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КнигаСтраницы для поиска
Apostol T.M. — Calculus (vol 1)84 (Exercise 25)
Henrici P. — Applied and Computational Complex Analysis. I: Power Series, Integration, Conformal Mapping, Location of Zeros.93
Messer R. — Linear Algebra: Gateway to Mathematics162
Silverman J.H. — The arithmetic of elliptic curves59, 154, 155, 216, 218—220, 227—229, 247, 248
Benson D. — Mathematics and music36
Knopp K. — Elements of the Theory of Functions119
Small Ch.G. — Functional Equations and how to Solve Them47
Polyanin A., Manzhirov A.V. — Handbook of Mathematics for Engineers and Scientists236
Cvetkovic D., Rowlinson P., Simic S. — Eigenspaces of Graphs35
Shiffer M.M., Bowden L. — Role of Mathematics in Science39,178
Spivak M. — Calculus51, 184
Bak J., Newman D.J. — Complex Analysis64
Asmar N.H. — Partial Differential Equations with fourier series and boundary value problems42
Chan Man Fong C.F., De Kee D., Kaloni P.N. — Advanced Mathematics for Engineering and Sciences1
Kuttler K. — Calculus, Applications and Theory132
Rogosinski W. — Fourier Series11
Olver P.J., Shakiban C. — Applied linear. algebra89
Kreyszig E. — Advanced engineering mathematics490
Margenau H., Murphy G.M. — The mathematics of physics and chemistry103, 583
Stavroulakis I.P., Tersian S.A. — Partial Differential Equations: An Introduction with Mathematica and Maple207
Hefferon J. — Linear algebra99
Knopp K., Bagemihl F. — Infinite Sequences and Series105
Demidovich B. (ed.) — Problems in mathematical analysis13
Courant R., John F. — Introduction to Calculus and Analysis. Volume 129
Hristev R.M. — The artificial neural network book330
Marsden J., Weinstein A. — Calculus 1164, 175
Barry Steven, Davis Stephen — Essential Mathematical Skills: For Students of Engineering, Science and Applied Mathematics20
Zeidler E. — Oxford User's Guide to Mathematics48, 579
Hassani S. — Mathematical Methods: for Students of Physics and Related Fields84
Courant R. — Differential and Integral Calculus, Vol. 120
Canuto C., Tabacco A. — Mathematical analysis47, 175, 227
Golan J.S. — The Linear Algebra a Beginning Graduate Student Ought to Know (Texts in the Mathematical Sciences)69
Schiffer M.M. — The role of mathematics in science39, 178
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