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1. Orchid, Bamboo, Plum Blossom and Chrysanthemum.Cao Xuns Copybook. The Way of Chinese Painting. Volume II (Chinese Edition)2011
2. Origami Theoryn/a
3. Великие композиторы (Коллекция «КП»). Том 30. Итальянское барокко2009
4. Военно-Морской Флот Страны Советов1975
5. Вокально-педагогический репертуар для баса1963
6. Государственные Музеи Московского Кремля (ГММК) - Материалы и исследования1987
7. Жан Эффель. Избранное1983
8. Искусство рисования и живописи (№ 8, 2006)2006
9. Картины государственной Третьяковской галереи. Выпуск VII1976
10. Каталог работ студентов-дизайнеров кафедры промышленного искусства БГТХИ (сборник)1975
11. Москва златоглавая в старых фотографиях и гравюрах1989
12. Отечественное и зарубежное искусство XVIII века. Вопросы отечественного и зарубежного искусства. Выпуск 31986
13. Русский военный мундир XVII века. Набор открыток, Изобразительное искусство1985
14. Русский орнамент. Шитьё, ткани, кружева1871
15. Сокровища сарматских вождей2008
16. Стекло Алексея Зеляn/a
17. Сущность и влияние модыn/a
18. Художественные сокровища России1905
19. Художественные сокровища России. Том 61906
20. Якутское средневековое военное оружие. Комплект открыток2005
21. AARON STALNAKER Mastery, Dependence, and the Ethics of Authority2020
22. Ainsworth M.W. Martens M.P.J. Petrus Christus: Renaissance Master of Bruges1994
23. Alessandro Amaducci Screendance Sperimentazioni visive intorno al corpo tra film, video e computer grafican/a
24. Ana Lucia Araujo Museums and Atlantic Slavery2021
25. Anna Johnson The Museum Educator's Manual: Educators Share Successful Techniques (American Association for State and Local History)2009
26. Baker F. Wigram T. Ruud P. Songwriting: Methods, Techniques and Clinical Applications for Music Therapy Clinicians, Educators and Students2005
27. Baron J.H. Chamber Music: A Research and Information Guide (3-rd edition)2010
28. Blatter A. Revisiting music theory: a guide to the practice (1 edition)2007
29. Boydell J. The Gallery of Illustration for Shakespeare’s dramatic works1874
30. Brian Massumi Semblance and Event2011
31. Brooker D. Essential CG Lighting Techniques2002
32. Christopher Allen A Companion to Australian Art2021
33. D. Kaye J.LeBrecht Sound and Music for the Theatre (3 edition)2009
34. Dogen M. Architectvra Militaris Moderna1647
35. Dolev Y. Time and Realism: Metaphysical and Antimetaphysical Perspectives2007
36. Dong A. The language of design: theory and computation (1 edition)2008
37. ELISA MANDELLI The Museum as a Cinematic Space The Display of Moving Images in Exhibitions2019
38. Frantz M. Mathematics and Art1997
39. Giulia Gaimari Ethics, Politics and Justice in Dante2019
40. Gloman C. LeTourneau T. Placing Shadows: Lighting Techniques for Video Production (Third Edition)2005
41. Greg Burkett Sue Chen, Building Exotics Excellence: One City, One Conference2015
42. Guitar College Сборник специальный, акустический. Выпуск 1. Guitar College2003
43. H. L. Clarke Technical Studies for the Cornet ENG GER FRA1985
44. Hart C. Drawing on the funny side of the brain. How to come up with jokes for cartoons and comic strips1998
45. Henry Chadwic Augustine. A very short introduction1986
46. Ian Shaw Nicholson P.T. The British Museum Dictionary of Ancient Egypt2002
47. Jackson R. The visual index of artist's signatures and monograms1991
48. Jerry D. Hurter B. Jerry D's Extreme. Makeover Techniques for Digital Glamour Photography2009
49. John Raynes Jody Raynes Disegnare il corpo umano una guida completa2005
50. Jonathan Barnes Aristotle: A Very Short Introduction2000
51. Judith A.G. (Ed.) Dance Technology Current Applications and Future Trends1989
52. Kent L. Teach Yourself VISUALLY Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 22008
53. Kiki Tianqi Yu ‘My’ Self on Camera2019
54. Kraut R. Artworld Metaphysics2007
55. Krenz S. Learn & Master GUITAR with Steve Krenz. Bonus Resources. Version 1.02008
56. Kyunghee Pyun Jung-Ah Woo Interpreting Modernism in Korean Art2022
57. Lemon B. Professional Digital Techniques for Nude & Glamour Photography2006
58. LEONARD B. MEYER Emotion and Meaning in Music1956
59. Long P.O. Openness, Secrecy, Authorship: Technical Arts and the Culture of Knowledge from Antiquity to the Renaissance2001
60. Loomis A. Successfull Drawing1951
61. M.H.E. Weippert Hellenizing Art in Ancient Nubia 300 BC–AD 250 and its Egyptian Models2011
62. Maley A. Duff A. Drama Techniques: A Resource Book of Communication Activities for Language Teachers (3-rd edition)2005
63. Martin Scorsese Il bello del mio mestiere Scritti sul cinema1998
64. McDonald H. Erotic ambiguities. The female nude in art2002
65. Mouriki D. Тhe mosaics of nea moni on Chios1985
66. Neret G. Erotica Universalis1994
67. Notley M. Lateness and Brahms: Music and Culture in the Twilight of Viennese Liberalism2006
68. Orio N. Music Retrieval2006
69. Paul Elliott A Guide to PlAyinG the BAroque GuitAr2011
70. Phillips N. Professional Posing Techniques for Wedding and Portrait Photographers2005

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