpha$ helix (helices), F-actin      293
$\alpha$ helix (helices), four-helix bundle      37Ч39 38F
$\alpha$ helix (helices), GAL4      187
$\alpha$ helix (helices), globin fold      40 40F
$\alpha$ helix (helices), globular proteins      15
$\alpha$ helix (helices), GroEL domain      100 102
$\alpha$ helix (helices), growth hormone      267 267F
$\alpha$ helix (helices), handedness      16 285
$\alpha$ helix (helices), helical wheel      17T
$\alpha$ helix (helices), hemagglutinin      79
$\alpha$ helix (helices), homeodomains      160
$\alpha$ helix (helices), hydrogen bonds      15
$\alpha$ helix (helices), hydrophilic and hydrophobic residues      17
$\alpha$ helix (helices), lambda repressor      133
$\alpha$ helix (helices), length      15
$\alpha$ helix (helices), leucine zipper motif      192 192F
$\alpha$ helix (helices), ligand-binding      16
$\alpha$ helix (helices), location in proteins      17
$\alpha$ helix (helices), loop region connections      21
$\alpha$ helix (helices), membrane proteins      223
$\alpha$ helix (helices), motifs using      24
$\alpha$ helix (helices), movements and side-chain mutations      43
$\alpha$ helix (helices), MyoD      197 198Ч199
$\alpha$ helix (helices), myosin      294
$\alpha$ helix (helices), p53      169Ч170
$\alpha$ helix (helices), p53, domain      167
$\alpha$ helix (helices), packing arrangements      40Ч41
$\alpha$ helix (helices), packing in $\alpha$ domains      40Ч41 41F 42F
$\alpha$ helix (helices), prediction of secondary structure      352
$\alpha$ helix (helices), proline in      16Ч17
$\alpha$ helix (helices), Ramachandran plot      10
$\alpha$ helix (helices), Ras protein      255
$\alpha$ helix (helices), recognition $\alpha$ helix      134
$\alpha$ helix (helices), residues per turn      15
$\alpha$ helix (helices), ridges and grooves geometry      40Ч41 41F
$\alpha$ helix (helices), Rop protein      38Ч39 39F
$\alpha$ helix (helices), schematic diagram representation      23
$\alpha$ helix (helices), secondary structure of proteins      14Ч16
$\alpha$ helix (helices), serpins      111Ч112
$\alpha$ helix (helices), SH2 domain      273
$\alpha$ helix (helices), side chains      17 43
$\alpha$ helix (helices), subtilisin      215
$\alpha$ helix (helices), SV40      343 343F
$\alpha$ helix (helices), TATA box-binding protein      154
$\alpha$ helix (helices), transducin $G_{\alpha}$      256 257
$\alpha$ helix (helices), transmembrane      see УTransmembrane $\alpha$ helicesФ
$\alpha$ helix (helices), transmembrane proteins      18 223
$\alpha$ helix (helices), trp repressor      142
$\alpha$ helix (helices), variations      15
$\alpha$ helix (helices), x-ray diffraction data      382
$\alpha$-Lytic protease      92
$\alpha$-Lytic protease, folding with prosegment      92
$\alpha/\beta$ barrels      44 48Ч49
$\alpha/\beta$ barrels in pyruvate kinase      51Ч52 51F
$\alpha/\beta$ barrels, active sites      53Ч54 53F
$\alpha/\beta$ barrels, active sites, prediction      57 59
$\alpha/\beta$ barrels, amino acid residues      48 50T
$\alpha/\beta$ barrels, branched hydrophobic side chains      49Ч51
$\alpha/\beta$ barrels, double      52Ч53 52F
$\alpha/\beta$ barrels, enzymes containing      48Ч49
$\alpha/\beta$ barrels, evolution of new enzyme activities      54Ч55
$\alpha/\beta$ barrels, methylmalonyl-coenzyme A mutase      50Ч51 50T
$\alpha/\beta$ barrels, parallel $\beta$ strands      48 49F 306
$\alpha/\beta$ domains      32 47Ч65 48F
$\alpha/\beta$ domains, active site prediction      57 59
$\alpha/\beta$ domains, arabinose-binding protein      62Ч63 62F
$\alpha/\beta$ horseshoe folds      55 56F
$\alpha/\beta$ proteins/structures, $\beta$ helix relationship      84
$\alpha/\beta$ proteins/structures, carboxypeptidase      60Ч62 61F
$\alpha/\beta$ proteins/structures, classes      47Ч48
$\alpha/\beta$ proteins/structures, phosphofructokinase      115 115F
$\alpha/\beta$ proteins/structures, Ras protein      255
$\alpha/\beta$ proteins/structures, subtilisin      215 (see also У$\alpha/\beta$ domainsФ)
$\alpha/\beta$ sheets, open twisted      47 56Ч57
$\alpha/\beta$ sheets, open twisted, active-site crevice      56Ч57 57F 63
$\alpha/\beta$ sheets, open twisted, two domains in proteins      63
$\alpha/\beta$ sheets, types      56Ч57
$\alpha/\beta$ twisted open-sheet structures      47 56Ч57
$\alpha/\beta$ twisted open-sheet structures, $\alpha$ domain with in tyrosyl-tRNA synthetase      59Ч60 59F 60F
$\alpha/\beta$ twisted open-sheet structures, carboxypeptidase      60Ч62 61F
$\alpha/\beta$ twisted open-sheet structures, classes      47
$\alpha/\beta$ twisted open-sheet structures, G-actin      293 293F
$\alpha/\beta$ twisted open-sheet structures, mixed $\beta$ sheet with      60Ч62 61F
$\alpha/\beta$ twisted open-sheet structures, pyruvate kinase      51Ч52 51F
$\alpha/\beta$ twisted open-sheet structures, two similar in arabinose-binding protein      62Ч63 62F
$\alpha/\beta$ twisted open-sheet structures, tyrosyl-tRNA synthetase      59Ч60 59F 60F У
$\alpha_1$-Antitrypsin, active, cleaved and latent forms      112 112F
$\alpha_1$-Antitrypsin, deficiency      113
$\beta$ Amyloid      290
$\beta$ barrels, antiparallel      see УAntiparallel $\beta$ barrelsФ
$\beta$ domains      31
$\beta$ sheets      14 19Ч20 47 48
$\beta$ sheets in $\alpha/\beta$ twisted open sheets      56Ч57 57F
$\beta$ sheets in $\beta$ helix      84Ч85 84F 85F
$\beta$ sheets in antiparallel $\beta$ structures      67 67F
$\beta$ sheets, active sites in $\alpha/\beta$ structures      57 59
$\beta$ sheets, antiparallel      see УAntiparallel $\beta$ sheetsФ
$\beta$ sheets, barnase folding intermediate      94 94F
$\beta$ sheets, DNA-binding site of TATA box-binding protein      154
$\beta$ sheets, four-stranded      30Ч31 31F 68
$\beta$ sheets, GroEL domain      100
$\beta$ sheets, hairpin $\beta$ motifs in      26 26F
$\beta$ sheets, immunoglobulins      307
$\beta$ sheets, jelly roll barrel      78
$\beta$ sheets, MHC class I molecule      314
$\beta$ sheets, mixed      20 20F
$\beta$ sheets, mixed, carboxypeptidase      60Ч62 61F
$\beta$ sheets, mixed, thioredoxin      97
$\beta$ sheets, open structures, topologies      57 58F
$\beta$ sheets, open twisted      47 48 48F
$\beta$ sheets, parallel      19 19F
$\beta$ sheets, parallel, $\alpha/\beta$-horseshoe folds      55 56F
$\beta$ sheets, parallel, subtilisin      215 216F
$\beta$ sheets, parallel, topology diagram      24F (see also У$\beta$ strandsФ)
$\beta$ sheets, pleated      19 19F
$\beta$ sheets, silk fibroins      289 290F
$\beta$ sheets, topology diagrams      23 24F
$\beta$ sheets, twisted      20 20F
$\beta$ sheets, twisted, transthyretin      288 288F 289F
$\beta$ sheets, up-and-down      see УUp-and-down $\beta$ sheetsФ
$\beta$ sheets, zinc finger motif binding      178
$\beta$ strand insertion in latent serpin      112 112F
$\beta$ strand-loop-helix      184
$\beta$ strand-turn-$\alpha$-helix motif, p53 domain      167
$\beta$ strands      19
$\beta$ strands in $\beta$ helix      84
$\beta$ strands in hairpin $\beta$ motif      26Ч27 26F
$\beta$ strands, antiparallel      see УAntiparallel $\beta$ strandsФ УAntiparallel
$\beta$ strands, barrel or sheet structures      47Ч48
$\beta$ strands, change of active to latent form of serpins      112 112F
$\beta$ strands, conversion to a structure (protein design)      368Ч370 369F 369T
$\beta$ strands, Cro protein      132F
$\beta$ strands, hairpin loops      21Ч22 21F
$\beta$ strands, hydrogen bonds      19
$\beta$ strands, immunoglobulins      304 304F 305 308F
$\beta$ strands, interactions      19
$\beta$ strands, jelly roll barrel formation      77Ч78 77F
$\beta$ strands, loop region connections      21
$\beta$ strands, membrane proteins      223
$\beta$ strands, p53      167 168 169
$\beta$ strands, parallel in $\alpha/\beta$ barrels      48 49F 306
$\beta$ strands, parallel, $\beta-\alpha-\beta$ motif      27Ч28 28F
$\beta$ strands, parallel, active site of carboxypeptidase      62
$\beta$ strands, parallel, barrels or sheet structures      47Ч48
$\beta$ strands, parallel, subtilisin      215 (see also У$\beta$ sheetФ)
$\beta$ strands, phosphofructokinase      116
$\beta$ strands, pleated      19
$\beta$ strands, prediction of secondary structure      352
$\beta$ strands, Ramachandran plot      10 19
$\beta$ strands, Ras protein      255
$\beta$ strands, schematic diagram representation      23
$\beta$ strands, superbarrel formation in neuraminidase      72
$\beta$ strands, SV40      343 343F
$\beta$ strands, transmembrane, porins      228Ч229
$\beta$ strands, transmembrane, prediction      230
$\beta$ strands, twisted in $\beta$ sheet      20 20F
$\beta$ structures      67Ч88
$\beta$ structures, $\beta$-helix      84Ч85
$\beta$ structures, antiparallel      see УAntiparallel $\beta$ structuresФ
$\beta$-Crystallin, mouse      76
$\beta$-Lactoglobulin      70
$\beta$-loop-$\alpha/$ structure      55 56F
$\beta$-loop-$\beta$ units      31F 68
$\beta-\alpha-\beta$ motif      27Ч28 28F
$\beta-\alpha-\beta$ motif in $\alpha/\beta$ domains      32
$\beta-\alpha-\beta$ motif in barrel and sheet structures      47 49F
$\beta-\alpha-\beta$ motif, handedness      28 48 49F
$\beta-\alpha-\beta$ motif, handedness, left-handed in subtilisin      217
$\beta-\alpha-\beta$ motif, orientation and alignments      47Ч48 49F
$\beta-\alpha-\beta$ motif, thioredoxin      97
$\beta-\alpha-\beta-\alpha$ motifs      30 30F
$\beta-\beta$ unit (hairpin $\beta$ motif)      26Ч27 26F
$\beta-\beta$ unit (hairpin $\beta$ motif), $\alpha/\beta$ structure relationship      84
$\beta-\beta$ unit (hairpin $\beta$ motif), $\beta$ strands in      84
$\beta-\beta$ unit (hairpin $\beta$ motif), $\beta$-helix      84Ч85
$\beta-\beta$ unit (hairpin $\beta$ motif), three-sheet      85 85F 86F
$\beta-\beta$ unit (hairpin $\beta$ motif), twisted, in transthyretin      288 288F 289F
$\beta-\beta$ unit (hairpin $\beta$ motif), two-sheet      84 84F
$\beta_2$ Microglobulin      313 314Ч315
$\gamma$-Crystallin, coding sequence      76
$\gamma$-Crystallin, evolution      76
$\gamma$-Crystallin, Greek key motifs      74Ч75 75F 76
$\gamma$-Crystallin, two domains      74 74F
$\gamma$-Crystallin, two domains, amino acid sequences      76
$\gamma$-Crystallin, two domains, identical topology      75Ч76
$\gamma$-Crystallin, two domains, structures      76
$\mu$-oxo bridge      11 11F
$\pi$ Helix      15
2-Phosphoglycolate      115
3-Methylisoxazole groups      338
3D profile method      353
4-Oxazolinyl phenoxy group      338
6-F Helix      116
A-T base pair      123F
A-T base pair, TATA box      158
Accessory chlorophyll      238 238F 239
Actin      197 290Ч291 291F
Actin, cross-bridges with myosin      291Ч292
Actin, F-actin      293
Actin, fibrous protein      292
Actin, G-actin      293 293F
Actin, myosin complex structure      295 295F
Actin, structure      293Ч295
Activation energy of reactions      206
Activation energy of reactions, enzymes decreasing      206Ч207 207F
Active sites      3F
Active sites, arabinose-binding protein      62F 63
Active sites, carboxypeptidase      62F
Active sites, chymotrypsin      211Ч212 211F 212F
Active sites, crevices      57 59 63
Active sites, neuraminidase      71F 72
Active sites, parallel p strands flanked by antlparallel P strands      62
Active sites, RuBisCo      53F
Active sites, rx/p structures, barrels      53Ч54 53F
Active sites, rx/p structures, domains      57 59
Active sites, rx/p structures, open twisted domains      56 57 57F 59 59F
Active sites, rx/p structures, prediction      57 59
Active sites, serine protease      211Ч212 211F 212F 361
Active sites, subtilisin      216Ч217 216F
Active sites, tyrosyl-tRNA synthetase      59Ч60 59F 60F
Acyl-enzyme intermediates      208 208F
Additivity principle      362
Adenine in DNA, hydrogen bonds      123F
Adenine, bacteriophage MS2 RNA      340
Adenylate cyclase, G protein-mediated, activation      253 253F
Adenylate kinase      58F 59
ADP      115
ADP-vanadate      295
Alanine, collagen mutation      285 285F
Alanine, specificity of serine proteinases      213 214F
Alanine, structure      6F
Alanine, substrate-assisted catalysis      218
Alcohol dehydrogenase, $\alpha$ helix      18
Alcohol dehydrogenase, helical wheel      17T
Alcohol dehydrogenase, zinc in      11 11F
Allosteric control      113 142
Allosteric effectors      142 (see also УRepressorФ)
Allosteric proteins, phosphofructokinase      114Ч117
Allosteric proteins, switch between T and R states      113Ч114 (see also УRepressorФ)
Allostery      113
Allostery, $\alpha + \beta$ structures      32
Allostery, $\alpha + \beta$ structures, Cro protein      132
Allostery, $\alpha + \beta$ structures, lysozyme from T4 bacteriophage      355F
Alphaviruses      340Ч341
Alphaviruses, catalytic triad in coat protein protease      341
Alphaviruses, core proteins      341 341F
AlzheimerТs amyloid $\beta$-protein precursor inhibitor (APPI)      361 362 362T
AlzheimerТs disease      113 283 288
Amide-hydrogen exchange      95
Amino acid sequence      3F 4
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
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