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КнигаСтраницы для поиска
Вайнберг С. — Квантовая теория поля. Том 1. Основы54, 253
Mahan G.D. — Many-particle physics428—430, 1010
Hoffman J.D. — Numerical Methods for Engineers and Scientists49
Parr R., Yang W. — Density-functional theory of atoms and molecules47, 105, 314
Seitz F. — Modern Theory of Solids370, 379, 384ff., 670
Schiff L.I. — Quantum mechanics271, 276
Kittel C. — Introduction to solid state physics23
Zel'dovich Ya.B., Raizer Yu.P. — Physics of Shock Waves and High-Temperature Hydrodynamic Phenomena (vol. 2)476[5], 864
Betchov R. — Stability of Parallel Flows83, 92, 290
Slater J.C. — Quantum Theory of Atomic Structure vol1205, 479
Rose M.E. — Relativistic Electron Theory20, 31
Martin J Buerger — Crystal Structure Analysis280
Whittaker E. — A history of the theories of aether and electricity (Vol 2. The modern theories)267
Infeld L. (ed.) — Relativistic theories of gravitation Proc. Warsaw 196222, 338
White H.E. — Introduction To Atomic Spectra102, 126
Bacry H. — Localizability and Space in Quantum Physics14
Maric V. — Regular Variation and Differential Equations124
Prigogine I., Rice S.A. — Advances in CHEMICAL PHYSICS. Volume XC112(30), 268(30), 353
Davis H.T. — Introduction to nonlinear differential and integral equations16, 405, 557
Anderson J.L. — Principles of Relativity Physics146
Schiff L.I. — Quantum Mechanics427, 433
Sakurai J.J. — Modern quantum mechanics305
Hartree D.R. — The calculation of atomic structures134
Sommerfeld A. — Partial Differential Equations in Physics257
Kalckar J. — Foundations of Quantum Physics I (1926 - 1932), Volume 63, 158, 422, 458
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