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Всего ресурсов: 174506
dirМатематика (23107 / 26964)
dirComputer science (9140 / 9805)
dirФизика (17114 / 19356)
dirРуководства по программному обеспечению (1845 / 1915)
dirТехнология (22053 / 22074)
dirМедицина и здравоохранение (5411 / 5411)
dirХимия (6280 / 6280)
dirБиология (4498 / 4498)
dirПолитология и право (1621 / 1621)
dirЭкономика и финансы (5491 / 5491)
dirИстория (5598 / 5598)
dirСоциология (595 / 595)
dirСтроительство и архитектура (563 / 563)
dirПсихология (1875 / 1875)
dirФилология (1455 / 1455)
dirПрирода (978 / 978)
dirРазное (7310 / 7310)
dirМеханика (1400 / 1401)
dirНаука (2622 / 2622)
dirШкольный уровень (1032 / 1618)
dirНауки о земле (1252 / 1252)
dirФилософия, религия и культура (1720 / 1720)
dirПедагогика и образование (954 / 954)
dirХудожественная литература (630 / 630)
dirБиографии (577 / 577)
dirМенеджмент (245 / 245)
dirСпорт (454 / 454)
dirВоенное дело (728 / 728)
dirСвоими руками (247 / 247)
dirИскусство (291 / 291)
dirВокруг света - страноведение (350 / 350)

» Список нерубрицированных книг

Содержимое каталога
771. Alexander Morgan Solving polynomial systems using continuation for engineering and scientific problems2009
772. Alexander N. Glazer Hiroshi Nikaido Microbial Biotechnology: Fundamentals of Applied Microbiology (2 edition)2007
773. Alexander Nakhimovsky Tom Myers XML Programming: Web Applications and Web Services with JSP and ASP (1st edition)2002
774. Alexander P. Crumpton E. Fletcher B. Evidence-Based Patient Handling: Techniques and Equipment2003
775. Alexander P. Demchenko Advanced Fluorescence Reporters in Chemistry and Biology I: Fundamentals and Molecular Design (Springer Series on Fluorescence, Volume 8) (1st Edition.)2010
776. Alexander R.A. Anderson Mark A.J. Chaplain Katarzyna A. Rejniak Single-Cell-Based Models in Biology and Medicine (1 edition)2007
777. Alexander S. Orbach J. Density of states on fractals:"fractons"1982
778. Alexander Shvartsman Pascal Felber Structural Information and Communication Complexity, 15 conf., SIROCCO 2008 (1 edition)2008
779. Alexander Soifer Ramsey Theory: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow (Progress in Mathematics, 285) (1st Edition.)2010
780. Alexander Soshnikov Janossy Densities. II. Pfaffian Ensembles2003
781. Alexandra Okada Simon J. Buckingham Shum Tony Sherborne Knowledge Cartography: Software Tools and Mapping Techniques (Advanced Information and Knowledge Processing) (1st Edition.)2008
782. Alexandre Petrenko Margus Veanes Jan Tretmans Testing of Software and Communicating Systems: 19th IFIP TC 6/WG 6.1 International Conference, TestCom 2007, 7th International Workshop, FATES 2007, Tallin, (1 edition)2007
783. Alexandrov A. Theory of superconductivity. From weak to strong coupling (1 edition)2003
784. Alexandrov A.S. Devreese J.T. Advances in Polaron Physics2009
785. Alexandrov V. N. van Albada G. D. Sloot P. M.A. Computational Science - ICCS 2006: 6th International Conference, Reading, UK, May 28-31, 2006, Proceedings, Part IV (1 edition)2006
786. Alexei B. Kojevnikov Stalin's Great Science: The Times and Adventures of Soviet Physicists (History of Modern Physical Sciences)2004
787. Alexei Sossinsky Giselle Weiss Knots: Mathematics with a Twist2002
788. Alexey Kavokin Jeremy J. Baumberg Guillaume Malpuech, Fabrice P. Laussy Microcavities2008
789. Alferes J. Leite J. Logics in Artificial Intelligence: 9th European Conference, JELIA 2004, Lisbon, Portugal, September 27-30, 2004, Proceedings (Lecture Notes in Computer ... / Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence)2005
790. Alfio Quarteroni Riccardo Sacco Fausto Saleri Numerical Mathematics2000
791. Alfonso A. Payne G. S. Donaldson J. Trafficking Inside Cells: Pathways, Mechanisms and Regulation (1 edition)2009
792. Alfonso Ferreira Panos Pardalos Solving Combinatorial Optimization Problems in Parallel - Methods and Techniques (1 edition)1996
793. Alfred Frolicher Claude-Alain Faure Modern Projective Geometry (Mathematics And Its Applications Volume 521) (1 edition)2000
794. Alfred L. Norman Informational Society: An Economic Theory of Discovery, Invention and Innovation (1 edition)1992
795. Alfred North Whitehead Bertrand Russell Principia mathematica (2nd edition)1910
796. Alfred North Whitehead Bertrand Russell Principia Mathematica2009
797. Alfred S. Posamentier Investigations in Geometry (Mathematics Motivators)1982
798. Alfred S. Posamentier Math Wonders to Inspire Teachers and Students2003
799. Alfredo Cuzzocrea Intelligent Techniques for Warehousing and Mining Sensor Network Data (Premier Reference Source) (1 edition)2009
800. Alfredo M. Ozorio de Almeida Hamiltonian systems: chaos and quantization1989
801. Alfsen E.M. Compact convex sets and boundary integrals1971
802. Alfven H. Falthammar C.-G. Cosmical Electrodynamics (2ed edition)1963
803. Algom D. Advances in Psychology Volume 92 Psychophysical Approaches to Cognition (1 edition)1992
804. Algorithms W. Systems and Applications, 1 conf., WASA 2006(LNCS4138, Springer Wireless Algorithms, Systems, and Applications: First International Conference, WASA 2006, Xi'an, China, August 15-17, 2006, Proceedings2006
805. Ali H. Haribabu B. Transmembrane Signaling Protocols, 2nd Edition (Methods in Molecular Biology Vol 332)2006
806. Ali Hashim Bill Allan Treasury Reference Model2001
807. Ali Rostami Hassan Rasooli Hamed Baghban Terahertz Technology: Fundamentals and Applications (Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering)2010
808. Alinhac S. Seminaire sur les equations aux derivees partielles 1993-19941993
809. Alison Barrows Margaret Levine Young Joseph C. Stockman Access 2010 All-in-One For Dummies (1 edition)2010
810. Alisov N.V. Chmereva G.V. Frolov V.V. Экономическая география социалистических стран Европы (без СССР). На английском языке1984
811. Allahbadia G.N. Das R.B. The Art and Science of Assisted Reproductive Techniques2004
812. Allan Bonnick Automotive Science and Mathematics2008
813. Allan M. Sinclair Roger R. Smith Hochschild cohomology of Von Neumann algebras1995
814. Allbeck J. Badler N. Bickmore T. Intelligent Virtual Agents: 10th International Conference, IVA 2010, Philadelphia, PA, USA. Proceedings (Lecture Notes in Computer Science Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence)2010
815. Allen Downey Physical Modeling in MATLAB2008
816. Allen I. Laskin Geoffrey M. Gadd Advances in Applied Microbiology, Volume 49 (1 edition)2001
817. Allen I. Laskin Advances in Applied Microbiology, Volume 65 (1 edition)2008
818. Allen J. Choate B. Hammersley B. Hacking Movable Type (ExtremeTech)2005
819. Allen J. Sedimentary Structures: v. 2: Their Character and Physical Basis1982
820. Allen W. Courtney R. Happold E. A Global Strategy for Housing in the Third Millennium (Technology in the Third Millennium, Vol 2)1992
821. Alling N. Foundations of Analysis over Surreal Number Fields (North-Holland Mathematics Studies)1987
822. Allison P.A. Bottjer D.J. Taphonomy: Process and Bias Through Time (Topics in Geobiology, 32) (2nd ed. edition)2010
823. Allman E.S. Rhodes J.A. Mathematical models in biology: an introduction2004
824. Alonso & Finn Fundamental University Physics - Quantum and Statistical Physicsn/a
825. Alonso M. Arrondo E. Mallavibarrena R. Liaison, Schottky problem and invariant theory: Remembering Federico Gaeta2010
826. Alpen E. L. Radiation Biophysics, Second Edition (2 edition)1997
827. Alphey L. DNA Sequencing: From Experimental Methods to Bioinformatics (Introduction to Biotechniques Series) (1st edition)1997
828. Alphonse Finel Didier de Fontaine The Two-Dimensional ANNNI Model in the CVM Approximation1985
829. Alsina C. Nelsen R. When Less is More: Visualizing Basic Inequalities (Dolciani Mathematical Expositions)2009
831. Alston S. Householder The numerical treatment of a single nonlinear equation (MGH edition)1970
832. Alston S. Householder The theory of matrices in numerical analysis2006
833. Alsuwaiyel M.H. Algorithms: Design Techniques and Analysis1998
834. Alt F. Rubinoff M. Advances in Computers.Volume 4.1963
835. Altarelli G. Di Lella L. Proton-Antiproton Collider Physics1989
836. Altenberg B. Aijmer K. Advances in Corpus Linguistics: Papers from the 23rd International Conference on English Language Research on Computerized Corpora (ICAME 23) G?teborg 22-26 May 2002 (Language and Computers 49)2004
837. Alter T. Walter S. Phenomenal Concepts and Phenomenal Knowledge: New Essays on Consciousness and Physicalism2008
838. Alterovitz Gil Ramoni Marco Knowledge-Based Bioinformatics: From analysis to interpretation2010
839. Althoff K. Bergmann R. Branting L. Case-Based Reasoning Research and Development: Third International Conference on Case-Based Reasoning, ICCBR-99, Seeon Monastery, Germany, July 27-30, ... / Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence1999
840. Alton Biggs Dinah Zike Peter Rillero Biology. Dynamics of Life2005

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