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Accetta J.S. (ed.), Shumaker D.L. (ed.), Rogatto W.D. (ed.) Ч The Infrared & Electro-Optical Systems Handbook. Volume 3: Electro-Optical Components
Accetta J.S. (ed.), Shumaker D.L. (ed.), Rogatto W.D. (ed.) Ч The Infrared & Electro-Optical Systems Handbook. Volume 3: Electro-Optical Components

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Ќазвание: The Infrared & Electro-Optical Systems Handbook. Volume 3: Electro-Optical Components

јвторы: Accetta J.S. (ed.), Shumaker D.L. (ed.), Rogatto W.D. (ed.)


The Infrared and Electro-Optical Systems Handbook is a joint product of the Infrared Information Analysis Center (IRIA) and the International Society for Optical Engineering (SPIE). Sponsored by the Defense Technical Information Center (DTIC), this work is an outgrowth of its predecessor, The Infrared Handbook, published in 1978. The circulation of nearly 20,000 copies is adequate testimony to its wide acceptance in the electro-optics and infrared communities. The Infrared Handbook was itself preceded by The Handbook of Military Infrared Technology. Since its original inception, new topics and technologies have emerged for which little or no reference material exists. This work is intended to update and complement the current Infrared Handbook by revision, addition of new materials, and reformatting to increase its utility. Of necessity, some material from the current book was reproduced as is, having been adjudged as being current and adequate. The 45 chapters represent most subject areas of current activity in the military, aerospace, and civilian communities and contain material that has rarely appeared so extensively in the open literature.
Volume 3, edited by William Rogatto of Santa Barbara Research Center, treats traditional system components and devices and includes recent material on focal plane array read-out electronics.

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√од издани€: 1993

 оличество страниц: 671

ƒобавлена в каталог: 29.11.2010

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$GaAs_{1-x}P_{x}$      489
1- to 3-$\mu m$ window (SWIR), detectors for      250Ч251
14- to 30-$\mu m$ window (VLWIR), detectors for      248Ч249 251
3- to 5-$\mu m$ window (MWIR), detectors for      248Ч249 251
8- to 14-$\mu m$ window (LWIR), detectors for      248Ч249 251 259 260
Aberrations, optical      96Ч104
Aberrations, optical, chromatic aberrations      99Ч104
Aberrations, optical, chromatic aberrations, axial      99 101Ч102
Aberrations, optical, chromatic aberrations, lateral      99Ч101
Aberrations, optical, chromatic aberrations, spherochromatism      100
Aberrations, optical, descriptions of      98Ч100
Aberrations, optical, field curvature      99
Aberrations, optical, fifth-order      97
Aberrations, optical, first-order terms      97
Aberrations, optical, optical path difference      96Ч97
Aberrations, optical, ray-aberration polynomial      98
Aberrations, optical, stop-shift equations      102Ч103
Aberrations, optical, stop-shift equations, pupil shift      102
Aberrations, optical, thin-lens aberrations      103Ч104
Aberrations, optical, third-order (Seidel)      97 101Ч104
Aberrations, optical, third-order (Seidel), astigmatism      97 99Ч102
Aberrations, optical, third-order (Seidel), coma      97Ч98 100
Aberrations, optical, third-order (Seidel), distortion      97 99Ч101
Aberrations, optical, third-order (Seidel), negative (barrel) distortion      100
Aberrations, optical, third-order (Seidel), Petzval      97 99Ч102
Aberrations, optical, third-order (Seidel), pincushion distortion      100
Aberrations, optical, third-order (Seidel), sag coma      101 104 111
Aberrations, optical, third-order (Seidel), spherical aberration      97Ч98 100Ч102 111
Aberrations, optical, transverse-ray aberration      97Ч98 101
Aberrations, optical, wave-aberration polynomials      96Ч97
Absorbance      5
Absorption      4Ч5
Absorption coefficient      5 585
Absorption coefficient, distributed      600
Absorption, exponential law of      4
Absorptivity      5 360Ч361
Accuracy, scanner      162
Acousto-optic scanners      133 145Ч146
actuators      137 146
Adaptive filtering      449Ч450
Aircraft, displays      437Ч516
Aliasing      306 311 452Ч454 459
Alkali halides      20Ч32
Aluminum gallium arsenide      216
Amorphous selenium glass      13
Amplifier drift      289
Amplifiers/preamplifiers      249 287Ч324
Amplifiers/preamplifiers, capacitor feedback transimpedance amplifiers      298 316Ч319
Amplifiers/preamplifiers, column amplifier      307 310Ч311
Amplifiers/preamplifiers, current mirror gate modulation circuits      323Ч324
Amplifiers/preamplifiers, current mirror preamplifiers      299
Amplifiers/preamplifiers, direct injection circuits      288 298Ч299 319Ч321
Amplifiers/preamplifiers, feedback capacitors      299
Amplifiers/preamplifiers, feedback resistors      304Ч305
Amplifiers/preamplifiers, feedback-enhanced direct injection circuits      299 319 321Ч322
Amplifiers/preamplifiers, gate modulation circuits      288 322Ч324
Amplifiers/preamplifiers, integrated noise transfer function      309Ч311
Amplifiers/preamplifiers, MOSFETs      290Ч299 307 311Ч325 328
Amplifiers/preamplifiers, output video amplifiers      333Ч335 338
Amplifiers/preamplifiers, reset integrators      306Ч307 309Ч310 319Ч322 324 326Ч327
Amplifiers/preamplifiers, reset Miller integrators      see "Amplifiers/preamplifiers capacitor
Amplifiers/preamplifiers, resistor load      299
Amplifiers/preamplifiers, resistor load gate modulation circuits      322Ч323
Amplifiers/preamplifiers, resistor transimpedance amplifiers      287 294Ч295 299 303Ч306
Amplifiers/preamplifiers, sampled readout circuits      306Ч307
Amplifiers/preamplifiers, self-integrating preamplifiers      297Ч299 307Ч311
Amplifiers/preamplifiers, signal-to-noise ratio      299Ч300 313
Amplifiers/preamplifiers, source follower per detector readout      297Ч299 311Ч316 325Ч326
Amplifiers/preamplifiers, types/performance requirements      298
AMTIR-1      40Ч42
AMTIR-3      40 42
Angle of incidence      4
Anode      213
Antireflection coatings      263 267
Aperture stop, cold      223Ч225
Aperture stop, definition of      86
Apertures      191
Apertures, scanning      549Ч551 see
Arrays, astronomy      266 269
Arrays, detector      234 248Ч250 253Ч255 264Ч272
Arrays, focal-plane      246 248 255 288
Arrays, impurity band conduction arrays      270
Arrays, scanning      288
Arrays, staring      287Ч288 329 453Ч454
Arsenic trisulfide glass      13 40
Arsenic-modified selenium glass      13 41 43
Axe blade (knife-edge) scanners      147Ч148
Axial modes      598Ч599 622
Back emf      162
Baffles      106 115
Bandwidth, scanner      162
Barium fluoride      16 45Ч46
Barium titanate      15
Beam contour      632
Beam divergence      622
Beam divergence angle      578 633 635
Beam radius      627Ч628
Beam rider guidance systems      127
Beam spreading      632Ч634
Beam transformation by a lens      634Ч635
Beam waist      627 632 634
Beams, continuous wave (cw)      601 610
Beams, Gaussian      see "Gaussian beams"
Beat frequency oscillator      235Ч236
Beer's law      4 585
Beryllium mirrors      62 65Ч66
Bias voltage      216 229Ч231
Bias voltage, determination of optimum bias      229
Bidirectional reflectance distribution function (BRDF)      10
Bidirectional reflectivity      10 66Ч67
Bidirectional scattering distribution function (BSDF)      10
Bidirectional transmittance distribution function (BTDF)      10
Birefringence      498
BJTs      see "Transistors"
Blackbodies      227Ч228 232 234 241 252
Blacks      66Ч72
Blacks, bidirectional reflectivity      66Ч67
Blacks, Black Velvet Nextel      71
Blacks, carbon black      71
Blacks, Cat-A-Lac      71
Blacks, Cat-A-List      71
Blacks, Chemglaze Z306      67 69Ч72
Blacks, Cornell black      72
Blacks, hemispherical reflectivity      71
Blacks, Martin black      71Ч72
Blacks, Parsons optical black      70
Blacks, spectral absorption      68
Bode plot      172
Bolometers      191Ч196 202
Boltzmann's formula      585
Brewster angle      636 638
bulk modulus      10Ч11
Cadmium fluoride      16
Cadmium selenide      16
Cadmium sulfide      15Ч16 38Ч39
Cadmium telluride      16
Calcite      see "Calcium carbonate"
Calcium aluminate glasses      14
Calcium carbonate      44
Calcium fluoride      16 44Ч45
Cam drive scanning systems      153Ч154
cameras      456
Cameras and radiometry      532Ч535
Cameras, aerial      522Ч524
Cameras, single-lens reflex      521
Capacitive sensors      140
Cardinal points, definition of      85
Cassegrain mirror      116
Cathode-ray tubes      441Ч442 462Ч177 502 504
Cathode-ray tubes, DigisplayЃ      473
Cathode-ray tubes, display effectiveness factors      468
Cathode-ray tubes, long-persistence CRTs      470 472
Cathode-ray tubes, multimode TonotronЃ      472 476 504Ч505
Cathode-ray tubes, phosphors      470Ч472
Cathode-ray tubes, projection CRTs      476
Cathode-ray tubes, short-persistence CRTs      470
Cathode-ray tubes, storage tubes      474Ч477
Cathodes      213
Cavities      227Ч228 237
Cesium bromide      21 29Ч31
Cesium chloride      29
Cesium fluoride      29
Cesium iodide      21 30 32
Charge storage capacity      254
Charge-coupled devices      250 288 289 319Ч320 328Ч332 336
Charge-injection devices      265
Charge-transfer efficiency      331Ч332
Chief ray, definition of      86
Choppers      228
Coatings, aluminum      51 61
Coatings, antireflection      263 267
Coatings, copper      61
Coatings, gold      51 61
Coatings, nickel      62
Coatings, rhodium      61
Coatings, silver      51 61
Coatings, titanium      61
Coherence      578Ч580
Collision broadening      589Ч590 592
Color displays      443 457 461 466Ч467 478Ч479 481 486 492Ч494
Commission Internationale de l'Eclairage (CIE)      495
Complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) technology      287 see
Composite materials      346
Conductance, effective shunt      209
Conduction      346Ч354 see
Contrast ratio      441Ч442 see
Convection      366Ч370
Convection, convective heat transfer coefficient      367
Convection, convective heat transfer coefficient, for laminar flows      367 369
Convection, convective heat transfer coefficient, for turbulent flows      367 369
Convection, Newton's law of cooling      366Ч367
Convection, vapor-cooled heat exchanger      367Ч370
Convolution      548
Correlated double sampling      317Ч318 326Ч328
Correlation      548
Critical point      377
Crosstalk      297 319
Cryogenic cooling systems      343Ч433 see low-temperature" "Mechanical "Thermal
Cryogenic cooling systems, mechanical design      404Ч427
Cryogenic cooling systems, thermal design      346Ч404
Cryogenic refrigerators      388Ч404
Cryogenic refrigerators, adiabatic demagnetization cryocoolers      403Ч 404
Cryogenic refrigerators, Brayton cycle cryocoolers      401
Cryogenic refrigerators, Gifford Ч McMahon cycle cryocoolers      410Ч402
Cryogenic refrigerators, Joule Ч Thomson cryocoolers      402
Cryogenic refrigerators, pulse-tube cryocoolers      403
Cryogenic refrigerators, refrigerator coefficient of performance      388
Cryogenic refrigerators, refrigerator efficiency      388
Cryogenic refrigerators, refrigerator mass      388
Cryogenic refrigerators, sorption cryocoolers      402Ч403
Cryogenic refrigerators, spacecraft cryocoolers      389
Cryogenic refrigerators, Stirling cycle coolers      389 400Ч101
Cryogenic refrigerators, types/performance parameters      390Ч399
Cryogenic refrigerators, Vuilleumier cycle cryocoolers      401
Cryogens      377Ч385
Cryogens, examples and properties of      379
Cryogens, helium      377Ч380
Cryogens, normal boiling point liquid      377
Cryogens, solid cryogens      380Ч381
Cryogens, supercritical fluids      377
Cryostats      364 366
Current dark      262 301 308 312 320
Current demagnetization      162
Current saturation      208
Current short-circuit      209 211
Dark current      262 301 308 312 320
Debye temperature      8 46 50
Demagnetization current      162
Densitometry      530Ч534 see and
Density (specific gravity)      10 51 57Ч58
Depth of field      105Ч106
Detective quantum efficiency      178
Detectivity (D*)      178 299Ч300
Detector arrays      see "Arrays detector"
Detector field of view (FOV)      178
Detector figures of merit      231Ч233
Detector figures of merit, detectivity      231Ч233
Detector figures of merit, detectivity-frequency product      233
Detector figures of merit, noise equivalent power      231
Detector figures of merit, responsivity      231 238
Detector impedance, high-impedance detectors      293 295
Detector impedance, low-impedance detectors      293 295 298
Detector noise      see "Noise detector" "Noise readout"
Detector optical area      300
Detector parameters      182Ч191 227Ч231
Detector parameters, background temperature      182
Detector parameters, background-limited infrared photodetector detectivity      232Ч233
Detector parameters, bias      231
Detector parameters, blackbody D-star      188
Detector parameters, blackbody detectivity      188 231Ч232 242
Detector parameters, blackbody noise equivalent power      187
Detector parameters, blackbody responsivity      185 231 239
Detector parameters, cutoff wavelength      189
Detector parameters, detector quantum efficiency      189
Detector parameters, detector solid angle      182Ч183 230
Detector parameters, electrical output      228Ч230
Detector parameters, geometrical properties      230Ч231
Detector parameters, impedance      182 230Ч231
Detector parameters, incident infrared radiation      227Ч228
Detector parameters, instantaneous signal voltage      184 229Ч230 241
Detector parameters, maximized D-star      189
Detector parameters, peak wavelength      189
Detector parameters, resistance      182 230Ч231
Detector parameters, responsive area      182
Detector parameters, responsive quantum efficiency      189
Detector parameters, rms amplitude      184
Detector parameters, rms noise voltage      184 229Ч230 240
Detector parameters, spectral D-double star      189
Detector parameters, spectral D-star      188
Detector parameters, spectral detectivity      178 188 231Ч232 242Ч246
Detector parameters, spectral noise equivalent power      187 231Ч232
Detector parameters, spectral responsivity      185 229 230 238 241Ч243
Detector parameters, temperature      231
Detector parameters, time constant      185Ч187 229
Detector parameters, voltage responsivity      231
Detector quantum efficiency      300
Detector readout architectures      255Ч257
Detector readout architectures, direct hybrid      255Ч256
Detector readout architectures, indirect hybrid      255Ч256
Detector readout architectures, monolithic      255Ч257
Detector readout architectures, vertically integrated metal insulator semiconductor      255 257
Detector readout architectures, Z technology      255Ч257
Detector readout electronics      285Ч342 see "Noise readout" "Transistors"
Detector readout electronics, crosstalk      297 338Ч339
Detector readout electronics, dynamic range      297 337Ч338
Detector readout electronics, frequency response      297 338Ч339
Detector readout electronics, MOSFET overview      290Ч292 see "Transistors"
Detector readout electronics, multiplexers      329Ч333
Detector readout electronics, output video amplifiers      297 333Ч335
Detector readout electronics, power dissipation      335Ч337
Detector readout electronics, preamplifiers      296Ч324 see
Detector readout electronics, signal processing      324Ч329
Detector readout electronics, symbols, nomenclature, and units      291
Detector readout electronics, transistor noise      292Ч296
Detector responsivity      179
Detector signal-to-noise ratio      229Ч231 242Ч245 253Ч254 287 296 299Ч300
Detector signal-to-noise ratio, measurement of      235Ч236
Detector time constant      181
Detector types/materials      246Ч272
Detector types/materials, chalcogenides      249
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