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Accetta J.S. (ed.), Shumaker D.L. (ed.), Zissis J. (ed.) Ч The Infrared & Electro-Optical Systems Handbook. Volume 1: Sources of Radiation
Accetta J.S. (ed.), Shumaker D.L. (ed.), Zissis J. (ed.) Ч The Infrared & Electro-Optical Systems Handbook. Volume 1: Sources of Radiation

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Ќазвание: The Infrared & Electro-Optical Systems Handbook. Volume 1: Sources of Radiation

јвторы: Accetta J.S. (ed.), Shumaker D.L. (ed.), Zissis J. (ed.)


The Infrared and Electro-Optical Systems Handbook is a joint product of the Infrared Information Analysis Center (IRIA) and the International Society for Optical Engineering (SPIE). Sponsored by the Defense Technical Information Center (DTIC), this work is an outgrowth of its predecessor, The Infrared Handbook, published in 1978. The circulation of nearly 20,000 copies is adequate testimony to its wide acceptance in the electro-optics and infrared communities. The Infrared Handbook was itself preceded by The Handbook of Military Infrared Technology. Since its original inception, new topics and technologies have emerged for which little or no reference material exists. This work is intended to update and complement the current Infrared Handbook by revision, addition of new materials, and reformatting to increase its utility. Of necessity, some material from the current book was reproduced as is, having been adjudged as being current and adequate. The 45 chapters represent most subject areas of current activity in the military, aerospace, and civilian communities and contain material that has rarely appeared so extensively in the open literature.
Volume 1, edited by George Zissis of ERIM, treats sources of radiation, including both artificial and natural sources, the latter of which in most military applications is generally regarded as background radiation.

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√од издани€: 1993

 оличество страниц: 383

ƒобавлена в каталог: 18.12.2010

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ѕредметный указатель
$S_{10}$ unit      167
Absolute wavelength measurement      357
Absorptance      23 64 148
Absorptance, solar absorptance of spacecraft materials      113
Absorption      23 145 147 174
Absorption bands of water vapor      194Ч195
Absorption coefficient      144Ч146
Absorption of $H_{2}O$      113
Absorption, atmospheric      111
Absorptivity      21 23
Aerosols      199
Air mass vs solar zenith angle      154
Air temperature      198
Aircraft      110Ч118 123
Airglow      201 204Ч210 see
Airy function      354
Albedo, earth      213Ч218
Albedo, lunar      158
Algae      259
Algae, attenuation coefficients      262
Algae, spectral reflectance      264
Alkali halides, spectra      34
Anisotropic radiators      28Ч29
Apertures      64
Apparent temperature      139
Areance      7
Artificial sources      49Ч135
Asteroids      190
Atmosphere      151Ч153
Atmosphere, spectral radiance      217Ч218
Atmospheric attenuation, effects on aircraft      123
Atmospheric effects      127
Atmospheric emission      195
Atmospheric particulates      141
Atomic spectra      32Ч34
Atomic spectra, Bohr model      32Ч33
Atomic spectra, hydrogen spectra      33Ч34
Atomic spectra, quantum number      32Ч33
Atomic spectra, Sommerfeld model      32
Aurora      200Ч208
Aurora, auroral spectra      201Ч203
Aurora, emission      200
Aurora, frequency distribution      204Ч205
Aurora, photon emission      208
Aurora, photon radiance      201
Aurora, spectral radiance      201 203
Auroral zones      201Ч202
Backgrounds      see also "Infrared backgrounds"
Backgrounds from extragalactic sources      181 190
Backgrounds, galactic      181 190Ч191
Backgrounds, sky      194
Backgrounds, terrain      299Ч309
Backscattering      191 263
Band radiance      6
BASIC programs      8 38Ч47
Bidirectional reflectance distribution function (BRDF)      26
Biological materials      see "Botanical materials"
Blackbodies      3 32 52Ч59 64Ч65 79 139 146 180 see
Blackbodies, cylindrical      52Ч58
Blackbodies, goldpoint      58Ч59
Blackbodies, spectral radiance      196
Blackbodies, variable-temperature      58Ч59
Blackbody (Planckian) functions      8Ч21 38Ч47
Blackbody (Planckian) functions, BASIC programs, calculations and formulas      38Ч47
Blackbody (Planckian) functions, contrast      10Ч11
Blackbody (Planckian) functions, conversions to other geometries      10
Blackbody (Planckian) functions, conversions to photons      9
Blackbody (Planckian) functions, conversions, spectral scale conversions      9Ч10
Blackbody (Planckian) functions, maxima      11Ч12
Blackbody (Planckian) functions, Planck equations      8 24Ч25
Blackbody (Planckian) functions, power      12
Blackbody (Planckian) functions, radiance      8Ч9
Blackbody (Planckian) functions, radiant exitance      8Ч9 12
Blackbody (Planckian) functions, radiation constants      9
Blackbody (Planckian) functions, relative contrast      10
Blackbody (Planckian) functions, Stephan Ч Boltzmann law      12
Blackbody (Planckian) functions, total integrals      12
Blackbody (Planckian) functions, universal curves and equations      10Ч21
Blackbody (Planckian) functions, Wien displacement law      11 15
Blackbody cavity theory      52Ч57
Blackbody cavity theory, conical cavity      52
Blackbody cavity theory, cylindrical cavity      52 55Ч56
Blackbody cavity theory, DeVos method      53Ч57
Blackbody cavity theory, Gouffe method      52
Blackbody cavity theory, spherical cavity      53 56
Blackbody simulators      57
Bohr model      32
Bolometer region      175
Bolometers      333
Botanical materials      277Ч295 see "Chlorophyll" "Leaves" "Vegetation"
Brightness temperature      30Ч31 139
Calibration      59 317 326Ч331 see calibration
Calibration of spectral irradiance      62
Calibration of spectral radiance      61
Calibration, absolute      317
Calibration, of UV sources      62Ч63
Calorimeters      333
Candela      57
Carbon arc lamps      77Ч84
Carbon dioxide      35 111 195
Carotenoids      278 281
Celestial background      160Ч194
Celestial background in the range 2.0Ч100.0 $\mu m$      175Ч176
Celestial background in the visible range      165Ч167
Celestial background, cosmic microwave background      165
Celestial coordinates      160Ч165
Celestial coordinates, circle of celestial latitude      163
Celestial coordinates, circle of galactic latitude      164
Celestial coordinates, ecliptic      161
Celestial coordinates, ecliptic coordinate system      164
Celestial coordinates, equatorial coordinate system      164
Celestial coordinates, galactic center      163
Celestial coordinates, galactic coordinate system      164Ч165
Celestial coordinates, galactic equator      163
Celestial coordinates, horizon      163
Celestial coordinates, hour circle      163
Celestial coordinates, meridian      163
Celestial coordinates, north and south celestial poles      161
Celestial coordinates, north galactic pole      163
Celestial coordinates, north point      163
Celestial coordinates, vernal equinox      161
Celestial coordinates, vertical circle      163
Celestial coordinates, zenith and nadir      161
Chinese restaurant system      7
Chlorophyll      261 263 278 281
Cities, radiance of      219Ч220
Cloud meteorology      218Ч230
Cloud meteorology, cirrus clouds      218
Cloud meteorology, noctilucent clouds      230
Cloud meteorology, stratospheric clouds      229Ч230
Cloud meteorology, water content      230
Clouds, background radiation      194Ч197
Clouds, emission      197
Clouds, reflectance      216
Clouds, scattering      196Ч197
Clouds, sky cover      230Ч234
Clouds, spectral radiance      197
Clouds, temperature      197
Coatings      64
color temperature      32 79 139 174 176
Computer programs      13 38Ч47
Concentrated arc lamps      93 99Ч100
Condensation      150
construction materials      233Ч234 247Ч250
contrast      11
Contrast, photon      18 20Ч21
Contrast, radiant      19Ч20
Contrast, relative      11
Correlation function      287 296Ч297
Correlation function, autocorrelation function      296
Correlation function, covariance function      296
Correlation function, exponential      287
Correlation function, lag variable      287
Correlation function, scale length      287
Correlation function, Whittle      287
Cosmic Background Explorer (COBE)      165 334
Council for Optical Measurements (CORM)      327
Cylindrical blackbody      52Ч58
Czerny Ч Turner mount      340
Detectivity of a radiometer      317 319Ч320
Detector optics      177
DeVos method      53Ч57
Dielectric surfaces      144 146
Diffraction      336Ч337
Diffraction, angular dispersion      337
Diffraction, Fraunhofer      337
Diffraction, gratings      337
Diffraction, resolving power      337
Distribution temperature      31 139
Doppler line      37
Dust, interstellar (IR cirrus)      176 179Ч180 190Ч194 see
Dust, interstellar (IR cirrus), albedo      213Ч218
Dust, interstellar (IR cirrus), Earth      140 210Ч230
Dust, interstellar (IR cirrus), emission      214
Dust, interstellar (IR cirrus), luminance      216
Dust, interstellar (IR cirrus), particle distribution      193
Dust, interstellar (IR cirrus), particle temperature relation      192Ч192
Dust, interstellar (IR cirrus), power spectral densities of      191
Dust, interstellar (IR cirrus), satellite viewing      210Ч211
Dust, interstellar (IR cirrus), spectral radiance of      191Ч193
Dust, interstellar (IR cirrus), spectral reflectance      215
Dust, interstellar (IR cirrus), stratospheric particulates      200
Earth Radiation Budget Experiment (ERBE)      334
Earth surface, emission spectra      213Ч226
Ecliptic coordinate system      177
Emissance      21 23
emission      23 145Ч146
Emission of exhaust plume      113
Emission of industrial smokestack      113
Emissivity      23 27 145
Emissivity for a cylindrical blackbody      56
Emissivity for a spherical blackbody      56
Emissivity of common materials      112
Emissivity of exhaust gases      111Ч115
Emissivity of spacecraft materials      113
Emissivity, blackbody      52Ч57
Emissivity, directional      23
Emissivity, hemispherical      23
Emissivity, spectral      23
Emissivity, total      23
Emissivity, weighted      23
Emittance      21 see
Enclosed arc and discharge sources (high pressure)      82Ч90
Enclosed arc and discharge sources (low pressure)      90Ч93
Energy density      10
Engine radiation      113
Entrance aperture      317
Etalons      354 359
Etendue      see "Throughput"
evaporation      150 246 257Ч258
Exhaust plumes      see "Gases exhaust"
Exitance      5Ч6 8 21 139 145Ч148
Exitance, stellar      174 180
Exoatmospheric illuminance      174
Exposure      8
Extended galactic background      190Ч191
Extragalactic infrared sources      181 190
Fabry Ч Perot interferometers      354Ч359
Fabry Ч Perot interferometers, Airy function      354
Fabry Ч Perot interferometers, compound interferometer      358
Fabry Ч Perot interferometers, etalon      354 359
Fabry Ч Perot interferometers, interference      356
Fabry Ч Perot interferometers, PEPSIOS spectrometer      359
Fabry Ч Perot interferometers, SISAM spectrometer      359
Fabry Ч Perot interferometers, spherical Fabry Ч Perot interferometer      358
Fabry Ч Perot interferometers, SPIFI interferometer      359
Field trials      129
Flares      124Ч125
Fluence      8
Fluence exposure      5
Fluometry      6
Flux      5 8
Flux density      5 29
Flux, stellar      180
Foot-candle      8
Fraunhofer diffraction      337
Fresnel's law      143Ч144
Full width at half-maximum (FWHM)      37
Galactic background      see "Background galactic"
Galactic infrared point sources      179Ч190
Galactic infrared point sources, blackbody spectral exitance      180
Galactic infrared point sources, number of      179Ч180
Galactic infrared point sources, spectral energy distribution of      179
Galactic infrared point sources, spectral index      180
Galactic infrared point sources, spectral irradiance      179Ч190
Galaxies      190Ч191
Gases      32 34Ч35
Gases, exhaust      110Ч118 123
Gases, hot      117 119
Gases, spectral lines      35
Gegenshein      191
Glow modulator tubes      100 103Ч105
Goldpoint blackbody      59
Gouffe method      52 113
Gratings      337Ч348
Gratings, angular dispersion      337
Gratings, blazed      343
Gratings, concave      342
Gratings, configurations      337Ч346
Gratings, diffraction      337
Gratings, multiple-beam interferometer      337
Gratings, resolving power      337
Gratings, slits (grooves)      337
Gratings, unblazed      337
Graybodies      70
Graybodies, temperature      30
Guns, muzzle flash      117Ч121
Heat exchange      146Ч151
Heat flux      148Ч149
Heat transfer      148 150Ч151 231
Helicopters      124
Helmholtz reciprocity theorem      26
Henry Draper classification      168
Hinge point      259 262
Histograms, of terrain backgrounds      299Ч309
Hubble constant      181
Hydrogen      33Ч34
Hydrogen and deuterium arc lamps      103 107
Ice, properties of      271Ч280
Ice, properties of, brash ice      276
Ice, properties of, bulk reflectance      271
Ice, properties of, depth of penetration      271
Ice, properties of, index of refraction      271
Ice, properties of, new (clear) ice      274
Ice, properties of, pancake ice      277
Ice, properties of, refrozen-slush ice      276
Ice, properties of, slush curd ice      276
Ice, properties of, snow ice      275
Ice, properties of, spectral reflectance      279Ч280
Illuminance      140
Incandescent sources      65 70Ч77
Incidance      5Ч6 8
Index of refraction      143Ч144
Infrared Astronomical Satellite (IRAS)      177Ч179 191Ч192
Infrared backgrounds, statistical measures      285
Infrared backgrounds, statistical measures, correlation function representation      287 296Ч297
Infrared backgrounds, statistical measures, nonisotropic correlation functions      298Ч299
Infrared backgrounds, statistical measures, power spectra representation      297Ч309
Infrared backgrounds, statistical measures, probablistic model      285Ч287
Infrared backgrounds, statistical measures, terrain background statistics      299Ч308
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