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КнигаСтраницы для поиска
Уэйкерли Дж.Ф. — Проектирование цифровых устройств (том 1)413
Ito K. — Encyclopedic Dictionary of Mathematics. Vol. 2381.C
Polites G.W. — An Introduction to the Theory of Groups4—5
Lipschutz Seymour — Schaum's Outline of Theory and Problems of Linear Algebra (Schaum's Outlines)314
Mauch S. — Introduction to Methods of Applied Mathematics or Advanced Mathematical Methods for Scientists and Engineers5
Allen R., Richards J., Lowe-Norris A.G. — Active Directory
Meyer C.D. — Matrix analysis and applied linear algebra250
Rudin W. — Real and Complex Analysis7
Springer G. — Introduction to Riemann Surfaces50
Weinberger H.F. — First course in partial defferential equations with complex variables and transform methods238
Deitel H.M. — C++ How to Program2nd
Polyanin A., Manzhirov A.V. — Handbook of Mathematics for Engineers and Scientists226
Rockafellar R.T. — Convex analysis251
Ito K. — Encyclopedic Dictionary of Mathematics381.C
Schroeder M.R. — Schroeder, Self Similarity: Chaos, Fractals, Power Laws164
Rudin W. — Real and complex analysis7
Lay D.C. — Linear Algebra And Its Applications82—83
Dieudonne J. — Foundation of Modern Analysis1.6
Intriligator M.D., Arrow K.J. — Handbook of Mathematical Economics (vol. 1)15
Kreyszig E. — Advanced engineering mathematics729
Dieudonne J. — Foundation of Modern Analysis1.6
Carl D. Meyer — Matrix Analysis and Applied Linear Algebra Book and Solutions Manual250
Cairns S.S. — Introductory topology43
Ortega J. M. — Iterative Solution of Nonlinear Equations in Several Variables63
Lin Y. — General Systems Theory: A Mathematical Approach16
Springer G. — Introduction to Riemann Surfaces50
Berlekamp E., Wolfe D. — Mathematical Go: Chilling Gets the Last Point106, 214
De Barra G — Measure theory and integration21
Gill A. — Applied Algebra for the Computer Sciences52
Lindstrum A.O. — Abstract algebra4
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