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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
122575 Groppi M., Polewczak J. On Two Kinetic Models for Chemical Reactions: Comparisons and Existence Results 2004ХХ
122576 Harbola U., Das S. Dynamic Transition in a Binary Liquid and Its Dependence on the Mass-Ratio: Results from a Self Consistent Mode Coupling Model 2003ХХ
122577 Masi A., Ferrari P. Self-Diffusion in One-Dimensional Lattice Gases in the Presence of an External Field 1985ХХ
122578 Correlation Inequalities for the Truncated Two-Point Function of an Ising Ferromagnet 1982ХХ
122579 Fujimoto M. Six-Vertex Model with Rotated Boundary Conditions 1996ХХ
122580 Rubinstein J. On the Macroscopic Description of Slow Viscous Flow Past a Random Array of Spheres 1986ХХ
122581 Selke W. Droplets in Two-Dimensional Ising and Potts Models 1989ХХ
122582 Zegarlinski B. On Equivalence of Spin and Field Pictures of Lattice Systems 1990ХХ
122583 Future Contributions to Journal of Statistical Physics 1983ХХ
122584 Baake M. Partition Function Zeros for Aperiodic Systems 1995ХХ
122585 Saussol B., Troubetzkoy S. Recurrence, Dimensions, and Lyapunov Exponents 2002ХХ
122586 MacKay R.S. The Classical Statistical Mechanics of Frenkel-Kontorova Models 1995ХХ
122587 Noble D., Georgiadis J. Direct Assessment of Lattice Boltzmann Hydrodynamics and Boundary Conditions for Recirculating Flows 1995ХХ
122588 Lebowitz J.L. Preface 2005ХХ
122589 Seshadri S., Lakshmibala S., Balakrishnan V. Control of Wave Packet Revivals Using Geometric Phases 2000ХХ
122590 Barabasi A.-L. Fractal Concepts in Surface Growth 1996ХХ
122591 Rammal R. Random Walk Statistics on Fraetal Structures 1984ХХ
122592 Firpo M.-C. Kinetic Limit of N- Body Description of Wave-Particle Self-Consistent Interaction 1998ХХ
122593 Asch J., Duclos P. Stability of Driven Systems with Growing Gaps, Quantum Rings, and Wannier Ladders 1998ХХ
122594 Leung K. Theory on Morphological Instability in Driven Systems 1990ХХ
122595 Ruzmaikina A.A. Stieltjes Integrals of Holder Continuous Functions with Applications to Fractional Brownian Motion 2000ХХ
122596 van Dongen P.G.J., Ernst M.H. Scaling Solutions of Smoluchowski's Coagulation Equation 1988ХХ
122597 Momoi T. Low-Lying Excited States of Quantum Antiferromagnets on a Triangular Lattice 1994ХХ
122598 Oerding K. Fluctuation-Induced First-Order Transition in a Nonequilibrium Steady State 2000ХХ
122599 On the Critical Exponent for Random Walk Intersections 1989ХХ
122600 Mason R.J. A Multi-Speed Compressible Lattice-Boltzmann Model 2002ХХ
122601 Kiauder J., Petersen W. Spectrum of Certain Non-Self-Adjoint Operators and Solutions of Langevin Equations with Complex Drift 1985ХХ
122602 Future Contributions to Journal of Statistical Physics 2003ХХ
122603 Erpenbeck J. Molecular Dynamics Calculations of the Hard-Sphere Equation of State 1984ХХ
122604 Ma S.-M. Statistical Mechanics 1985ХХ
122605 McCoy B. The Baxter Revolution 2001ХХ
122606 Graham R. A Geometric Interpretation of the Roughening Transition in Ising Models 1984ХХ
122607 Inawashiro S., Thompson C. Ising Model with Competing Interactions on a Cayley Tree 1983ХХ
122608 Bendler J. Generalized Vogel Law for Glass-Forming Liquids 1988ХХ
122609 Szabo A., Zwanzig R. Reversible Diffusion-Influenced Reactions: Comparison of Theory and Simulation for a Simple Model 1991ХХ
122610 Barcilon V. Eigenvalues of the One-Dimensional Smoluchowski Equation 1996ХХ
122611 Luciani J.F., Verga A.D. Bistability Driven by Correlated Noise: Functional Integral Treatment 1988ХХ
122612 Eisele T. Multiple Phase Transitions in the Generalized Curie-Weiss Model 1988ХХ
122613 Shlesinger M.F. On the Long-Tail Solar Wind Electron Velocity Distribution 1988ХХ
122614 Vieillefosse P. Coulomb Pair Density Matrix I 1994ХХ
122615 Miekisz J. An Ultimate Frustration in Classical Lattice-Gas Models 1998ХХ
122616 Jancovici B. Two-Dimensional Coulomb Systems on a Surface of Constant Negative Curvature 1998ХХ
122617 Hatano N. Effective-Field Theory of Spin Glasses and the Coherent-Anomaly Method. I 1991ХХ
122618 Holley R. Logarithmic Sobolev Inequalities and Stochastic Ising Models 1987ХХ
122619 Jiang M. Sinai-Ruelle-Bowen Measures for Lattice Dynamical Systems 2003ХХ
122620 Boldrighini C. Some Estimates for 2-Dimensional Infinite and Bounded Dilute Random Lorentz Gases 2002ХХ
122621 Hanggi P. Escape from a Metastable State 1986ХХ
122622 Chayes L., Machta J. Graphical Representations for Ising Systems in External Fields 1998ХХ
122623 Boyarsky A. A Matrix Method for Estimating the Liapunov Exponent of One-Dimensional Systems 1988ХХ
122624 Oliveira M. Graph Optimization Problems on a Bethe Lattice 1989ХХ

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