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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
44386 White H.S. The Synthesis of Triad Systems delta_t in t Elements in Particular for t = 31 1914ХХ
44385 Miller G.A. The Subgroup of a Group of Finite Order 1914ХХ
44384 Harkins W.D., Humphery E.C. The Surface-Tension at the Interface Between Two Liquids 1915ХХ
44383 Bateman H. The Structure of an Electromagnetic Field 1918ХХ
44382 Harkins W.D., Wilson E.D. The Structure of Complex Atoms and the Changes of Mass and Weight Involved in Their Formation 1915ХХ
44381 Langmuir I. The Structure of Atoms and the Octet Theory of Valence 1919ХХ
44380 Mendenhall C.E., Mason M. The Stratified Subsidence of Fine Particles 1923ХХ
44379 Dickson L.E. The Straight Lines on Modular Cubic Surfaces 1915ХХ
44378 Harrison D.M. The Stern-Gerlach Experiment, Electron Spin, and Correlation Experiments 1998ХХ
44377 Whittsmore J.K. The Starting of a Ship 1919ХХ
44376 Lotka A.J. The Stability of the Normal Age Distribution 1922ХХ
44375 Adams W.S., Shapley H. The Spectrum of Cephei 1916ХХ
44374 Anderson J.A. The Spectral Energy Distribution and Opacity of Wire Explosion Vapors 1922ХХ
44373 Harkins W.D., Alonberg L. The Spectra of Isotopes and the Vibration of Electrons in the Atom 1917ХХ
44372 Abbot C.G. The Solar Prelude of an Unusual Winter 1923ХХ
44371 Abbot C.G. The Smithsonian Solar Constant Expedition to Calama, Chile 1918ХХ
44370 St.John C.E. The Situation in Regard to Rowlands Preliminary Table of Solar Spectrum Wave-Lengths 1916ХХ
44369 Rosa E.B., Vinal G.W. The Silver Voltameter as an International Standard for the Measurement of Electric Current 1916ХХ
44368 Clark G.L. The Significance of the Experimentally Determined Crystal Structures of the Alkali Polyhalides 1926ХХ
44367 Langmuir I. The Shapes of Group Molecules Forming the Surfaces of Liquids 1917ХХ
44366 Kendall J., Crittenden E.D. The Separation of Isotopes 1923ХХ
44365 Clark G.L., Duane W., Stifler W.W. The Secondary and Tertiary Rays from Chemical Elements of Small Atomic Number Due to Primary X-Rays from a Molybdenum Target 1924ХХ
44364 Dresden A. The Second Derivatives of the Extremal Integral for a General Class of Problems of the Calculus of Variations 1915ХХ
44363 Jauncey G.E.M. The Scattering of X-Rays and Braggs Law 1923ХХ
44362 Michelson A.A. The Ruling and Performance of a Ten-Inch Diffraction Grating 1915ХХ
44361 Pease F.G. The Rotation and Radial Velocity of the Spiral Nebula N. G. C. 4594 1916ХХ
44360 Pease F.G. The Rotation and Radial Velocity of the Central Part of the Andromeda Nebula 1917ХХ
44359 Eisenhart L.P., Veblen O. The Riemann Geometry and Its Generalization 1922ХХ
44358 Dershem E. The Resolving Powers of X-Ray Spectrometers and the Tungsten X-Ray Spectrum 1918ХХ
44357 Bridgman P.W. The Resistance of Metals Under Pressure 1916ХХ
44356 Lemon H.B., Blodgett K. The Relative Adsorption of Mixtures of Oxygen and Nitrogen in Cocoanut Shell Charcoal 1919ХХ
44355 Washburn E.W., Navias L. The Relation of Chalcedony to the Other Forms of Silica 1921ХХ
44354 Cohn E.J. The Relation Between the Iso-Electric Point of a Globulin and Its Solubility and Acid Combining Capacity in Salt Solution 1920ХХ
44353 Davis B., Terrill H.M. The Refraction of X-Rays in Calcite 1922ХХ
44352 Clark G.L., Duane W. The Reflection by a Crystal of X-Rays Characteristic of Chemical Elements in It 1923ХХ
44351 Barus C. The Rectangular Interferometer with Achromatic Displacement Fringes in Connection with the Horizontal Pendulum 1918ХХ
44350 Adams W.S. The Radial Velocities of the More Distant Stars 1915ХХ
44349 Hall E.H. The Quasi Equation P = TdV/dT 1923ХХ
44348 Epstein P.S., Ehrenfest P. The Quantum Theory of the Fraunhofer Diffraction 1924ХХ
44347 Compton A.H. The Quantum Integral and Diffraction by a Crystal 1923ХХ
44346 Abbot C.G., Aldrich L.B. The Pyranometer An Instrument for Measuring Sky Radiation 1916ХХ
44345 Richards T.W., Boyer T.S. The Purification of Gallium by Electrolysis, and the Compressibility and Density of Gallium 1918ХХ
44344 Richards T.W., Craig W.M., Sameshima J. The Purification by Sublimation and the Analysis of Gallium Chloride 1918ХХ
44343 Sherman H.C. The Protein Requirement of Maintenance in Man 1919ХХ
44342 Sheldon H.H., Geiger P.H. The Production of an E. M. F. on Closed Circuit by a Light Effect on Argentite 1922ХХ
44341 Washington H.S. The Problems of Volcanology 1920ХХ
44340 Reid H.F. The Problems of Seismology 1920ХХ
44339 Littlehales G.W. The Problems and Functions of the Section of Physical Oceanography of the American Geophysical Union 1930ХХ
44338 Miner J.R. The Probable Error of the Vital Index of a Population 1922ХХ
44337 Hale G.E., Ellerman F. The Minute Structure of the Solar Atmosphere 1916ХХ

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