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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
34762 Wickless W.J. First Graduate Course in Abstract Algebra (Pure and Applied Mathematics), Vol. 266 2004ХХ
34803 Learning Express Staff 1001 Math Problems: Fast, Focused Practice That Improves Your Math Skills 2004 ХХХ
34806 Beals R. Analysis: An Introduction 2004ХХ
34818 Loreti P., Komornik V. Fourier Series in Control Theory 2004ХХ
34866 Cipra B. (Ed), Rodgers T. (Ed) Tribute to a Mathemagician 2004ХХ
34882 Ito M. Algebraic Theory of Automata and Languages 2004ХХ
34958 Li Zh., Zhu Q., Gold Ch. Digital Terrain Modeling: Principles and Methodology 2004ХХ
34967 Lee J., Davis S.H. (Ed), Ablowitz M.J. (Ed) First Course in Combinatorial Optimization 2004ХХ
34970 Tabak J. Mathematics and the Laws of Nature: Developing the Language of Science 2004ХХ
35014 Stavroulakis I.P., Tersian S.A. Partial Differential Equations: An Introduction with Mathematica and Maple 2004 ХХХ
35024 Tabak J. Probability and Statistics: The Science of Uncertainty 2004ХХ
35042 Lin I.H. Geometric Linear Algebra. Vol. 1 2004ХХ
35048 Roux B., Rouanet H. Geometric Data Analysis: From Correspondence Analysis to Structured Data Analysis 2004ХХ
35067 Cieslik D. Shortest Connectivity: An Introduction with Applications in Phylogeny 2004 ХХХ
35075 Good Ph. Permutation, Parametric and Bootstrap Tests of Hypotheses: A Practical Guide to Resampling Methods for Testing Hypotheses 2004 ХХХ
35097 Roquette P. Brauer-Hasse-Noether Theorem in Historical Perspective 2004ХХ
35138 Tongring N. (Ed), Penner R.C. Woods Hole Mathematics: Perspectives in Mathematics and Physics (Series on Knots and Everything, Vol. 34) 2004ХХ
35163 Bagajewicz M.J., Genton G. Skew-Elliptical Distibutions and Their Applications: A Journey Beyond Normality 2004ХХ
35187 Moler C.B. Numerical Computing with MATLAB 2004 ХХХ
35194 Tabak J. Numbers: Computers, Philosophers, and the Search for Meaning 2004ХХ
35203 Edwards H.M. Essays in Constructive Mathematics 2004ХХ
35207 Bugeaud Y. Approximation by Algebraic Numbers 2004ХХ
35337 Frederix P.L.T.M., Hoogenboom B.W., Fotiadis D. Atomic Force Microscopy of Biological Samples 2004ХХ
35474 van der Heijden F., Duin R., de Ridder D. Classification, Parameter Estimation and State Estimation: An Engineering Approach Using MATLAB 2004ХХ
35479 Smith D.L. Electronic Properties of Inorganic and Organic Semiconductors and Their Application to National Security Needs 2004ХХ
35484 Tomitori M., Arai T. Germanium Nanostructures on Silicon Observed by Scanning Probe Microscopy 2004ХХ
35488 Heil C. Harmonic Analysis and Applications 2004ХХ
35503 Carpick R.W., Eriksson M.A. Measurements of In-Plane Material Properties with Scanning Probe Microscopy 2004ХХ
35508 Williams E.D. Nanoscale Structures_Lability Length Scales and Fluctuations 2004ХХ
35516 Kharazishvili A.B. Nonmeasurable Sets and Functions 2004ХХ
35535 Delerue C., Lannoo M. Nanostructures ЧTheory and Modelling 2004ХХ
35540 Perry S.S. Scanning Probe Microscopy Measurements of Friction 2004ХХ
35556 Weertman J.R. The Pursuit of the Small: From Grain-Boundary Cavities to Nanocrystalline Metals 2004ХХ
35566 Schuller I.K. Unusual Phenomena in Exchange-Biased Nanostructures 2004ХХ
35572 Giorgi G., Thierfelder J. Mathematics of Optimization: Smooth and Nonsmooth Case 2004ХХ
35580 Tsuji K. (ed.), Van Grieken R. (ed.), Injuk J. (ed.) X-Ray Spectrometry: Recent Technological Advances 2004ХХ
35602 Zhu X., Grütter P. Imaging, Manipulation, and Spectroscopic Measurements of Nanomagnets by Magnetic Force Microscopy 2004ХХ
35606 Klugman S.A., Panjer H.H., Willmot G.E. Loss Models: From Data to Decisions 2004 ХХХ
35612 Richard M. Near-Field Optical Properties of Nanostructures 2004ХХ
35613 Mondon M., Berger S., Stadler H. Nanoanalysis of Biomaterials 2004ХХ
35614 Tan Y., Li Y., Zhu D. Noble Metal Nanoparticles 2004ХХ
35615 Cui T., Lvov Y., Shi J. Nanoassembly for Polymer Electronics 2004ХХ
35616 Okura I. Noble Metal Nanocolloids 2004ХХ
35617 Li W., Seal S. Nonlinear Optical Materials by SolЦGel Method 2004ХХ
35618 Vo-Dinh T. Nanobiosensors 2004ХХ
35619 Zhang Y., Han W., Gu G. Nanocables and Nanojunctions 2004ХХ
35620 Xie R.-H., Rao Q., Jensen L. Nonlinear Optics of Fullerenes and Carbon Nanotubes 2004ХХ
35621 Zhang Z. Nanocapsules 2004ХХ
35622 Wang Q., Xu J., Xie R.-H. Nonlinear Optics of Nanoparticles and Nanocomposites 2004ХХ
35623 Kukushkin S.A., Osipov A.V. Nucleation Kinetics of Nanofilms 2004ХХ

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