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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
122206 Buffet E., Pule J.V. On Lushnikov's Model of Gelation 1990ХХ
21111 Euler L. On magic squares 1776ХХ
189224 Cartan E. On Manifolds With Affine Connection and the Theory of General Relativity (Monographs and Textbooks in Physical Science) 1986ХХ
5067 Cartan E. On Manifolds with an Affine Connection and the Theory of General Relativity 1986ХХ
48515 Geweke J., Tanizaki H. On Markov chain Monte Carlo methods for nonlinear and non-gaussian state-space models n/aХХ
111245 Moritz R.E. On Mathematics and Mathematicians 1958ХХ
123075 Thompson C.J. On Mean Field Equations for Spin Glasses 1982ХХ
42584 On measurable multivalued mappings n/aХХ
100117 Taneja I.J. On Measures of Information and Inaccuracy 1976ХХ
131671 Aczel J. On Measures of Information and Their Characterizations 1975ХХ
192098 Aczel J., Daroczy Z. On measures of information and their characterizations 1975ХХ
39843 Gail M.H. On meta-analytic assessment of surrogate outcomes 2000ХХ
153891 Chisholm R. On Metaphysics 1989ХХ
41926 Payne C.H., Hogg F.S. On Methods and Applications in Spectrophotometry 1927ХХ
124230 Komorowski T., Olla S. On Mobility and Einstein Relation for Tracers in Time-Mixing Random Environments 2005ХХ
119528 Ahmed E., Agiza H.N., Hassan S.Z. On Modeling Hepatitis B Transmission Using Cellular Automata 1998ХХ
42536 Zwicky F. On mosaic crystals 1929ХХ
40723 Uhler H.S. On Moseleys Law for X-Ray Spectra 1916ХХ
123895 Frisch U., Matsumoto T. On Multifractality and Fractional Derivatives 2002ХХ
120967 Schinazi R. On Multiple Phase Transitions for Branching Markov Chains 1993ХХ
106021 Gathen J., Gutierrez J., Rubio R. On multivariate polynomial decomposition 1999ХХ
53939 Chomsky N. On Nature and Language 2002ХХ
105375 Niederreiter H., Gottfert R. On new factorization algorithm for polynomials over finite fields 1995ХХ
42537 Thielman H.P. On new integral addition theorems for bessel functions 1929ХХ
40724 Fine H.B. On Newtons Method of Approximation 1916ХХ
13376 Knecht W. On Nonlinear Filtering For Noise Reduction Using a Sensor Array 1995ХХ
125096 Cercignani C., lllner R., Pulvirenti M. On Nonlinear Stationary Half-Space Problems in Discrete Kinetic Theory 1988ХХ
41440 Thomas J.L. On Normal Coordinates in the Geometry of Paths 1925ХХ
34487 Conway J.H. On Numbers and Games 1976ХХ
166078 Jakubenas P. On option pricing in certain incomplete markets 1998ХХ
38280 Caldiroli P., Musina R. On PalaisЧSmale sequences for H-systems. Part one: examples n/aХХ
44114 Kerekjarto B. On Parametric Representations of Continuous Surfaces 1924ХХ
122676 Hioe F.T. On Pearson's Random Walk and Some Statistical Properties of a Quasiperiodic Observable in a Simple Quantum Model 1983ХХ
123066 Toom A. On Percolation with Fibers or Layers 1999ХХ
38351 Berti M., Matzeu M., Valdinoci E. On periodic elliptic equations with gradient dependence n/aХХ
125224 Patrick A. E. On Phase Separation in the Spherical Model of a Ferromagnet: Quasiaverage Approach 1993ХХ
77366 Mootz F.J. (ed.), Boyd W.S. (ed.) On philosophy in american law 2009ХХ
38352 Ricciardi T. On planar Beltrami equations and Holder regularity n/aХХ
38353 Chae D., Tarantello G. On planar selfdual electroweak vortices 2003ХХ
55502 Abramov S.A., Bronstein M., Petkovsek M. On Polynomial Solutions of Linear Operator Equations 1995ХХ
122424 Sahimi M., Rassamdana H. On Position-Space Renormalization Group Approach to Percolation 1995ХХ
124336 Lebowitz J.L. On Potential and Field Fluctuations in Classical Charged Systems 1984ХХ
121892 Alastuey A., Jancovici B. On Potential and Field Fluctuations in Two-Dimensional Classical Charged Systems 1984ХХ
119377 Messager A. On Quantum Phase Transition. I. Spinless Electrons Strongly Correlated with Ions 2002ХХ
124534 Messager A. On Quantum Phase Transition. II. The FalicovЦKimball Model 2002ХХ
7147 Jones S. On quantum physics and ordinary consciousness 2000ХХ
123731 Baeta Segundo J.A. On Quantum Stability for Systems under Quasiperiodic Perturbations 1994ХХ
41441 Hadamard J. On Quasi-Analytic Functions 1925ХХ
36760 Li Y.C. On quasiperiodic boundary condition problem 2005ХХ
54141 Conway J.H., Smith D.A. On Quaternions and Octonions: Their Geometry, Arithmetic, and Symmetry 2003ХХ

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