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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
36018 Eberle A. Uniqueness and Non-Uniqueness of Semigroups Generated by Singular Diffusion Operators 1999ХХ
36017 Ebenfelt P., Gustafsson B., Khavinson D. Quadrature Domains and Their Applications 2006ХХ
36016 Ebeling W. The Monodromy Groups of Isolated Singularities of Complete Intersections 1987ХХ
36015 Bhatia N.P., Szego G.P. Dynamical Systems: Stability Theory and Applications 1967ХХ
36014 Dydak J., Segal J. Shape Theory: An Introduction 1978ХХ
36013 Dur A. Mobius Functions, Incidence Algebras and Power Series Representations 1986ХХ
36012 Dupont J.L., Madsen I.H. (eds.) Algebraic Topology: Aarhus 1978 1979ХХ
36011 Dunkl Ch.F., Ramirez D.E. Representations of Commutative Semitopological Semigroups 1975ХХ
36010 Dumortier F., Rodrigues P.R., Roussarie R. Germs of Diffeomorphisms in the Plane 1981ХХ
36009 Dudley R.M., Novarisa M. Differentiability of Six Operators on Nonsmooth Functions and p-Variation 1999ХХ
36008 Dudley R.M., Kunita H., Ledrappier F. Ecole d'Ete de Probabilites de Saint-Flour XII - 1982 1984ХХ
36007 Dudley R.M., Feldman J., Kostant B. Lectures in Modern Analysis and Applications III 1970ХХ
36006 Dubuc E.J. Kan Extensions in Enriched Category Theory 1970ХХ
36005 Dubinsky E. The Structure of Nuclear Frechet Spaces 1979ХХ
36004 Girifalco L.A. Statistical Mechanics of Solids 2000ХХ
36003 Draxl P., Knesser M. SK von Schiefkorpern 1980ХХ
36002 Draux A. Polynomes Orthogonaux Formels - Applications 1983ХХ
36001 Dovermann K.H., Scultz R. Equivariant Surgery Theories and Their Periodicity Properties 1990ХХ
36000 Douglas J.Jr., Dupont T. Collocation Methods for Parabolic Equations in a Single Space Variable Based on C'-Piecewise-Polynomlal Spaces 1974ХХ
35999 ƒородницын ¬.ј. √рупповые свойства разностных уравнений 2001ХХ
35998 Doran R.S., Wichmann J. Approximate Identities and Factorization in Banach Modules 1979ХХ
35997 Donkin S. Rational Representations of Algebraic Groups: Tensor Products and Filtrations 1985ХХ
35996 Donet R.A. Fluctuation Theory for Lévy Processes 2007ХХ
35995 Francaviglia M., Greco S. (eds.) Integrable Systems and Quantum Groups 1996ХХ
35994 Domb C., Green M.S. (eds.) Phase Transitions and Critical Phenomena (Vol. 1) 1972ХХ
35993 Dolecki S. (ed.) Optimization 1989ХХ
35992 Capuzzo Dolcetta I., Fleming W.H., Zolezzi T. (eds.) Recent Mathematical Methods in Dynamic Programming 1985ХХ
35991 Doebner H.D., Palev T.D. (eds.) Twistor Geometry and Non-Linear Systems 1982ХХ
35990 Dobrushin R., Kryukov V.I., Toom A.L. (eds.) Locally Interacting Systems and Their Application in Biology 1978ХХ
35989 Dobrushin R., Groeneboom P., Ledoux M. Lectures on Probability Theory and Statistics 1996ХХ
35988 Dobbs D.E. Cech Cohomological Dimensions for Commutative Rings 1970ХХ
35987 Dlab V., Gabriel P., Michel G. (eds.) Representation Theory I: Finite Dimensional Algebras 1986ХХ
35986 Dlab V., Gabriel P., Michel G. (eds.) Representation Theory II: Groups and Orders 1986ХХ
35985 Dlab V., Gabriel P. (eds.) Representations of Algebras 1975ХХ
35984 Dlab V., Gabriel P. (eds.) Representation Theory II 1980ХХ
35983 Dlab V., Gabriel P. (eds.) Representation Theory I 1980ХХ
35982 Iyengar S.S., Brooks R.R. (eds.) Distributed Sensor Networks 2005ХХ
35981 Yin G.G., Zhang Q. Discrete-Time Markov Chains: Two-Time-Scale Methods and Applications 2005ХХ
35980 Gallier J. Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science Some Notes 2007ХХ
35979 Heath Th.L. Diophantus of Alexandria. A Study in the History of Greek Algebra 1910 ХХХ
35978 Dinghas A. Wertverteilung meromorpher Funktionen in ein- und mehrfach zusammenhangenden Gebieten 1980ХХ
35977 Dinges H. (ed.) Martingales 1971ХХ
35976 Pogorelov A.V. Differential Geometry 1954ХХ
35975 Donaldson S. (ed.), Eliashberg Y. (ed.), Gromov M. (ed.) Different Faces of Geometry 2004ХХ
35974 Dieck T.T., Kamps K.H., Puppe D. Homotopietheorie 1970ХХ
35973 Dieck T.T. Transformation Groups and Representation Theory 1979ХХ
35972 Biehler R. (ed.), Scholz R.W. (ed.), Strasser R. (ed.) Didactics of Mathematics as a Scientific Discipline 2002ХХ
35971 Dickman R.F.Jr. (ed.), Fletcher P. (ed.) Topology Conference 1974ХХ
35970 Diaconis P., Nelson E., Elworthy D. Ecole d'Ete de Probabilites de Saint-Flour XV-XVII 1988ХХ
35969 Deuring M. Lectures on the Theory of Algebraic Functions of One Variable 1973ХХ

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