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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
130985 Kopan R. Notch Signalling 2010ХХ
196230 R.Kopan Notch Signalling, Volume 92 (Current Topics in Developmental Biology) 2010ХХ
40706 Barus C. Note on a Contact Lever, Using Achromatic Displacement Fingers 1918ХХ
41913 Widder D.W. Note on a Generalization of Taylors Series 1927ХХ
44103 Washburn E.W. Note on a Method of Determining the Distribution of Pore Sizes in a Porous Material 1921ХХ
40707 Barus C. Note on a Pneumatic Method of Measuring Variations of the Acceleration of Gravity 1920ХХ
41429 Alexander J.W. Note on a Theorem by H. Kneser 1925ХХ
44098 Woo Y.H. Note on Absorption Measurements of the X-Rays Reflected from a Calcite Crystal 1924ХХ
44104 Hitchcock E.L. Note on an Experimental Problem of the Late A. G. Webster 1923ХХ
43292 Wilson E.B,, Hilferty M.M. Note on C.S. Perces experimental discussion of the law of errors 1928ХХ
125614 Dettmann C. P., Cohen E. G. D. Note on Chaos and Diffusion 2000ХХ
46088 Fisher W.J. Note on Corrections to H. A. Newtons 1850 Dates of Meteor Showers 1927ХХ
122152 Schimmele L., Fahnle M. Note on Eigenvectors of a Renormalization Transformation 1988ХХ
44099 Smith S. Note on Electrically Exploded Wires in High Vacuum 1923ХХ
40701 Moore C.L., Philips H.B. Note on Geometrical Products 1920ХХ
40702 Barus C. Note on Interfermometer Methods of Measuring the Elastics of Small Bodies 1917ХХ
106670 Ulmer F., Weil A. R. Note on Kovacic's algorithm 1996ХХ
40703 Porter M.B. Note on Lucas Theorem 1916ХХ
40704 Barus C., Barus M. Note on Methods of Observing Potential Differences Induced by the Earths Magnetic Field in an Insulated Moving Wire 1918ХХ
122939 Christopher G. Jesudason Note on Monte Carlo Methods Without Necessary Detailed Balance 1995ХХ
46094 Simon F., Vohsen E. Note on Mr. Kings Papper: "The Crystal Structure of Strontium" 1929ХХ
46091 Lindsay R.B. Note on Pendulum Orbits in Atomic Models 1927ХХ
44544 Whitney H. Note on Perron's Solution of the Dirichlet Problem 1931ХХ
44100 Robertson H.P. Note on Projective Coordinates 1928ХХ
43307 Morley F., Robinson H.A. Note on Range-Finding 1929ХХ
44686 Wollan E.O. Note on Scattering by Diatomic Gases 1931ХХ
43293 Bohnenblust H.F. Note on singularities of power series 1930ХХ
44101 Luyten W.J. Note on Some Statistical Consequences of the Luminosity Law 1924ХХ
41914 Hille E. Note on the Behavior of Certain Power Series on the Circle of Convergence with Application to a Problem of Carleman 1928ХХ
40708 Coblentz W.W. Note on the Coefficient of Total Radiation of a Uniformly Heated Enclosure 1917ХХ
41915 Eckart C. Note on the Correspondence Principle in the New Quantum Theory 1926ХХ
43294 Kinsey E.L. Note on the D line excitation by the green sodium band and the dissociation potential of sodium vapor 1928ХХ
44105 Fischer Ch.A. Note on the Definition of a Lineal Functional 1922ХХ
44106 Oort J.H. Note on the Difference in Velocity between Absolutely Bright and Faint Stars 1924ХХ
41430 Rabinov I.I. Note on the Diffraction of X-Rays by a Wedge-Shaped Slit 1924ХХ
44688 Vandiver H.S. Note on the Divisors of the Numerators of Bernoullis Numbers 1932ХХ
43295 Scatchard G. Note on the equation of state explicit in the volume 1930ХХ
41431 Allison S.K., Armstrong A.H. Note on the Experimental Determination of the Relative Intensities of Some of the Molybdenum and Copper K Series Lines and the Tungsten L Series Lines 1925ХХ
122272 Erpenbeck J.J., Cohen E.G.D. Note on the Fractal Dimension of Hard Sphere Trajectories 1986ХХ
44687 Dalla Valle J.M. Note on the Heaviside Expansion Formula 1931ХХ
119688 Gwa L.-H., Cohen E.G.D. Note on the Hydrodynamic Eigenmodes of Couette Flow 1992ХХ
121566 Widom B. Note on the Interfaeial Tension of Phase-Separated Polymer Solutions 1988ХХ
120105 Evans D.J., Cohen E.G.D., Searles D.J. Note on the Kaplan-Yorke Dimension and Linear Transport Coefficients 2000ХХ
43308 Kemble E.C. Note on the Lyman Bands of Hydrogen 1928ХХ
43296 Epstein P.S. Note on the nature of cosmic rays 1930ХХ
97100 Hirsch N. Note on the Paper УGibbs vs. Shannon EntropiesФ by Richard L. Liboff 1975ХХ
40709 Nichols E.L. Note on the Phosphorescence of Uranyl Salts 1916ХХ
41916 Van Vleck J.H. Note on the Postulates of the Matrix Quantum Dynamics 1926ХХ
41432 St.John C.E., Babcock H.D. Note on the Pressure and Currents in the Suns Atmosphere 1924ХХ
44107 Shapley H. Note on the Problem of Great Stellar Distances 1922ХХ

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