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КнигаСтраницы для поиска
Kogut J.B., Stephanov M.A. — The Phases of Quantum Chromodynamics: From Confinement to Extreme Environments
Cardy J. — Scaling and renormalization in statistical physics
Raychaudhury S. — Computational text analysis for functional genomics and bioinformatics66, 67, 72—4
Ward R.S., Wells R.O. — Twistor geometry and field theory423, 458
Bovier A., Gill R. (Ed), Ripley B.D. (Ed) — Statistical Mechanics of Disordered Systems: A Mathematical Perspective112
Naber G.L. — Topology, Geometry and Gauge Fields57, 123
Volovik G.E. — The Universe in a Helium Droplet135, 136, 238, 266, 271, 276, 283—286, 294
Zwiebach B. — A First Course in String Theory41, 399—400
Berrar D.P., Dubitzky W., Granzow M. — Practical approach to microarray data analysis202
Anderson P.W. — The theory of superconductivity in the high-Tc curprates5, 6, see also “Confinement”
Christensen S.M. — Quantum theory of gravity351, 367, 371
Nash C. — Differential Topology and Quantum Field Theory250
Polchinski J. — String theory (volume 1). An introduction to the bosonic string235, 249
Amoroso R.L. (ed.), Hunter G. (ed.), Vigier J.-P. (ed.) — Gravitation and Cosmology: From the Hubble Radius to the Planck Scale27, 59
Ross G. — Grand Unified Theories74, 477
Szabo R.J. — An Introduction to String Theory and D-Brane Dynamics79, 101, 102, 104
Naber G.L. — Topology, Geometry and Gauge Fields57, 123
Deligne P., Etingof P., Freed D. — Quantum fields and strings: A course for mathematicians, Vol. 2 (pages 727-1501)14, 187ff, 245ff, 276ff, 291ff, 331
Deligne P., Kazhdan D., Etingof P. — Quantum fields and strings: A course for mathematicians14, 187ff, 245ff, 276ff, 291ff, 331
Meyer-Ortmanns H., Reisz T. — Principles of phase structures in particle physics308, 356, 542
Guillemin V., Sternberg S. — Symplectic techniques in physics291
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