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Accetta J.S. (ed.), Shumaker D.L. (ed.), Campana S.B. (ed.) Ч The Infrared & Electro-Optical Systems Handbook. Volume 5: Passive Electro-Optical Systems
Accetta J.S. (ed.), Shumaker D.L. (ed.), Campana S.B. (ed.) Ч The Infrared & Electro-Optical Systems Handbook. Volume 5: Passive Electro-Optical Systems

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Ќазвание: The Infrared & Electro-Optical Systems Handbook. Volume 5: Passive Electro-Optical Systems

јвторы: Accetta J.S. (ed.), Shumaker D.L. (ed.), Campana S.B. (ed.)


The Infrared and Electro-Optical Systems Handbook is a joint product of the Infrared Information Analysis Center (IRIA) and the International Society for Optical Engineering (SPIE). Sponsored by the Defense Technical Information Center (DTIC), this work is an outgrowth of its predecessor, The Infrared Handbook, published in 1978. The circulation of nearly 20,000 copies is adequate testimony to its wide acceptance in the electro-optics and infrared communities. The Infrared Handbook was itself preceded by The Handbook of Military Infrared Technology. Since its original inception, new topics and technologies have emerged for which little or no reference material exists. This work is intended to update and complement the current Infrared Handbook by revision, addition of new materials, and reformatting to increase its utility. Of necessity, some material from the current book was reproduced as is, having been adjudged as being current and adequate. The 45 chapters represent most subject areas of current activity in the military, aerospace, and civilian communities and contain material that has rarely appeared so extensively in the open literature.
Volume 5, edited by Stephen Campana of the Naval Air Warfare Center, treats contemporary infrared passive systems such as FLIRs, IRSTs, IR line scanners, and staring array configurations.

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√од издани€: 1993

 оличество страниц: 362

ƒобавлена в каталог: 02.12.2010

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$C^{2}_{n}$      see "Index of refraction structure parameter"
$\mu$ flicks      260
3- to 5-$\mu m$ spectral band (MWIR)      41Ч43 105 211 213
3- to 5-$\mu m$ spectral band (MWIR), detector types      160Ч161
3- to 5-$\mu m$ spectral band (MWIR), FLIR system MTF      129
3- to 5-$\mu m$ spectral band (MWIR), IRST scattered path radiance data      277Ч280
3- to 5-$\mu m$ spectral band (MWIR), IRST spectral radiance data      274Ч277 283Ч285
3- to 5-$\mu m$ spectral band (MWIR), IRST spectral transmittance data      271Ч273 281 284
3- to 5-$\mu m$ spectral band (MWIR), multiband processing      315Ч316
3- to 5-$\mu m$ spectral band (MWIR), noise equivalent temperature (NET)      152 180
3- to 5-$\mu m$ spectral band (MWIR), optics resolution      183
3- to 5-$\mu m$ spectral band (MWIR), photon flux      177
3- to 5-$\mu m$ spectral band (MWIR), solar reflection      237
3- to 5-$\mu m$ spectral band (MWIR), space radiation      194Ч197
3- to 5-$\mu m$ spectral band (MWIR), space surveillance      204Ч205
3- to 5-$\mu m$ spectral band (MWIR), staring FPA band selection      177Ч178
3- to 5-$\mu m$ spectral band (MWIR), staring FPA parameters      162
3- to 5-$\mu m$ spectral band (MWIR), terrain PSD data      261Ч267
8- to 14-$\mu m$ spectral band (LWIR)      41Ч43 105 108 109 211 213 228
8- to 14-$\mu m$ spectral band (LWIR), FLIR system MTF      129
8- to 14-$\mu m$ spectral band (LWIR), IRST scattered path radiance data      277Ч280
8- to 14-$\mu m$ spectral band (LWIR), IRST spectral radiance data      274Ч277 283Ч285
8- to 14-$\mu m$ spectral band (LWIR), IRST spectral transmittance data      271Ч273 281 284
8- to 14-$\mu m$ spectral band (LWIR), multiband processing      315Ч316
8- to 14-$\mu m$ spectral band (LWIR), noise equivalent temperature (NET)      152 180
8- to 14-$\mu m$ spectral band (LWIR), optics resolution      183
8- to 14-$\mu m$ spectral band (LWIR), photon flux      177
8- to 14-$\mu m$ spectral band (LWIR), solar reflection      237
8- to 14-$\mu m$ spectral band (LWIR), space radiation      194Ч197
8- to 14-$\mu m$ spectral band (LWIR), staring FPA band selection      177Ч178
8- to 14-$\mu m$ spectral band (LWIR), staring FPA parameters      162
8- to 14-$\mu m$ spectral band (LWIR), terrain PSD data      261Ч267
Aberrations, optical      80 89
Aberrations, optical, coma      89
Aberrations, optical, spherical      18
Absorption notches      42
Absorption, atmospheric      252
Across-track scan axis      3
Adaptive-threshold processors      311 319Ч324 326
Adaptive-threshold processors vs fixed-threshold processors      323Ч324
Adhesive bonding      98
Aero-optical effects      287 289Ч291
Aero-optical effects, optical aberrations      290
Aero-optical effects, tracking error      289
Aerodynamic effects      44 287
Aerodynamic heating      220Ч221 228Ч230 290
Aerodynamic heating, skin temperature      229
Aeromechanical effects      289Ч290
Aeromechanical effects, gimbal jitter      290
Aerospace Ground Equipment Requirements Document (AGERD)      58
Airborne reconnaissance      3 7Ч9 23 24 26 98
Airborne reconnaissance, aircraft stabilization      48
Airborne reconnaissance, pushbroom scanners      18
Airborne reconnaissance, reconnaissance management systems      8 86
Airborne reconnaissance, terrain effects on low-level missions      24 27
Airborne surveillance      214
Aircraft hot-part emission      214 220Ч221
Aircraft plume emission      214 220Ч221
Aliasing      139 175 187Ч188
Alignment      80
Along-track scan axis      3
Amplifiers, dynamic range      141
Amplifiers, transimpedance      118
Angle rate      205
Angular coverage rate      294
Angular resolution      297
Aperture-response function      163 164 166Ч167
Apertures, circular, transfer function      304
Apertures, diameter      182Ч183
Apertures, IR optics      151 155
Apertures, rectangular      20 21
Apertures, relative      151Ч153
Apertures, round      20
Apertures, sampling      79
Apertures, shape      168
Apertures, size      297Ч298
Arrays, focal-plane      42 79 92
Arrays, mosaic      159 197 199
Arrays, photovoltaic      88Ч89
Arrays, readout      89
Arrays, scanning focal-plane      112 292
Arrays, scanning focal-plane, clutter rejection      303Ч306
Arrays, scanning focal-plane, dwell time      296
Arrays, scanning focal-plane, forward-looking scanning system      294
Arrays, scanning focal-plane, look-down scanning system      295
Arrays, staring      111Ч112
Arrays, staring focal-plane      159Ч205 217 218 293
Arrays, staring focal-plane, clutter rejection      303Ч306
Arrays, staring focal-plane, dwell time      297
Arrays, staring focal-plane, look-ahead staring system      294
Arrays, staring focal-plane, look-down staring system      295
Arrays, staring focal-plane, pushbroom configuration      294 296
Arrays, staring focal-plane, step-stare      293
Aspect angle      216
Atmospheric extinction      269Ч287
Atmospheric extinction coefficient      149 151
Atmospheric extinction, LOWTRAN IRST extinction calculations      271Ч287
Atmospheric path radiance      195Ч196
Atmospheric propagation codes      see "FASCODE" "HITRAN" "LOWTRAN" "MODTRAN"
Atmospheric radiance, IRST spectral radiance data      274Ч277 283Ч285
Atmospheric radiation      287
Atmospheric scattered path radiance      278Ч280
Atmospheric transmission      40 41Ч43 61Ч62 66 185 186 195 269
Atmospheric transmission, computer codes      43 66
Atmospheric transmission, IRST spectral transmittance data      271Ч273 281 284
Aurora      248Ч250
Autocorrelation function      166
Autocovariance function      254 257
Automated target recognition      212 217
Automatic guidance and homing      15
Automatic low frequency gain limiting      73
Automatic target cueing      97Ч100
Axehead scanners      9Ч12
Axehead scanners, absolute imaging radiometer      9Ч11
Axehead scanners, constant ground footprint      12
Axehead scanners, image rotation distortion      12
Axehead scanners, single-facet design      9 11Ч12
Axehead scanners, spin mirror types      11
Background flux      92
Background-limited intrinsic photodetector (BLIP)      134
Background-limited intrinsic photodetector (BLIP), detectivity      133 134
Background-limited performance      298
Backgrounds      238Ч269
Backgrounds, atmospheric emission      239Ч240
Backgrounds, aurora      248Ч250
Backgrounds, background fluctuations      252Ч253
Backgrounds, background fluctuations, nonstationary backgrounds      252Ч253
Backgrounds, background fluctuations, stationary backgrounds      253
Backgrounds, cloud radiance      242Ч243
Backgrounds, cloud-cover transmittance      267Ч269
Backgrounds, clouds, PSD of      253Ч256 259
Backgrounds, earth surface radiation      244Ч247
Backgrounds, ground-level thermal irradiance of the sky      242Ч244
Backgrounds, night airglow      250Ч251
Backgrounds, sky spectral radiance      239Ч242
Backgrounds, spatial structure      257Ч259
Backgrounds, sun      251Ч252
Backgrounds, terrain, PSD of      260Ч267
Backgrounds, thermal emission      239
Band selection      315
Bandwidth      296
Bandwidth, reference      132Ч133
Bar targets      30 37 87 142 163
Bar targets, aperiodic      173Ч174
Bar targets, aperiodic, minimum detectable temperature (MDT)      174Ч175
Bar targets, periodic      175 188
Bar targets, periodic, minimum resolvable temperature (MRT)      176Ч177
Bar targets, periodic, sine-wave response      175
Bar targets, periodic, square-wave response      175
Beer's law      269
Biasing      90Ч91
Bidirectional reflectance      229Ч232
Bidirectional reflectance distribution function (BRDF)      230Ч231
Blackbodies      239Ч241
Blackbodies, difference-temperature contrast      180
Blackbodies, differential contrast      179
Blackbodies, photon flux radiance      178
Boresight specifications      47
Cameras, TV      118
Carbon dioxide, absorption bands      239
Carbon dioxide, emission band      226Ч227
Carbon monoxide      226
Cathode-ray tube (CRT) displays      28 34 95 119
Cathode-ray tube (CRT) displays and modulation transfer function      76 82Ч83
Cathode-ray tube (CRT) displays, dynamic range      71
Cathode-ray tube (CRT) displays, filtering      74Ч75
Chalcogenide glasses      113
Charge storage capacity      180
Charge-coupled devices      89 111 160
Charge-coupled devices, IR      199
Charge-coupled devices, platinum silicide design example      199Ч205
Charge-coupled devices, UV      162
Charge-coupled devices, visible      161Ч162 163 199
Charge-injection devices      89
Chip (clip)      90
Classification      25Ч26
Clouds, altostratus clouds      267
Clouds, cirrus clouds      268
Clouds, clutter noise      305
Clouds, power spectral density      253Ч256 259 265Ч266
Clouds, radiance      242Ч243
Clouds, radiance trace waveforms      253Ч256
Clouds, scene dynamics      314
Clouds, transmittance      267Ч269
Clutter noise      214 218Ч219 238 302Ч306 308Ч310
Clutter rejection/suppression      218 302 308Ч310 317
Clutter sniffer      311
Coatings and transmission      65
Coatings, antireflection      44 46 90
Cold finger      110
Cold shields      60Ч61 90 113
Cold shields, design of      92Ч93
Cold shields, efficiency      115
Cold shields, equivalent f/#      136
Cold spike      114
Cold spike, analysis      22
Color ratio      328Ч330
Communication, Command, and Control stations      32
Constant false-alarm-rate receivers      325Ч327
Constant footprint processing      34Ч36 51
Contrast signature, aircraft      238Ч239
Contrast, blackbody differential      179
Contrast, differential-temperature      166
Contrast, radiance      178 181
Cosine $\theta$ law      51 53
Cryogenic refrigerators      89Ч90 94 110 198
Cryogenic refrigerators, Gifford Ч McMahon      94
Cryogenic refrigerators, integral Stirling      94
Cryogenic refrigerators, split-Stirling      89 94 199
Cryogenic refrigerators, Vuilleumier      94
Cutoff frequency      76 77
Dark current      170Ч171 198
Dark current, Schottky-barrier      199
Data compression      86 96Ч97
Data compression, analog signal      72Ч73
Data compression, methods of      97
Data compression, predictive coding      97
Data links      8 58 84 86 95 96
Defocus effect      34 51 52Ч56 89
Defocus effect, estimating      53
Densitometry      41
Deserts, power spectral density      263
Detect-before-track algorithms      309
Detection      25
Detection, background structure limited      308
Detection, false alarm rate      306Ч307 308 317Ч318
Detection, probability of      28Ч30 253 306Ч307 308 317
Detectivity      59Ч62 66Ч67 131 300
Detectivity and noise equivalent radiance      61Ч62
Detectivity and noise equivalent temperature difference      66Ч67
Detectivity, background-limited      93
Detectivity, blackbody      60 132
Detectivity, BLIP      133 300
Detectivity, D-double-star      60
Detectivity, serial detectors      134
Detector efficiency      134
Detector noise term      62Ч63
Detector size      298
Detector time constant      80Ч81
Detector uniformity      313Ч314
Detector-noise limited systems      69
Dewars      89Ч90 110
Dewars, detector/dewar assembly tests      93Ч94
Dewars, windows      90
Difference signal      178
Differencing filters      331Ч333
Diffraction cutoff frequency      125
Diffraction MTF      77Ч79
Diffraction pattern      124
Diffraction, aperture      84Ч85
Diffraction, boundary-wave      77
Diffraction-limited optics      109
Digital tape recorders, high-density      95
Discrimination      308 328Ч334
Discrimination, motion discrimination      331
Discrimination, motion discrimination, differencing filters      331Ч333
Discrimination, motion discrimination, multiple-stage transversal filtering      331
Discrimination, spatial differencing      333Ч334
Discrimination, spatial discrimination      330
Discrimination, spatial filtering      333
Discrimination, spectral discrimination      328Ч330
Discrimination, spectral discrimination, color ratio      328Ч330
Discrimination, spectral discrimination, spectral contrast signatures      329
Discrimination, temporal discrimination      331
Displayed mean-square variance      137
displays      99 119Ч120 see
Displays, aspect ratio      120
Displays, dynamic range      141
Displays, frame rates      120
Displays, noise power spectrum      134Ч138
Displays, signal-to-noise ratio      135 148
Displays, TV      120
Dust      43
Dwell time      132 296Ч297
Dynamic range      70Ч74 141Ч142
Dynamic range, enhancement      142
Dynamic range, staring sensor      178Ч182
Earth radiation      242Ч247
Earth radiation vs sky radiance      244
Earth radiation vs solar zenith angles      246
Earth radiation, bodies of water      247
Earth radiation, diurnal variation      244Ч245
Earth radiation, natural background materials      247
Earth radiation, seasonal variation      244Ч245
Earth radiation, urban areas      245
Earth-limb      196Ч197
Earthshine      193Ч195 204 214 220Ч221 232Ч234 238
Earthshine, calculating      233
Earthshine, emissivity      234
Earthshine, reflectivity      234
Emissivity      39 107 133 165
Equivalent noise bandwidth      63
Evaporated leads      90
Exposure      164
Exposure and noise classification      168
Exposure, dark-current      170Ч171
Exposure, electron-density      165Ч166
Exposure, pixel      166 182
Extrinsic silicon      160
Eye, integration time      144 165
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