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Jacob C. Ч Illustrating Evolutionary Computation with Mathematica
Jacob C. Ч Illustrating Evolutionary Computation with Mathematica

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Ќазвание: Illustrating Evolutionary Computation with Mathematica

јвтор: Jacob C.


An essential capacity of intelligence is the ability to learn. An artificially intelligent system that could learn would not have to be programmed for every eventuality; it could adapt to its changing environment and conditions just as biological systems do. Illustrating Evolutionary Computation with Mathematica introduces evolutionary computation to the technically savvy reader who wishes to explore this fascinating and increasingly important field. Unique among books on evolutionary computation, the book also explores the application of evolution to developmental processes in nature, such as the growth processes in cells and plants. If you are a newcomer to the evolutionary computation field, an engineer, a programmer, or even a biologist wanting to learn how to model the evolution and coevolution of plants, this book will provide you with a visually rich and engaging account of this complex subject.

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√од издани€: 2001

 оличество страниц: 578

ƒобавлена в каталог: 17.11.2013

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ѕредметный указатель
Genetic programming mutation, expansion mutation operator      432
Genetic programming mutation, for balanced mobiles      390
Genetic programming mutation, GP chromosomes      370Ч371
Genetic programming mutation, GP terms      367Ч371
Genetic programming mutation, hoist operator      431
Genetic programming mutation, permutation operator      431
Genetic programming mutation, point mutation operator      431
Genetic programming mutation, subtree mutation operator      432
Genetic programming mutation, tree structures      369Ч370
Genetic programming on symbolic expressions      292Ч294 347Ч358
Genetic programming on symbolic expressions, arithmetic expression examples      356Ч358
Genetic programming on symbolic expressions, building block example      350
Genetic programming on symbolic expressions, closure property of GP terms      356Ч357
Genetic programming on symbolic expressions, completeness of GP building blocks      357
Genetic programming on symbolic expressions, defining building blocks through patterns      354Ч355
Genetic programming on symbolic expressions, generating terms      350Ч356
Genetic programming on symbolic expressions, generating terms with variable numbers of arguments      355Ч356
Genetic programming on symbolic expressions, GP terms      349
Genetic programming on symbolic expressions, graphing terms as tree structures      353Ч354 355
Genetic programming on symbolic expressions, linear vs. hierarchical program structures      292Ч293
Genetic programming on symbolic expressions, patterns for function symbols      35 1
Genetic programming on symbolic expressions, problem-specific building blocks      348 357
Genetic programming on symbolic expressions, recursive construction of GP terms      350Ч351
Genetic programming on symbolic expressions, requirements for program building blocks      356Ч358
Genetic programming on symbolic expressions, symbolic expressions as trees      365Ч366
Genetic programming on symbolic expressions, term-structured GP expressions      348Ч350
Genetic programming on symbolic expressions, terms as tree structures      347Ч348
Genetic programming on symbolic expressions, terms vs. symbolic expressions      349Ч350 365
Genetic programming on symbolic expressions, typed GP      366Ч367
Genetic programming on term structures      see genetic programming on symbolic expressions
Genetic Programming Problem Solver      396
Genetic programming recombination      358Ч367
Genetic programming recombination, $\verb"AntTracker"$ example      408 420 421
Genetic programming recombination, crossover of identical genomes      511 520
Genetic programming recombination, for balanced mobiles      390
Genetic programming recombination, GP chromosome recombination      363Ч365
Genetic programming recombination, GP crossover problems      365Ч367
Genetic programming recombination, GP term recombination      363
Genetic programming recombination, performance measure for recombination operators      429Ч430
Genetic programming recombination, recombination at root position      361Ч362
Genetic programming recombination, recombination of two terms      361 362
Genetic programming recombination, recombination on list of terms      363 364
Genetic programming recombination, term crossover      358Ч359 365Ч367
Genetic programming recombination, term recombination in Evolvica      359Ч365
Genetic programming with linear genomes      291Ч292
Genetic programming, $\verb"AntTracker"$ example      399Ч427
Genetic programming, adaptive operator weights      427Ч430
Genetic programming, adequate representation of computer programs      345
Genetic programming, advanced operators and functionality      430Ч434
Genetic programming, advanced, at work      399Ч435
Genetic programming, architecture-altering operations      432 434
Genetic programming, automatically defined functions      432Ч433
Genetic programming, automatically defined iterations and loops      434
Genetic programming, bibliographical notes      392 396Ч397 435
Genetic programming, binary (BGP)      291
Genetic programming, comma strategy      373 374 376 390
Genetic programming, competition among genetic operators      427Ч428
Genetic programming, compiling GP (CGP)      292
Genetic programming, defined      293
Genetic programming, ES vs      358Ч359 373
Genetic programming, evolution scheme      371Ч377
Genetic programming, evolutionary algorithms and      344
Genetic programming, fractal evolution      475Ч476
Genetic programming, GA and      327 345Ч346 358Ч359 367 373
Genetic programming, in action      377Ч392
Genetic programming, modularization of programs      432
Genetic programming, multioperator      426
Genetic programming, mutation of program structures      367Ч371
Genetic programming, on symbolic expressions (term structures)      291 292Ч294 347Ч358
Genetic programming, operator selection      428
Genetic programming, performance measure for recombination operators      429Ч430
Genetic programming, performance measure for unary operators      429
Genetic programming, plus strategy      373 374 376
Genetic programming, recombination of program structures      358Ч367
Genetic programming, term crossover      358Ч359 365Ч367
Genetic programming, terms vs. symbolic expressions      349Ч350 365
Genetic programming, tree-structured chromosomes in      346Ч347
Genetic programming, typed      366Ч367
Genetic programming, with linear genomes      291Ч292
Genetic Programming: An Introduction      396 435
Genetic Programming: On the Programming of Computers by Means of Natural Selection      293 392
Genomes, biomorph structure      45
Genomes, control programs in      283
Genomes, evaluation of program genomes      285
Genomes, evolution of genome expressions      504 506Ч509
Genotypes, as adaptive components      60
Genotypes, binary string representation of      70
Genotypes, fractal structure evolution      481 482
Genotypes, one-way road of      59Ч60
Genotypes, visualization in GA      174 175
Genotypical structures in GA      80 81
Genotypical variation, feedback loop with phenotypical selection      59Ч60
Genotypical variation, overview      58Ч60
Gerharz, Rudi      489
Global ES recombination      237Ч243
Global ES recombination, discrete or intermediate      238Ч239
Global ES recombination, local vs      234
Global ES recombination, multiple global and local      250Ч252
Global ES recombination, multirecombination      238 249Ч250
Global ES recombination, recombination diagram      241Ч243
Global ES recombination, selecting elements to recombine      240Ч241
Global ES recombination, three-stage scheme of multiple recombination      240
Global maximum      68
GLP (genetic L-system programming)      490 517 518
Goldberg, David E.      82 207
Goodwin, Brian      51
GP      see genetic programming
GP chromosomes, recombination      364Ч365 (see also genetic programming recombination)
GP chromosomes, structure of      363
GP chromosomes, tree-structured      346Ч347 (see also genetic programming on symbolic expressions)
GP conference      397
Gradient-following strategy      66 67
Growth programs in ontogeny      4
Hamilton, P.      486
Hamilton, William      347
Hamming distances, described      8
Hamming distances, string evolution examples      8 9 10 20 25 27 28 32
Hanan, Jim      458 486
Handbook of Evolutionary Computation      75
Handbook of Genetic Algorithms, The      208
Haploid GA chromosomes      83Ч95
Haploid GA chromosomes, binary chromosomes      84Ч88 106Ч108
Haploid GA chromosomes, chromosomes with real-value alleles      93Ч95
Haploid GA chromosomes, defined      96 106
Haploid GA chromosomes, deletion      153Ч154
Haploid GA chromosomes, indexed      84 150
Haploid GA chromosomes, mutation on binary chromosomes      106Ч108
Haploid GA chromosomes, recombination      135Ч137 138Ч139
Haploid GA chromosomes, RNA chromosomes      88Ч93
Heterogeneity of traits      57Ч58
Heuristic programming      297
Hicklin, J. E      292
Hidden Order: How Adaptation Builds Complexity      208
Hilbert curve demo for turtle      463 465
Hoffmeister, F.      229
Hoist operator (GP)      431
Holland, John H.      79 81 123 190 208 283 286 289
How Nature Works      51
How the Leopard Changed Its Spots      51
ICGA (International Conference on Genetic Algorithms)      208Ч209
IL-systems      456Ч458 472 474
Index-dependent dominance      104Ч105
Indexed haploid GA chromosomes      84 150
Individuals, adaptation of populations vs      4Ч5
Individuals, dualism of      60
Individuals, expression of      59
Individuals, subpopulations as meta-individuals      258
Individuals, superindividuals      164Ч165
Industrialization and mimesis      33Ч34
Inheritance, evolution and      3
Inheritance, fitness inheritance      58
Inheritance, recombination and      58
Instances of a schema, $\verb"instances"$ function      196Ч197
Instances of a schema, defined      193
Instances of a schema, enumeration of      179 199Ч202
Instances of a schema, extraction of      197
Instances of a schema, generating for a population      197
Instances of a schema, generating over an alphabet      196Ч197
Intelligence Through Simulated Evolution      344
Intelligent agents as predictors about environment      299
Interactive evolution of biomorphs      47Ч51
Interactive evolution, design by      42 45
Intermediate recombination      232Ч234
Intermediate recombination, global      238Ч239
Intermediate recombination, local      235
Intermediate recombination, local multirecombination      247Ч249
Intermediate recombination, multirecombination on parameter lists      233Ч234
International Conference on Genetic Algorithms (ICGA)      208Ч209
Interpretation, $\verb"AntTracker"$ example      401Ч404 406
Interpretation, GA chromosome interpretation      97Ч99 101Ч105
Interpretation, in evolutionary parameter optimization scheme      72Ч73
Interpretation, turtle interpretation      458 464 519
Introduction to Artificial Life      469
Introduction to Genetic Algorithms, An      207
Introns      155 402Ч403
Inversion GA operator      150Ч153
Inversion GA operator, $\verb"Inversion"$ function      151 152
Inversion GA operator, effect of      183 184
Inversion GA operator, generalized inversion      151Ч152
Inversion GA operator, inversion effects on natural chromosomes      150
Inversion GA operator, schema theorem and      206
Iterated rewriting in L-systems      452 453
Iterations, automatically defined in GP      434
Jacob, C.      524 526
Jefferson, D.      399 400
Jump turtle move operations      460 567
K$\acute{o}$kai, G.      487
Koch curve      475
Koza, John      293 345 347 392 396 486
L-Systems      see Lindenmayer systems
Lamarck, Jean Baptiste de      4
Langdon, William      396
Langton, Christopher      399 444 449 470
Latham, William      53
Levy, Steven      435 469
Lindenmayer systems      449Ч468 471 487
Lindenmayer systems, $Pop$ commands      466
Lindenmayer systems, $Push$ commands      465 466
Lindenmayer systems, $stack$ commands      465 466
Lindenmayer systems, Anabaena catenula growth simulation      451Ч453
Lindenmayer systems, animation sequence for visualization      464Ч465
Lindenmayer systems, bibliographical notes      486Ч487 524Ч526
Lindenmayer systems, Bit strings encoding      472 473
Lindenmayer systems, bracketed system for tree structure      466Ч467 468
Lindenmayer systems, cell layer growth      451 453 456
Lindenmayer systems, cellular automata vs      455Ч456
Lindenmayer systems, changing turtle orientation      460 462
Lindenmayer systems, changing turtle position      459Ч460
Lindenmayer systems, constraints for building blocks      474
Lindenmayer systems, context-free      450Ч456
Lindenmayer systems, context-sensitive      456 458 473
Lindenmayer systems, derivability      450Ч451
Lindenmayer systems, deterministic (D0L)      450 455
Lindenmayer systems, drawing graphic elements      462
Lindenmayer systems, encoding IL-systems      472 474
Lindenmayer systems, evolutionary algorithms for inference      472
Lindenmayer systems, evolutionary influence of      471Ч487
Lindenmayer systems, for artificial plant evolution      489Ч490
Lindenmayer systems, fractal structure evolution      474Ч486
Lindenmayer Systems, Fractals, and Plants      486
Lindenmayer systems, functions required for inference      472
Lindenmayer systems, genetic L-system programming (GLP)      490 517 518
Lindenmayer systems, genetic operators      477
Lindenmayer systems, Hilbert curve demo      463 465
Lindenmayer systems, IL-systems      456Ч458 472Ч474
Lindenmayer systems, implicit description of spatial structures      458Ч465
Lindenmayer systems, inference problem      471Ч472
Lindenmayer systems, iterated rewriting      452 453
Lindenmayer systems, language of DOL-systems      450
Lindenmayer systems, modeling of branching structures      465Ч467 468
Lindenmayer systems, of flowering plant      490 491
Lindenmayer systems, one L-systems      456
Lindenmayer systems, parallel rewriting of strings      449
Lindenmayer systems, parametrized      453 455
Lindenmayer systems, parametrized tree system      467
Lindenmayer systems, position and orientation of a turtle      458 459
Lindenmayer systems, predecessor      451
Lindenmayer systems, productions      450 452 456 473
Lindenmayer systems, repair and translation      473
Lindenmayer systems, rules      450 451 452 454 458 473
Lindenmayer systems, signal interactions      457
Lindenmayer systems, stochastic L-systems      474
Lindenmayer systems, substitution principle of      439
Lindenmayer systems, successor      451
Lindenmayer systems, table L-systems      474
Lindenmayer systems, templates for encoding      474
Lindenmayer systems, tL-systems      456Ч457
Lindenmayer systems, zL-systems      450Ч456
Lindenmayer Systems: Structure, Languages, and Growth Functions      486
Lindenmayer, Aristid      439 449 471 486 490 524
Linear genomes, genetic programming with      291Ч292
Lintermann, Bernd      526
LISP programs, genetic operators for      292
LISP programs, Mathematica and      293
Liu, Baoding      208
Local ES recombination      235Ч237
Local ES recombination, binary      245Ч247
Local ES recombination, discrete or intermediate      235
Local ES recombination, global vs      234
Local ES recombination, multiple global and local      250Ч252
Local ES recombination, multirecombination      235 247Ч249
Local maxima      66 67 68Ч69
Loops, automatically defined in GP      434
Loops, between genotypical and phenotypical levels      59Ч60
Loops, data paths      443Ч444
Loops, duplication of signals at T crossings      443 444
Loops, evolution loop      21
Loops, implicit for $\verb"AntTracker"$ sensors      403
Loops, in cellular automata      444 449
Loops, instructions      446
Loops, life-cycle of loops      446
Loops, loops      444 449
Loops, mutated loops      446 447Ч449
Loops, storage elements, loops as      444
Loops, transcription phase      446
Loops, translation phase      446
Lychnis coronaria      see artificial plant evolution; breeding artificial flowers
Macro turtle commands      490Ч491
Masked GA recombination      128Ч131
Masked GA recombination, by example      129
Masked GA recombination, generation of masks      129Ч130
Masked GA recombination, multipoint crossover      130Ч131
Masked GA recombination, one-point crossover      130
Masked GA recombination, using faces      148 149
Mathematica, $\verb"Automata"$ package      300
Mathematical Models for Cellular Interaction in Development      486
Maximization vs. minimization optimization      69
Mayr, E.      1
Mealy machines      see finite state automata (FSA)
Mech, Radomir      525
Meiosis, cell division phase      143 144
Meiosis, diploidy and      95Ч96
Meiosis, genetic algorithms and      80Ч81
Meiosis, recombination of diploid GA chromosomes      143Ч146
Meiotic recombination of diploid GA chromosomes      143Ч146
Meiotic recombination of diploid GA chromosomes, generation of two gametes      143
Meiotic recombination of diploid GA chromosomes, meiotic recombination and division      145Ч146
Meiotic recombination of diploid GA chromosomes, merging      145
Meiotic recombination of diploid GA chromosomes, recombination mimicking meiosis      145
Melanistic moths      34
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