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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
84146 Saraniti M., Ravaioli U. Nonequilibrium Carrier Dynamics in Semiconductors: Proceedings of the 14th International Conference, July 25-29, 2005, Chicago, USA (Springer Proceedings in Physics) 2006 ХХХ
121948 Marro J., Valles J. L. Nonequilibrium Discontinuous Phase Transitions in a Fast Ionic Conductor Model: Coexistence and Spinodal Lines 1987ХХ
124106 Ray T.S., Moseley L.L. Nonequilibrium Dynamics of a Diffusion-Limited Reaction Driven by a Cluster-Memory Mechanism 1993ХХ
47964 Gulian A.M., Zharkov G.F., Wolf S. Nonequilibrium Electrons And Phonons In Superconductors 1991 ХХХ
100113 Dufour C. G. Nonequilibrium expressions for entropy and other thermodynamic quantities 1977ХХ
125137 Ernst M. H., Cohen E. G. D. Nonequilibrium Fluctuations in m Space 1980ХХ
97093 Hudson S., Ross J. Nonequilibrium kinetics: Exact and approximate solutions 1976ХХ
125278 Dickman R. Nonequilibrium Lattice Models: Series Analysis of Steady States 1989ХХ
125452 Crooks G.E. Nonequilibrium Measurements of Free Energy Differences for Microscopically Reversible Markovian Systems 1998ХХ
123623 Majumdar S., Krishnamurthy S. Nonequilibrium Phase Transition in a Model of Diffusion, Aggregation, and Fragmentation 2000ХХ
121686 Marro J., Lebowitz J.L., Spohn H. Nonequilibrium Phase Transition in Stochastic Lattice Gases: Simulation of a Three-Dimensional System 1985ХХ
119827 Dewel G., Borckmans P., Walgraef D. Nonequilibrium Phase Transitions and Chemical Instabilities 1981ХХ
121126 Korniss G., Schmittmann B., Zia R.K.P. Nonequilibrium Phase Transitions in a Simple Three-State Lattice Gas 1997ХХ
97004 McNeil K.J., Walls D.F. Nonequilibrium phase transitions in chemical reactions 1974ХХ
144418 Marro J., Dickman R. Nonequilibrium Phase Transitions in Lattice Models 2005ХХ
141791 Marro J., Dickman R. Nonequilibrium Phase Transitions in Lattice Models (Collection Alea-Saclay: Monographs and Texts in Statistical Physics) 1999ХХ
123975 Marro J. Nonequilibrium Phase Transitions in Stochastic Lattice Systems: Influence of the Hopping Rates 1986ХХ
11399 Lebowitz J.L., Montroll E.W. Nonequilibrium phenomena I. The boltzmann equation 1983ХХ
11400 Lebowitz J.L., Montroll E.W. Nonequilibrium phenomena II. From stochastics to hydrodynamics 1984ХХ
179626 Sharma A., Kaw P. Nonequilibrium Phenomena in Plasmas (Astrophysics and Space Science Library) 2005ХХ
122558 Hohenberg P.C., Langer J.S. Nonequilibrium Phenomena: Outlines and Bibliographies of a Workshop 1982ХХ
125610 Orazio Descalzi, Enrique Tirapegui Nonequilibrium Potentials Near Instabilities 1989ХХ
34443 Cercignani C. (Ed), Pulvirenti M. (Ed) Nonequilibrium Problems in Many-Particle Systems 1993ХХ
56131 Arkeryd L., Pulvirenti M., Cercignani C. Nonequilibrium Problems in Many-Particle Systems 1993ХХ
122639 Horton C.W. Nonequilibrium Problems in the Physical Sciences and Biology. Volume II: Long-Time Prediction in Dynamics 1984ХХ
129803 Calzetta E., Hu B. Nonequilibrium Quantum Field Theory 2008ХХ
162812 Calzetta E., Hu B. Nonequilibrium Quantum Field Theory (Cambridge Monographs on Mathematical Physics) 2008ХХ
156780 Buot F.A. Nonequilibrium Quantum Transport Physics in Nanosystems: Foundation of Computational Nonequilibrium Physics in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology 2009ХХ
125544 Kremp D., Schlanges M., Bornath Th. Nonequilibrium Real Time Green's Functions and the Condition of Weakening of Initial Correlation 1985ХХ
121646 Valles J.L., Marro J. Nonequilibrium Second-Order Phase Transitions in Stochastic Lattice Systems: A Finite-Size Scaling Analysis in Two Dimensions 1987ХХ
59194 Prigogine I. Nonequilibrium statistical mechanics 1962ХХ
75116 Zwanzig R. Nonequilibrium statistical mechanics 2001ХХ
129588 Mazenko G.F. Nonequilibrium Statistical Mechanics 2006ХХ
144843 Privman V. Nonequilibrium Statistical Mechanics in One Dimension 1997ХХ
167795 Privman V. Nonequilibrium statistical mechanics in one dimension 1997ХХ
100032 Myerscaugh C.J. Nonequilibrium Statistical Mechanics of Finite Classical Systems - I 1972ХХ
99459 C. J. Myerscough Nonequilibrium statistical mechanics of finite classical systems-II 1971ХХ
122142 Cushman J.H., Hu X., Ginn T.R. Nonequilibrium Statistical Mechanics of Preasymptotic Dispersion 1994ХХ
97664 Braun E. Nonequilibrium statistical mechanics of systems interacting with nonadditive forces. III. Properties to first order in the density 1974ХХ
182516 Schuster H. Nonequilibrium Statistical Physics of Small Systems: Fluctuation Relations and Beyond 2013ХХ
123820 Katz S., Lebowitz J.L. Nonequilibrium Steady States of Stochastic Lattice Gas Models of Fast Ionic Conductors 1984ХХ
26184 Demirel Y. Nonequilibrium Thermodynamics 2002 ХХХ
152568 Kreuzer H.J. Nonequilibrium thermodynamics and its statistical foundations 1981ХХ
125414 Balescu R. Nonequilibrium Thermodynamics and the Transport Phenomena in Magnetically Confined Plasmas 1987ХХ
124244 Hasegawa H., Nakagomi T. Nonequilibrium Thermodynamics of Lasing and Bistable Optical Systems 1980ХХ
113673 De Groot D.R., Mazur P. Nonequilibrium thermodynamics XX n/aХХ
49562 Demirel Y. Nonequilibrium Thermodynamics: Transport and Rate Processes in Physical, Chemical and Biological Systems 2007 ХХХ
120950 Behn U., Schiele K., Teubel A. Nonequilibrium Transitions Driven by External Dichotomous Noise 1987ХХ
123653 Lebowitz J.L. Nonequilihrium Phenomena I, The Boltzmann Equation 1985ХХ
125367 Margolin G., Barkai E. Nonergodicity of a Time Series Obeying L´evy Statistics 2006ХХ

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