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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
39205 Smilansky U., Weidenmueller H.A., Talmi I. Nuclear Structure Physics 1973ХХ
147263 Brink D.M., Broglia R.A. Nuclear Superfluidity: Pairing in Finite Systems n/aХХ
170685 Brink D., Broglia R. Nuclear superfluidity: pairing in finite systems 2005ХХ
146454 McDonald A., Bauer G. Nuclear Technologies in a Sustainable Energy System 1983ХХ
132399 Angelo J.A. Nuclear Technology 2004ХХ
194991 IAEA Nuclear Technology Review 2008ХХ
178413 Verma P. Nuclear Transfer Protocols. Cell Reprogramming and Transgenesis 2006ХХ
144443 Verma P. J. Nuclear Transfer Protocols: Cell Reprogramming and Transgenesis 2006 ХХХ
129306 Noyes R. Nuclear Waste Cleanup Technologies and Opportunities 1995ХХ
185247 Noyes R. Nuclear Waste Cleanup Technology and Opportunities 1995ХХ
185509 Wang P., Zachry T. Nuclear Waste Management. Accomplishments of the Environmental Management Science Program 2006ХХ
74302 Siracusa J. M. Nuclear weapons: a very short introduction 2008ХХ
27167 Byrnes M.E., King D.A., Tierno Ph.M. Nuclear, Chemical, and Biological Terrorism: Emergency Response and Public Protection 2003ХХ
16951 Schein C.H. Nuclease Methods and Protocols 2001ХХ
168820 Schein C. Nuclease Methods and Protocols 2001ХХ
125088 Dieter W. Heermann, Antonio Coniglio, Klein W. Nucleation and Metastability in Three-Dimensional Ising Models 1984ХХ
134938 Kelton K., Greer A. Nucleation in Condensed Matter, Volume 15: Applications in Materials and Biology 2010ХХ
35623 Kukushkin S.A., Osipov A.V. Nucleation Kinetics of Nanofilms 2004ХХ
97873 Robert McGraw, Howard Reiss Nucleation near a critical temperature 1978ХХ
120363 Ray T.S., Klein W. Nucleation near the Spinodal in Long-Range Ising Models 1990ХХ
125445 Borgis D., Moreau M. Nucleation Theory for a Model Bistable Chemical Reaction 1988ХХ
121054 Karttunen M., Provatas N., Ala-Nissila T. Nucleation, Growth, and Scaling in Slow Combustion 1998ХХ
169208 Mayer G. Nucleic Acid and Peptide Aptamers Methods and Protocols 2009ХХ
144787 Mayer G. Nucleic Acid and Peptide Aptamers: Methods and Protocols 2009ХХ
186707 Hanson E., Ballantyne J., Kolpashchikov D. Nucleic Acid Detection: Methods and Protocols 2013ХХ
130905 Silverman S.K. Nucleic Acid Switches and Sensors 2006ХХ
164151 Bielke W., Erbacher C. Nucleic Acid Transfection (Topics in Current Chemistry) 2010ХХ
22548 Walker J.M. (ed.) Nucleic Acids 1984ХХ
140847 Walker J. Nucleic Acids 1984ХХ
166808 Doonan S. Nucleic acids 2004ХХ
169976 Doonan S. Nucleic Acids (Tutorial Chemistry Texts) 2004ХХ
171579 Blackburn G., Gait M., Loakes D. Nucleic Acids in Chemistry and Biology 2006ХХ
19854 Bloomfield V., Crothers D., Tinoco I. Nucleic Acids: Structures, Properties, and Functions 2000ХХ
35624 Smith S. Nucleoprotein Assemblies 2004ХХ
25159 Guerin R., Shepherd A. Nuendo Power! 2004ХХ
43311 Pavlov B.S., Faddeev L.D. Null-sets of operator functions with a positive imaginary part n/aХХ
33978 Van Geer G. Number Fields and Function Fields - Two Parallel Worlds 2005 ХХХ
97148 Brenner,S.L., Nossal R.J., Weiss G.H. Number fluctuation analysis of random locomotion. Statistics of a Smoluchowski process 1978ХХ
44111 Miler G.A. Number of Substitutions Omitting at Least one Letter in a Transitive Group 1922ХХ
35106 Dehaene S. Number Sense: How the Mind Creates Mathematics 1999ХХ
33513 Higgins P.M. Number Story: From Counting to Cryptography 2008ХХ
137595 Fomin S.V. Number systems 1975ХХ
142987 Fomin S.V. Number Systems 1975 ХХХ
952 Burris S. Number theoretic density and logical limit laws 2001ХХ
148922 Burris S. Number Theoretic Density and Logical Limit Laws (Mathematical Surveys and Monographs) 2001ХХ
4066 Borevich Z.I., Shafarevich I.R. Number Theory 1986ХХ
36257 Jager H. (ed.) Number Theory 1984ХХ
37486 Schlickewei H.P. (ed.), Wirsing E. (ed.) Number Theory 1989ХХ
56155 Andrews G.E. Number Theory 1971ХХ
127691 Redmond D. Number theory 1996ХХ

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