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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
41447 Merrill G.P. On a Meteoric Iron from Four Corners, San Juan County, New Mexico 1924ХХ
96319 Piña E. On a modified thorne kinetic equation for a binary mixture of rigid spheres 1973ХХ
41444 Lehmer D.M. On a New Method of Factorization 1924ХХ
21130 Euler L. On a new type of rational and highly convergent series, by which the ratio of the circumference to the diameter is able to be expressed 1779ХХ
38287 Ricciardi T. On a nonlinear elliptic system from Maxwell-Chern-Simons vortex theory 2002ХХ
125382 Salvatore De Gregorio On a One-Dimensional Model for the Three-Dimensional Vorticity Equation 1990ХХ
123317 Wood D. W., Ball J. K. On a Point of Order 1989ХХ
44801 Wintner A., Murnaghan F.D. On a polar representation of non-singular square matrices 1931ХХ
44122 Oort J.H. On a Possible Relation between Globular Clusters and Stars of High Velocity 1924ХХ
51022 Schmid A. On a Quasiclassical Langevin Equation 1982ХХ
100047 Bashkirov A.G., Sutugin A.G. On a Reconsideration of Classical Nucleation Theory 1971ХХ
42527 Barnett I.A. On a relation between conformal and projective groups in function space 1928ХХ
38344 Mancini G., Sandeep K. On a semilinear elliptic equation in H^n 2000ХХ
38345 Nolasco M., Tarantello G. On a sharp Sobolev-type inequality on two-dimensional compact manifolds n/aХХ
123745 Giraud C. On a Shock Front in Burgers Turbulence 2003ХХ
40730 Pearl R. On a Single Numerical Index of the Age Distribution of a Population 1920ХХ
38282 Gazzini M., Musina R. On a Sobolev type inequality related to the weighted p-Laplace operator 2000ХХ
41446 Merril G.P. On a Stony Meteorite from Anthony, Harper County, Kansas, and a Recently Found Meteoric Iron from Mejillones, Chile 1924ХХ
48432 Shigeyuki Hamori, Shin-ichi Kitasaka, Hisashi Tanizaki On a test for structural stability of euler conditions parameters estimated via the generalized method of moments estimator: small sample properties 1996ХХ
35855 Hamilton W.R. On a Theorem in the Calculus of Differences 2000ХХ
40731 Porter M.B. On a Theorem of Lucas 1916ХХ
35859 Hamilton W.R. On a Theory of Quaternions 2000ХХ
41935 Rainich G.Y. On a Type of Lorentz Transformations 1926ХХ
44799 Napalkov V.V. On a uniqueness theorem n/aХХ
35861 Hamilton W.R. On a View of Mathematical Optics 2000ХХ
124113 Wu X.-X., Popov S.Yu. On AB Bond Percolation on the Square Lattice and AB Site Percolation on Its Line Graph 2003ХХ
106055 Cheng H., Zima E. On accelerated methods to evaluate sums of products of rational numbers 2000ХХ
21112 Euler L. On amicable numbers 1747ХХ
38346 Grossi M., Pacella F. On an eigenvalue problem related to the critical exponent n/aХХ
105286 Montroll E.W., West B.J. On an enriched collection of stochastic processes 1979ХХ
35874 Hamilton W.R. On an Expression for the Numbers of Bernoulli 2000ХХ
42583 Brown E.W. On an Extension of the Fourier Theorem Giving Rapid Methods for Calculating the Constant Part and the Coefficient of Any Periodic Term in the Disturbing Function 1929ХХ
35867 Hamilton W.R. On Anharmonic Co-ordinates 2000ХХ
104778 Karmarkar N.K., Lakshman Y.N. On Approximate GCDs of Univariate Polynomials 1998ХХ
121400 Joaquim Fort, Vicenç Méndez On Approximate Solutions to the Wavefront Speed Problem 2001ХХ
170857 Madigan S.J. On Aristotle's Metaphysics 4 (Ancient Commentators on Aristotle) 1994ХХ
34490 Basmaji J. On Artin's Conjecture for Odd 2-Dimensional Representations 1994ХХ
129775 Frey G. On Artin's Conjecture for Odd 2-Dimensional Representations 1994 ХХХ
171992 Frey G. On Artin's Conjecture for Odd 2-Dimensional Representations (Lecture Notes in Mathematics) 1994ХХ
50739 Tanizaki H. On Asymmetry, Holiday and Day-of-the-week Effects in Volatility of Daily Stock Returns: the Case of Japan 2004ХХ
38347 Felli V., Marchini E.M., Terracini S. On asymptotic behavior of solutions to Schrodinger equations with singular dipole-type potentials 2006ХХ
121080 Widom H. On Asymptotics for the Airy Process 2004ХХ
36805 Murakami S. On Automorphisms of Siegel Domains 1972ХХ
97658 Bhu Dev Sharma, Inder Jeet Taneja On Axiomatic Characterization of Information-Theoretic Measures 1973ХХ
163205 Nielsen N. On Banach ideals determined by Banach lattices and their applications. Dissertationes Math. 109 1973ХХ
38279 Ricciardi T. On Beltrami equations and Holder regularity n/aХХ
54359 Cruz-Barroso R., González-Vera P., Njåstad O. On bi-orthogonal systems of trigonometric functions and quadrature formulas for periodic integrands 2007ХХ
99457 D. M. Sonechkin On bifurcations inducing a strange attractor in the system of A. M. Oboukhov 1979ХХ
40715 Fischer Ch.A. On Bilinear and N-Linear Functionals 1917ХХ
122071 Kawazu K., Kesten H. On Birth and Death Processes in Symmetric Random Environment 1984ХХ

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