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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
122834 Saleur H. Collapse of Two-Dimensional Linear Polymers 1986ХХ
122835 Arriola E. A Variational Approach to the SchrödingerЦPoisson System: Asymptotic Behaviour, Breathers, and Stability 2001ХХ
122836 Robert M., Widom B. Field-Induced Phase Separation in One Dimension 1984ХХ
122837 Belitsky V. Asymptotic Upper Bound of Density for Two-Particle Annihilating Exclusion 1993ХХ
122838 Holschneider M. Wavelets: An Analysis Tool 1997ХХ
122839 Xu K. A New Class of Gas-Kinetic Relaxation Schemes for the Compressible Euler Equations 1995ХХ
122840 Brydges D.C. Coulomb Systems at Low Density: A Review 1999ХХ
122841 Blaak R., Dubbeldam D. Regular Binary Thermal Lattice-Gases 2002ХХ
122842 Rutgers University Program of the 89th Statistical Mechanics Meeting Celebrating the 80th Birthday of E. G. D. Cohen 2003ХХ
122843 Machta J., Reinhold B. Decay of Correlations in the Regular Lorentz Gas 1986ХХ
122844 Williams G.O., Kalos M.H. A New Multispin Coding Algorithm for Monte Carlo Simulation of the Ising Model 1984ХХ
122845 Kai S. Structure Changes Induced by External Multiplicative Noise in the Electrohydrodynamic Instability of Nematic Liquid Crystals 1989ХХ
122846 Waldrum J.R. The Theory of Thermodynamics 1986ХХ
122847 Newman C.M., Stein D.L. Ground-State Structure in a Highly Disordered Spin-Glass Model 1996ХХ
122848 Budimir J. On the Relationship Between T_1 and T_2 for Stochastic Relaxation Models 1987ХХ
122849 Pitsianis N., Tsalides Ph., Bleris G.L. Deterministic One-Dimensional Cellular Automata 1989ХХ
122850 Homma M. Gapless Excitation above a Domain Wall Ground State in a Flat-Band Hubbard Model 2005ХХ
122851 Callaghan T., Khain E. A Stochastic Model for Wound Healing 2006ХХ
122852 Levelt-Sengers J. Book Review: How Fluids Unmix 2005ХХ
122853 Hu Z.-N., Hou B.-Y. Three-Dimensional Vertex Model in Statistical Mechanics from Baxter-Bazhanov Model 1996ХХ
122854 Kramer P.R. Two Different Rapid Decorrelation in Time Limits for Turbulent Diffusion 2003ХХ
122855 Kutner R., van Beijeren H. Influence of a Uniform Driving Force on Tracer Diffusion in a One-Dimensional Hard-Core Lattice Gas 1985ХХ
122856 Scacciatelli E., Tirozzi B. Fluctuation of the Free Energy in the Hopfield Model 1992ХХ
122857 Alberti G., Bellettini G., Cassandro M. Surface Tension in Ising Systems with Kac Potentials 1996ХХ
122858 Statistical Physics at the 45th Parallel: 6th Annual Meeting 1993ХХ
122859 Suto A., Gruber C., Lemberger P. Phase Diagrams of Lattice Systems with Residual Entropy. lI. Low Temperature Expansion 1989ХХ
122860 Goderis D., Verbeure A., Vets P. Giauber Dynamics of Fluctuations 1991ХХ
122861 Conlon J.G., Doering C.R. On Travelling Waves for the Stochastic FisherЦKolmogorovЦPetrovskyЦPiscunov Equation 2005ХХ
122862 van Kampen N.G. The Turning of Magnetotactic Bacteria 1995ХХ
122863 Ruskin H.J. Critical Behavior of Sandpile Vortices under Variable Charge 1993ХХ
122864 Michoel T., Verbeure A. Interferencing in Coupled Bose-Einstein Condensates 2001ХХ
122865 Dobrushin R.L., Pellegrinotti A., Suhov Yu.M. One-Dimensional Harmonic Lattice Caricature of Hydrodynamics 1986ХХ
122866 Mineev-Weinstein M.B., Alexander F.J. Conserved Moments in Nonequilibrium Field Dynamics 1995ХХ
122867 Bovier A., Kulske C. Hierarchical Interfaces in Random Media II: The Gibbs Measures 1993ХХ
122868 Kuske R. Probability Densities for Noisy Delay Bifurcations 1999ХХ
122869 Maresehai M., Kestemont E. Order and Fluctuations in Nonequilibrium Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Two-Dimensional Fluids 1987ХХ
122870 Hughes B.D., Sahimi M. Random Walks on the Bethe Lattice 1982ХХ
122871 Patrick A.E. Dynamics in the Sherrington-Kirkpatrick Model. I. The First Step 1996ХХ
122872 Uchiyama K. On the Boltzmann-Grad Limit for the Broadwell Model of the Boltzmann Equation 1988ХХ
122873 Georgii H.-O., Zagrebnov V. Entropy-Driven Phase Transitions in Multitype Lattice Gas Models 2001ХХ
122874 Gabor Schmera, Adi Bulsara, David Pierson Looking at Fokker-Planck Dynamics with a Noisy Instrument 1992ХХ
122875 Felipe Barra, Thomas Gilbert Algebraic Decay in Hierarchical Graphs 2002ХХ
122876 Irwin Oppenheim, Alex Orsky Uses and Abuses of the Langevin Equation for Chemical Reactions in Condensed Phases 1991ХХ
122877 Lima A. R., de Oliveira M. C. A Comparison Between Broad Histogram and Multicanonical Methods 2000ХХ
122878 Golden K., Papanicolaou G. Bounds for Effective Parameters of Multicomponent Media by Analytic Continuation 1985ХХ
122879 Book Review: Synergetics and Dynamical Instabilities 1991ХХ
122880 Jerzy Blawzdziewicz, George Stell Local H-Theorem for a Kinetic Variational Theory 1988ХХ
122881 Michael Widom, Jose A . Miranda Viscous Fingering Patterns in Ferrofluids 1998ХХ
122882 Raymond Brummelhuis, Mary Beth Ruskai One-Dimensional Models for Atoms in Strong Magnetic Fields, II: Anti-Symmetry in the Landau Levels 2003ХХ
122883 Chandre C., Jauslin H. R. An Approximate KAM-Renormalization-Group Scheme for Hamiltonian Systems 1998ХХ

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