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1121. Юный техник (№2, февраль 1986)1986
1122. Юный техник (№2, февраль 2007)2007
1123. Юный техник (№3, март 1986)1986
1124. Юный техник (№4, апрель 1970)1970
1125. Юный техник (№4, апрель 1985)1985
1126. Юный техник (№4, апрель 1986)1986
1127. Юный техник (№4, апрель 2006)2006
1128. Юный техник (№5 1958)1958
1129. Юный техник (№5, май 1985)1985
1130. Юный техник (№5, май 1986)1986
1131. Юный техник (№6, июнь 1985)1985
1132. Юный техник (№6, июнь 1986)1986
1133. Юный техник (№7, июль 1985)1985
1134. Юный техник (№7, июль 1986)1986
1135. Юный техник (№8 1991)1991
1136. Юный техник (№8 2006)2006
1137. Юный техник (№8 август 1979)1979
1138. Юный техник (№8 август 1984)1984
1139. Юный техник (№8, август 1985)1985
1140. Юный техник (№8, август 1986)1986
1141. Юный техник (№9 сентябрь 1984)1984
1142. Юный техник (№9, сентябрь 1985)1985
1143. Юный техник (№9, сентябрь 1986)1986
1144. «Р-123М» радиостанция. Техническое описание.n/a
1145. "the Wire" E. How to Make Your Own Professional Lock Tools. Volume 41986
1146. "Гренсфорс Брук " Книга о топорах2006
1147. A. A. Ivanov Geometry of Sporadic Groups. Volume 1. Petersen and Tilde Geometries2008
1148. Aaen P.H. Pla J.A. Wood J. Modeling and characterization of RF and microwave power FETs2007
1149. Aarts R. (ed.) Aynsley M. (ed.) Bailey J.E. (ed.) Bioprocess design and control1993
1150. ABB Electrical installation handbook (Vol.1) (Third edition)2005
1151. Abbott A., Ellison M. Biologically inspired textiles2008
1152. Abe A. NMR 3D Analysis Photopolymerization2004
1153. Abelson A. Sussman G.J. Sussman J. Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs (second edition)1999
1154. Abraham A. (ed.) Goldberg R. (ed.) Evolutionary multiobjective optimization: theoretical advances and applications (1 edition)2005
1155. Abraham M.A. (Ed) Sustainability Science and Engineering: Defining Principles, Vol. 12006
1156. Abrahamsson P. Marchesi M. Maurer F. Agile Processes in Software Engineering and Extreme Programming: 10th International Conference, XP 2009, Pula, Sardinia, Italy, May 25-29, 2009, Proceedings Notes in Business Information Processing)2009
1157. Abrahart R. See L. Solomatine D. Practical Hydroinformatics: Computational Intelligence and Technological Developments in Water Applications2008
1158. Abrahart R.J. Kneale P.E. See L.M. Neural Networks for Hydrological Modelling2004
1159. Abrash M. Zen of Assembly Language: Volume 1, Knowledge1990
1160. Abu-Rgheff M.A. Introduction to CDMA Wireless Communications2007
1161. Abut H. Hansen J.H.L. Takeda K. (eds.) DSP for In-Vehicle and Mobile Systems2004
1162. ACADEMISCH PROEFSCHRIFT System-level modeling and design space exploration for multiprocessor embedded system-on-chip architectures2006
1163. Accetta J.S. (ed.) Shumaker D.L. (ed.) Zissis J. (ed.) The Infrared & Electro-Optical Systems Handbook. Volume 1: Sources of Radiation1993
1164. Accetta J.S. (ed.) Shumaker D.L. (ed.) Smith F.G. (ed.) The Infrared & Electro-Optical Systems Handbook. Volume 2: Atmospheric Propagation of Radiation1993
1165. Accetta J.S. (ed.) Shumaker D.L. (ed.) Rogatto W.D. (ed.) The Infrared & Electro-Optical Systems Handbook. Volume 3: Electro-Optical Components1993
1166. Accetta J.S. (ed.) Shumaker D.L. (ed.) Campana S.B. (ed.) The Infrared & Electro-Optical Systems Handbook. Volume 5: Passive Electro-Optical Systems1993
1167. Accetta J.S. (ed.) Shumaker D.L. (ed.) Robinson S.R. (ed.) The Infrared & Electro-Optical Systems Handbook. Volume 8: Emerging Systems and Technologies1993
1168. Acha E. Anaya-Lara O. Agelidis V.G. Power Electronic Control in Electrical Systems2002
1169. Ackerley R. Telecommunications Performance Engineering2004
1170. Ackermaim T. Wind Power in Power Systems2005
1171. Acquisti A. Gritzalis S. Lambrinoudakis C. Digital Privacy: Theory, Technologies, and Practices2007
1172. Acuna S.T. Juristo N. Software process modeling2005
1173. Adachi H. (ed.) Mukoyama T. (ed.) Kawai J. (ed.) Hartree-Fock-Slater Method for Materials Science: The DV-X Alpha Method for Design and Characterization of Materials2005
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1178. Addington D.M. Schodek D.L. Smart Materials and New Technologies2005
1179. Adler P.S. Technology and the Future of Work1992
1180. Adlercreutz P. Straathof A.J.J. (Editor) Applied Biocatalysis (2 edition)2000
1181. Adolfsson J. Karlsen J. Mechatronics '981998
1182. Aehle W. (ed.) Enzymes in Industry2004
1183. Aeyels D. Stability and Stabilization of Nonlinear Systems1999
1184. Afifi H. Zeghlache D. Applications & Services in Wireless Networks2002
1185. Agarwal A. Lang J. Foundations of Analog and Digital Electronic Circuits (1st edition)2005
1186. Agarwal T. Pre-Processing of Noisy Speech for Voice Coders2002
1187. Agbese A. The Role of the Press and Communication Technology in Democratization: The Nigerian Story2006
1188. Agrawal G. Applications of Nonlinear Fiber Optics2001
1189. Agrawal G.P. Fiber-Optic Communication Systems (third edition)2002
1190. Agrawal G.P. Lightwave Technology: Telecommunication Systems (1st edition)2005

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