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Zwiebach B. Ч A First Course in String Theory
Zwiebach B. Ч A First Course in String Theory

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Ќазвание: A First Course in String Theory

јвтор: Zwiebach B.


An accessible and pedagogical introduction to the subject, this book provides a detailed and self-contained exposition of the main concepts of string theory. The first part deals with the basic concepts, reviewing special relativity and electromagnetism while introducing the concept of extra dimensions. D-branes and the classical dynamics of relativistic strings are discussed next, and the quantization of open and closed bosonic strings in the light-cone gauge, along with a brief introduction to superstrings. The second part begins with a detailed study of D-branes followed by string thermodynamics. It discusses possible physical applications, and covers T-duality of open and closed strings, electromagnetic fields on D-branes, Born-Infeld electrodynamics, covariant string quantization and string interactions. Primarily aimed as a textbook for advanced undergraduate and beginning graduate courses, it will also be ideal for a wide range of scientists and mathematicians who are curious about string theory.

язык: en

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√од издани€: 2004

 оличество страниц: 558

ƒобавлена в каталог: 11.10.2005

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ѕредметный указатель
Action, charged point particle      87
Action, fields and symmetries      135
Action, first defined      70
Action, free particle in curved space      89
Action, free point particle      80
Action, free scalar field      168
Action, Nambu Ч Goto      100Ч101 111 152
Action, open string and charged endpoints      319
Action, particle and electromagnetic field      88 307
Action, Polyakov string      472Ч477
Action, string and Kalb Ч Ramond field      308
Action, transverse string coordinates      217
Admissible states      466
AdS/CFT correspondence      377Ч382
AdS/CFT correspondence, conformal field theory      378
AdS/CFT correspondence, holography      381
AdS/CFT correspondence, parameter matching      380
Background fields      312 425Ч426
Black hole, basics      368Ч370
Black hole, built with D-branes      375
Black hole, entropy      370Ч371 375Ч377
Black hole, in IIB superstrings      373Ч375
Black hole, temperature      370
Bohm Ч Aharonov effect      416
Born Ч Infeld electrodynamics, and T-duality      451Ч454
Born Ч Infeld electrodynamics, capacitance      455
Born Ч Infeld electrodynamics, energy of a point charge      450Ч451 455
Born Ч Infeld electrodynamics, general theory      446Ч451
Born Ч Infeld electrodynamics, Hamiltonian      456
Born Ч Infeld electrodynamics, Lagrangian density      447
Born Ч Infeld electrodynamics, Lagrangian for Dp-brane      453
Born Ч Infeld electrodynamics, string ending on D-brane      456Ч458
Calabi Ч Yau space      344
Capacitance, and moduli of annuli      523Ч529
Capacitance, Born Ч Infeld electrodynamics      455
Cauchy Ч Riemann equations      489
Chan Ч Paton labels      288
Charge, conserved for Lagrangian densities      136
Charge, conserved Lagrangian mechanics      134
Charge, conserved Lorentz      144
Charge, conserved momentum      138 141
Charge, electric      132Ч133
Chiral fermions      328Ч330 333 337
Conformal gauge      477
Conformal map      see УLinear projectiveФ or
Constraints from the Polyakov action      477
Constraints, parameterization      122 124 157 460
Constraints, quantum Virasoro      463Ч468
Constraints, solving in light-cone gauge      160Ч162
Cross section      485
Current, conserved defined      132
Current, conserved for Lagrangian densities      136
Current, conserved Lorentz      143
Current, conserved momentum      137Ч139
Current, electric      132Ч133
Current, four-vector      44
D-branes, charge      321Ч323
D-branes, classical motion of endpoints      114
D-branes, classical open string motion      127 128 129
D-branes, D0-branes      479
D-branes, dissolved      438 440
D-branes, Dp-brane boundary conditions      275Ч277
D-branes, first discussed in detail      103Ч104
D-branes, instability      238Ч242
D-branes, Lagrangian with electromagnetic fields      453
D-branes, open strings between Dp- and Dq-branes      289Ч295
D-branes, open strings between parallel Dp-branes      282Ч288
D-branes, open strings on Dp-branes      277Ч282
D-branes, tension $T_p$ of Dp-brane      422 423
D-branes, tilted      434 435
D-branes, with electric fields      428Ч432
D-branes, with magnetic fields      432Ч438
Degrees of freedom, defined      171
Degrees of freedom, gravity field      183
Degrees of freedom, Maxwell field      179
descendent      see УVirasoro descendentФ
Dilaton from covariant closed string      480
Dilaton from quantum closed string      259
Dilaton, related to the string coupling      260Ч262
Dimensional reduction      41 399Ч400
Dirichlet boundary condition, defined      67
Dirichlet boundary condition, open strings      103
Dirichlet boundary condition, reformulated      74
Divergence in higher dimensions      62
Divergence theorem      50Ч51
Double strike      395 409
Dual field strength $\tilde{F}^{\mu\nu}$      446 455
Duality for a classical oscillator      387Ч388
Duality in electromagnetism      386Ч387
Duality, defined      386
Duality, T-duality      see УT-dualityФ
Dynkin label      332
Einstein, general relativity      52
Einstein, summation convention      15
Electric field, critical      432
Electric field, motion of open strings      439Ч440
Electric field, on D-branes      428Ч432
Electric field, open string boundary conditions      429
Electromagnetism, current vector      44
Electromagnetism, duality invariance      386Ч387
Electromagnetism, field strength defined      42
Electromagnetism, gauge potentials      42
Electromagnetism, gauge transformations      43
Electromagnetism, Maxwell equations      40
Ensemble, Canonical      352Ч354
Ensemble, microcanonical      352Ч354
Entropy, black hole      370Ч371 375Ч377
entropy, defined      352
Entropy, of a string      362 371Ч372
Extra dimensions, compact      28
Extra dimensions, large      60Ч62
Extra dimensions, Lorentz invariance      28
Feynman diagram      482 483 518
Field strength      see УElectromagnetismФ
Fine structure constant      55 260
Four-vector      20
Free boundary condition      103
Fundamental domain, defined      29
Fundamental domain, modular group $\mathcal{F}_{0}$      540Ч543
Fundamental domain, modular group, exercise      545
Fundamental domain, modular group, identifications      545
Gamma function, analytic continuation      62
Gamma function, defined      47
Gamma function, recursion relation      48
Gamma function, Veneziano amplitude      514
Gauge transformations, gravitational field      53 181
Gauge transformations, Kalb Ч Ramond field      185
Gauge transformations, Maxwell and Kalb Ч Ramond      319
Gauge transformations, Maxwell field      43 177
Gauge transformations, U(1) structure      414Ч416
Graviton states from covariant closed strings      480
Graviton states from gravity field      183
Graviton states from light-cone closed strings      259
Gravity field, degrees of freedom      183
Gravity field, gauge transformations      181
Gravity field, light-cone gauge      182
Gravity field, quantum theory      180Ч183
Group U(1)      288 415
Group U(N)      288
Hagedorn temperature, bosonic string theory      361Ч363
Hagedorn temperature, open superstring theory      383
Hamilton's principle      71
Hamiltonian, Born Ч Infeld electrodynamics      456
Hamiltonian, charged point particle      88
Hamiltonian, covariant open string      461 469
Hamiltonian, density for scalar field      169
Hamiltonian, density for strings      114
Hamiltonian, energy for strings      119
Hamiltonian, light-cone closed string      253 255 397
Hamiltonian, light-cone open string      208 231
Hamiltonian, light-cone point particle      192
Hamiltonian, point particle energy      81
Hardy Ч Ramanujan      358
Helicity      328
Heterotic superstring      344
Hierarchy problem      55 61
Higgs mechanism      288 328 330 350
Holography      381
Holonomy W as angle variable      420Ч422
Holonomy W, defined      418
Holonomy W, Wilson line      see УWilson lineФ
Intersection number      297 300Ч301 348
interval      14
Jumping rope, angular momentum      147
Jumping rope, relativistic      128
Kalb Ч Ramond field, $T^2$ compactification      407Ч408
Kalb Ч Ramond field, analysis      184Ч185
Kalb Ч Ramond field, coupling to a string      308
Kalb Ч Ramond field, coupling to Maxwell field on D-brane      319Ч321
Kalb Ч Ramond field, electric charge density      310
Kalb Ч Ramond field, gauge transformations      185
Kalb Ч Ramond field, motion of a string      348
Kalb Ч Ramond field, of a string      347
Kalb Ч Ramond field, particle states      185
Kalb Ч Ramond field, states from light-cone closed string      259
Kaluza Ч Klein      399Ч400
Lagrangian, Born Ч Infeld electrodynamics      447
Lagrangian, density for nonrelativistic string      73
Lagrangian, first defined      70
Lagrangian, for Dp-brane with electromagnetic fields      453
Lagrangian, nonrelativistic string      72Ч73
Lagrangian, symmetry, defined      133
Lagrangian, symmetry, more general      137 147Ч148
Light-cone, components of tensors      184
Light-cone, coordinates      20
Light-cone, energy and momentum      26
Light-cone, gauge, gravity field      182
Light-cone, gauge, Maxwell field      179
Light-cone, gauge, open and closed strings      160
Light-cone, gauge, point particle      188
Light-cone, Hamiltonian      see УHamiltonianФ
Light-cone, metric      22
Light-cone, scalar field equation      171
Lightlike, compactification      37
Lightlike, separated events      14
Linear fractional transformation, constructed from three points      501 515
Linear fractional transformation, defined      499Ч500
Linear fractional transformation, number of parameters      500
Lorentz algebra      201 204
Lorentz force law      40 62
Lorentz generators, quantum open string      229Ч231
Lorentz generators, quantum point particle      200Ч203
Lorentz transformations, boost      17
Lorentz transformations, defined      18
Lorentz transformations, infinitesimal      142
M-theory      268 345
Magnetic field, flux quantization      437 440
Magnetic field, motion of open string      440Ч441
Magnetic field, on D-branes      432Ч438
Magnetic field, related to tilting angle      435
Mass-squared, closed string      255
Mass-squared, closed string with compactification      397
Mass-squared, DD contribution      279
Mass-squared, ND contribution      294
Mass-squared, normal ordering contributions      294
Mass-squared, open string      232
Mass-squared, open string (classical)      163
Mass-squared, open string between D-branes      284
Mass-squared, superstring NS sector      265
Mass-squared, superstring R sector      266
Massive vector field, formulation      185
Massive vector field, from separated D-branes      286
Maxwell field, coupling to open strings      319 425Ч428
Maxwell field, gauge transformations      177
Maxwell field, holonomy      418
Maxwell field, light-cone gauge      179
Maxwell field, photon states      180
Maxwell field, quantum theory      177Ч180
Metric, conformal      476Ч477
Metric, dynamical      52
Metric, for open string in magnetic field      441
Metric, induced on surface      94
Metric, induced on world-sheet      100
Metric, Minkowski      16
Metric, transformation under reparameterization      95
Metric, world-sheet $h_{\alpha\beta}$      473
Mode expansion for $X{-}$ open string coordinate      163
Mode expansion for DD open string coordinate      279
Mode expansion for ND open string coordinate      292
Mode expansion for NN coordinate derivatives      160
Mode expansion for NN open string coordinate      159
Mode expansion, closed string coordinate no compactification      251
Mode expansion, closed string coordinate with compactification      393
Modular group $PSL(2,\mathbb{Z})$, defined      542
Modular group $PSL(2,\mathbb{Z})$, fundamental domain $\mathcal{F}_{0}$      543
Modular group $PSL(2,\mathbb{Z})$, generated by S and T      545
Moduli space of $S^1$ compactification      402
Moduli space of $T^2$ compactification with B field      544
Moduli space of Riemann surfaces      see УRiemann surfaceФ
Nambu Ч Goto, free string equations of motion      102
Nambu Ч Goto, string action      100Ч101 146 152
Neumann boundary condition      67
Neveu Ч Schwarz fermions      263Ч265
Newton, constant G      54
Newton, constant in arbitrary dimension      56
Newton, constant in terms of g      260
Newton, gravitational law      54
Nonlinear electrodynamics, Born Ч Infeld theory      446Ч451
Nonlinear electrodynamics, energy functional      445 454
Nonlinear electrodynamics, field $\vec{D}$      445
Nonlinear electrodynamics, field $\vec{H}$      445
Nonlinear electrodynamics, general framework      442Ч446
Nonplanar open string diagrams      529Ч531
Normal ordering      220
Null, states      467
Null, vector      20
Null, vectors orthogonal to      164
Number operator, closed string      254
Number operator, open string      233
Operator, creation and annihilation, closed string      252
Operator, creation and annihilation, open string      213Ч214
Operator, creation and annihilation, quantum scalar field      174
Operator, Heisenberg      189Ч191
Operator, open string Heisenberg      207
Operator, open string Schrodinger      207
Operator, point particle, Heisenberg      191
Operator, point particle, Schrodinger      191
Operator, scalar field operator      175
Operator, Schrodinger      189Ч191
Orbifold, $\mathbb{R}^{1} / \mathbb{Z}_{2}$, closed strings      408Ч409
Orbifold, construction      37
Orbifold, defined      32
Orbifold, spacetime      38
Orientation of an open string      283 311
Orientifold plane, and coincident Dp-branes      302
Orientifold plane, and Dp-brane      301
Orientifold plane, and separated Dp-branes      302Ч304
Orientifold plane, closed string spectrum      270
Particle states, Kalb Ч Ramond states      185
Particle states, one-graviton states      183
Particle states, one-particle state      176Ч177
Particle states, one-photon states      180
Particle states, role in quantum field theory      172
Partition function, defined      353
Partition function, relativistic particle      363Ч365 383
Partition function, single string      365Ч368
Partitions of N, $p_{b}(N)$      360Ч361
Partitions of N, generating functions      382
Partitions of N, p(N)      356 358
Partitions of N, P(N;b,f)      361 383
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