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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
35866 Smith J. An Introduction to Quasigroups and Their Representations 2006ХХ
35865 Roussas G. Introduction to Probability and Statistical Inference 2003ХХ
35864 Hamilton W.R. On Conjugate Functions, or Algebraic Couples 2000ХХ
35863 Hamilton W.R. On the Application to Dynamics of a General Mathematical Method Previously Applied to Optics 2000ХХ
35862 Hamilton W.R. On Some Results of the View of Characteristic Function in Optics 2000ХХ
35861 Hamilton W.R. On a View of Mathematical Optics 2000ХХ
35860 Hamilton W.R. Quaternion Proof of a Theorem of Reciprocity of Curves in Space 2000ХХ
35859 Hamilton W.R. On a Theory of Quaternions 2000ХХ
35858 Hamilton W.R. On Some Investigations Connected with the Calculus of Probabilities 2000ХХ
35857 Hamilton W.R. Calculus of Principal Relations 2000ХХ
35856 Hamilton W.R. On the Propagation of Light in Vacuo and in Crystals 2000ХХ
35855 Hamilton W.R. On a Theorem in the Calculus of Differences 2000ХХ
35854 Khomutov G.B. (ed.), Giersig G. (ed.) Nanomaterials for Application in Medicine and Biology 2008ХХ
35853 Brechignac C., Houdy P., Lahmani M. Nanomaterials and Nanochemistry 2008ХХ
35852 Narasimhan N. Introduction to the Theory of Analytic Spaces 1966ХХ
35851 ‘айнберг —.ё. јнализ руд цветных металлов 1953 ХХХ
35850 Arnold V.I. (ed.) Arnold's Problems 2005ХХ
35849 Hamilton W.R. Theorems Respecting Algebraic Elimination 1836ХХ
35848 Balakrishnan N., Castillo E. Advances in Distributions, Order Statistics, and Inference 2005ХХ
35847 Hamilton W.R. Additional Applications of the Theory of Algebraic Quaternions 1999ХХ
35846 Adams J., Zeng N. Vegetation-Climate Interaction: How Vegetation Makes the Global Environment 2007ХХ
35845 Hamilton W.R. On the Nature and Properties of the AconicFunction of Six Vectors 2000ХХ
35844 Melnikova I.V. Abstract Cauchy Problems: Three Approaches 2001ХХ
35843 Hamilton W.R. On the Argument of Abel 2000ХХ
35842 Abate M. Finsler Metrics - A Global Approach 2008ХХ
35841 Litttlewood J.E. A Mathematician's Miscellany 1953ХХ
35840 Cajori F. A History of the Logarithmic Slide Rule 1994ХХ
35839 Roussas G.G. A Course in Mathematical Statistics 1997 ХХХ
35838 Hsieh D.-Y. (ed.), Zhang M. (ed.), Sun W. (ed.) Frontiers of Applied Mathematics: Proceedings of the 2nd International Symposium 2007ХХ
35837 Advani S.G. Processing and Properties of Nanocomposites 2007ХХ
35836 Smith M.S., Silver E.A., Stein M.K. Improving Instruction in Geometry and Measurement, Vol. 3 2005ХХ
35835 Smith M.S., Silver E.A., Stein M.K. Improving Instruction in Algebra, Vol. 2 2005ХХ
35834 Smith M., Silver E.A., Stein M.K. Improving Instruction in Rational Numbers and proportionality, Vol. 1 2005ХХ
35833 Romberg T.A. (ed.) Standards-Based Mathematics Assessment in Middle School: Rethinking Classroom Practice 2004ХХ
35832 Atkin J.M., Black P. Inside Science Education Reform: A History of Curricular and Policy Change 2003ХХ
35831 Bouchiat H. (ed.), Dalibard J. (ed.) Nanophysics: Coherence and Transport 2005ХХ
35830 Dafermos C.M. (ed.), Feiresl F. (ed.) Evolutionary Equations, Vol. 2 2005ХХ
35829 Chipot M. (ed.), Quittner P. (ed.) Handbook of Differential Equations: Stationary Partial Differential Equations, Vol. 2 2005ХХ
35828 Dosly O., Rehak P. Half-Linear Differential Equations, 2005ХХ
35827 Canada A. (ed.), Drabek P. (ed.), Fonda A. (ed.) Ordinary Differential Equations, Vol. 2 2005ХХ
35826 Fragoulopoulou M. Topological Algebras with Involution 2005ХХ
35825 Maddux R.D. Relation Algebras 2006ХХ
35824 Amsterdamska O., Wajcman J., Hackett E.J. The New Handbook of Science and Technology Studies 2007 ХХХ
35823 Drabek P., Milota J. Methods of Nonlinear Analysis: Applications to Differential Equations 2007ХХ
35822 Klapdor-Kleingrothaus H.V., Arnowitt R. Dark Matter in Astro- and Particle Physics 2005ХХ
35821 Moroz B.Z. Analytic Arithmetic in Algebraic Number Fields 1986ХХ
35820 Boucher P.M. Nanotechnology: Legal Aspects 2008ХХ
35819 Yao N. (ed.), Wang Z.L. (ed.) Handbook of Microscopy for Nanotechnology 2005ХХ
35818 Allhoff F. (ed.), Lin P. (ed.) Nanotechnology & Society: Current and Emerging Ethical Issues 2008ХХ
35817 Teresi D. Lost Discoveries: The Ancient Roots of Modern Science -- from the Babylonians to the Maya 2002ХХ

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