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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
180451 Cameron P. Oligomorphic Permutation Groups (London Mathematical Society Lecture Note Series, 152) 1990ХХ
140859 Herdewijn P. Oligonucleotide Synthesis Methods and Applications 2005ХХ
166837 Herdewijn P. Oligonucleotide Synthesis: Methods and Applications (Methods in Molecular Biology) 2005ХХ
147390 Boskou D. Olive Oil Chemistry and Technology 2006 ХХХ
168740 Mahon B. Oliver Heaviside: Maverick Mastermind of Electricity 2009ХХ
74232 Nahin P.J. Oliver Heaviside: The Life, Work, and Times of an Electrical Genius of the Victorian Age 2002ХХ
146351 Benitez V. Oliver Messiaen: A Research and Information Guide: A Research and Information Guide (Routledge Music Bibliographies) 2008ХХ
76401 Kellogg F.R. Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr., Legal Theory, and Judicial Restraint 2007ХХ
37647 Mildorf T.J. Olympiad Inequalities 2005ХХ
57135 Billings A. Olympic Media: Inside the Biggest Show on Television 2008ХХ
141441 King J. Olympus PEN E-PL1 For Dummies 2010ХХ
38278 Abbondandolo A. Om the Morse Index of Lagrangian Systems 2000ХХ
171620 Kohlhase M. OMDoc - An Open Markup Format for Mathematical Documents [version 1.2]: Foreword by Alan Bundy 2006ХХ
80774 Featherstone D. Omdurman 1898 2005ХХ
185619 Shahidi F., Finley J. Omega-3 Fatty Acids. Chemistry, Nutrition, and Health Effects 2001ХХ
123111 H. Calisto, E. Tirapegui Omega-Expansion of van Kampen through Functional Integrals 1992ХХ
32444 Campos L.M.B.C. On 24 Forms of the Acoustic Wave Equation in Vortical Flows and Dissipative Media 2007ХХ
50932 Mukhanovt V., Wipf A. On 4D-Hawing Radiation from Effective Action n/aХХ
123521 Hof A. On a "Structure Intermediate Between Quasiperiodic and Random" 1996ХХ
40727 Emch A. On a Certain Class of Rational Ruled Surfaces 1919ХХ
38283 Prajapat J., Tarantello G. On a class of elliptic problems in Bbb Rsp 2 symmetry and uniqueness results n/aХХ
97002 Brankov J.G., Tonchev N.S., Zagrebnov V.A. On a class of exactly soluble statistical mechanical models with nonpolynomial interactions 1979ХХ
1835 Chaudhry M.A., Zubair S.M. On a Class of Incomplete Gamma Functions with Applications 2002ХХ
38284 Conti M., Terracini S., Verzini G. On a class of optimal partition problems related to the fucik spectrum and to the monotonicity formulae 2003ХХ
106107 Hans F Bueckner On a Class of Singular Integral Equations 1962ХХ
38285 Pomponio A., Secchi S. On a class of singularly perturbed elliptic equations in divergence form existence and multiplicity results n/aХХ
96261 Dipankar Ray On a class of solutions of nonlinear Boltzmann equations 1979ХХ
125709 Olivieri E. On a Cluster Expansion for Lattice Spin Systems: A Finite-Size Condition for the Convergence 1988ХХ
44121 Barus C. On a Comparison of the Relative Sensitiveness of Telephones 1922ХХ
40728 Webster A.G. On a Condition for Helmholtzs Equation Similar to Lames 1902ХХ
123086 Ernst M. H., van Beijeren H. On a Conjecture of Alley and Alder for Fluids and Lorentz Models 1980ХХ
54358 Koumandos S. On a conjectured inequality of Gautschi and Leopardi for Jacobi polynomials 2007ХХ
40729 Bateman H. On a Differential Equation Occurring in Pages Theory of Electromagnetism 1920ХХ
122735 Gobron T. On a Discrete Model of Phase Separation Dynamics 1992ХХ
43313 Rasetti F. On a fluorescence spectrum of oxygen 1929ХХ
121724 Peter Grassberger, Holger Kantz On a Forest Fire Model with Supposed Self-Organized Criticality 1990ХХ
121464 Agiza H.N., Elettreby M.F., Ahmed E. On a Generalized Model of Biological Evolution 1997ХХ
38286 Felli V., Ahmedou M.O. On a geometric equation with critical nonlinearity on the boundary n/aХХ
121509 Platkowski T. On a Global Existence Theorem for the Enskog Equation 1986ХХ
119833 Cordier S., Pareschi L., Toscani G. On a Kinetic Model for a Simple Market Economy 2005ХХ
41447 Merrill G.P. On a Meteoric Iron from Four Corners, San Juan County, New Mexico 1924ХХ
96319 Piña E. On a modified thorne kinetic equation for a binary mixture of rigid spheres 1973ХХ
41444 Lehmer D.M. On a New Method of Factorization 1924ХХ
21130 Euler L. On a new type of rational and highly convergent series, by which the ratio of the circumference to the diameter is able to be expressed 1779ХХ
38287 Ricciardi T. On a nonlinear elliptic system from Maxwell-Chern-Simons vortex theory 2002ХХ
125382 Salvatore De Gregorio On a One-Dimensional Model for the Three-Dimensional Vorticity Equation 1990ХХ
123317 Wood D. W., Ball J. K. On a Point of Order 1989ХХ
44801 Wintner A., Murnaghan F.D. On a polar representation of non-singular square matrices 1931ХХ
44122 Oort J.H. On a Possible Relation between Globular Clusters and Stars of High Velocity 1924ХХ
51022 Schmid A. On a Quasiclassical Langevin Equation 1982ХХ

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