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Jacob C. Ч Illustrating Evolutionary Computation with Mathematica
Jacob C. Ч Illustrating Evolutionary Computation with Mathematica

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Ќазвание: Illustrating Evolutionary Computation with Mathematica

јвтор: Jacob C.


An essential capacity of intelligence is the ability to learn. An artificially intelligent system that could learn would not have to be programmed for every eventuality; it could adapt to its changing environment and conditions just as biological systems do. Illustrating Evolutionary Computation with Mathematica introduces evolutionary computation to the technically savvy reader who wishes to explore this fascinating and increasingly important field. Unique among books on evolutionary computation, the book also explores the application of evolution to developmental processes in nature, such as the growth processes in cells and plants. If you are a newcomer to the evolutionary computation field, an engineer, a programmer, or even a biologist wanting to learn how to model the evolution and coevolution of plants, this book will provide you with a visually rich and engaging account of this complex subject.

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√од издани€: 2001

 оличество страниц: 578

ƒобавлена в каталог: 17.11.2013

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ѕредметный указатель
Artificial intelligence (AI), neural networks      1 61 297 399
Artificial intelligence (AI), top-down approach      297
Artificial Intelligence Through Simulated Evolution      298 344
Artificial life      435 469
Artificial life (AL)      (see also $\verb\"AntTracker\"$)
Artificial life (AL), search behaviors      399
Artificial life (AL), test environment for      399Ч400
Artificial life (AL), tree-structured chromosomes and      347
Artificial Life Conference      470
Artificial Life journal      469 470
Artificial Life: A Report from the Frontier Where Computers Meet Biology      469
Artificial plant evolution      489Ч526 (see also breeding artificial flowers)
Artificial plant evolution, ArtFlower garden      490Ч493 514Ч517 518
Artificial plant evolution, ArtFlower L-system breeding      514
Artificial plant evolution, bibliographical notes      524Ч526
Artificial plant evolution, breeding artificial flowers      493Ч513
Artificial plant evolution, coevolution      519Ч520 522Ч524 525
Artificial plant evolution, comparing growth dynamics      517
Artificial plant evolution, comparing sizes of generated plants      493
Artificial plant evolution, competition      521Ч522 523
Artificial plant evolution, energetic turtle      519
Artificial plant evolution, environmentally sensitive turtle interpretation      519
Artificial plant evolution, evaluation function extensions      519
Artificial plant evolution, evolution of plant ecosystems      519Ч525
Artificial plant evolution, evolution of plant structures      489
Artificial plant evolution, evolutionТs creativity      514Ч516
Artificial plant evolution, example succession      523Ч524 525
Artificial plant evolution, extensions for more realistic plant modeling      517Ч519
Artificial plant evolution, first variants of Lychnis wild type      499Ч504
Artificial plant evolution, genetic L-system programming (GLP)      490 517 518
Artificial plant evolution, growth and recursive branching      492Ч493 494 495
Artificial plant evolution, growth dynamics      519
Artificial plant evolution, growth rate      521Ч522
Artificial plant evolution, L-systems for      489Ч490 491
Artificial plant evolution, macro turtle commands      490Ч491
Artificial plant evolution, model for plant ecosystems      520Ч522
Artificial plant evolution, mutation effects      504Ч509
Artificial plant evolution, parametrized plants      521
Artificial plant evolution, plant ecosystem scenario      520
Artificial plant evolution, plant interactions      519
Artificial plant evolution, preparations for breeding experiments      495 499
Artificial plant evolution, primary succession      521
Artificial plant evolution, recombination effects      510Ч513
Artificial plant evolution, reproduction interval      522
Artificial plant evolution, structure formation and growth      492
Artificial plant evolution, structure formation dynamics      514
Artificial plant evolution, succession      521 523Ч524 525
ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange)      8
Assembler programs, for one-bit registers      287
Assembler programs, higher programming languages vs      287
Assembler programs, mutated      287Ч288
Attributes of turtle      462Ч463
Automata, cellular      see cellular automata
Automata, finite state      see finite state automata (FSA)
Automata, Languages, Development      486
Avida system      469
B$\ddot{a}$ck, Thomas      76 229
Bak, Per      51
Benyus, Janine      53
Best selection in GP      373
Best selection in GP, in ES      252Ч257
Best selection in GP, in GA      166Ч167
BGP (binary genetic programming)      291
Bibliographical notes, artificial life      469Ч470
Bibliographical notes, artificial plant evolution      524Ч526
Bibliographical notes, cellular automata      467Ч469
Bibliographical notes, evolution      51Ч52
Bibliographical notes, evolution strategies      279Ч280
Bibliographical notes, evolution theory      52
Bibliographical notes, evolutionary computation      75Ч77
Bibliographical notes, evolutionary design      52Ч53
Bibliographical notes, evolutionary programming      344
Bibliographical notes, genetic algorithms      207Ч209
Bibliographical notes, genetic programming      392 396Ч397 435
Bibliographical notes, Lindenmayer systems      486Ч487 524Ч526
Bibliographical notes, modeling of ecosystems      526
Bibliographical notes, programming by evolution      294Ч295
Bickel, A. S.      292
Bickel, R. W      292
Binary componentwise GA recombination      124Ч126
Binary ES recombination      231
Binary ES recombination, global      249Ч250
Binary ES recombination, local      245Ч247
Binary GA chromosomes      84Ч88
Binary GA chromosomes, compact output form with gene indices      86
Binary GA chromosomes, diploid      97
Binary GA chromosomes, generation of triploid chromosomes      139Ч140
Binary GA chromosomes, haploid      84Ч88 106Ч108
Binary GA chromosomes, mutation of haploid chromosomes      106Ч108
Binary GA chromosomes, normalized representation      87
Binary GA chromosomes, randomly arranging genes      86Ч87
Binary GA chromosomes, real numbers vs. binary encoding      84Ч85
Binary GA chromosomes, visualization      86 87
Binary genetic programming (BGP)      291
Binary matrices in GA evolution      174
Binary multirecombination of GA chromosomes      132
Binary strings, decoding      70Ч71
Binary strings, encoding      70
Binary strings, evaluation function for binary-encoded numbers      176
Binary strings, for genetic algorithms      82
Binary strings, genotypes represented as      70
Binary strings, real numbers vs      84Ч85
biomimicry      53
Biomorphs      45Ч51
Biomorphs, breeding of      47Ч51
Biomorphs, defined      45
Biomorphs, developmental genes of      45Ч46
Biomorphs, genome structure      45
Biomorphs, interactive evolution of      47Ч51
Biomorphs, mutant forms      46
Biomorphs, parameter range for variants      47
Biomorphs, search space      47
Bionics, described      1Ч2
Blind watchmaker principle of evolution      345
Blind Watchmaker, The      45 52
Bonner, John Tyler      51
Breeding artificial flowers      493Ч513 (see also artificial plant evolution)
Breeding artificial flowers, additional main sprout      512Ч513 520
Breeding artificial flowers, bloom-carrying branches      504 505
Breeding artificial flowers, branching      5 10 511
Breeding artificial flowers, counting blooms      499
Breeding artificial flowers, critical mass of preset structures      497
Breeding artificial flowers, crossover of identical genomes      511 520
Breeding artificial flowers, duplication      509
Breeding artificial flowers, elongation of stalks      504 505
Breeding artificial flowers, evolution of fitness values      503
Breeding artificial flowers, evolution of genome expressions      504 506Ч509
Breeding artificial flowers, first variants of Lychnis wild type      499Ч504
Breeding artificial flowers, fitness criterion      499Ч500 503
Breeding artificial flowers, formation of complex structures      500 503
Breeding artificial flowers, genealogical tree of Lychnis mutant      504 505
Breeding artificial flowers, genetic operators      497Ч498 551
Breeding artificial flowers, increasing blooms      500 502Ч503
Breeding artificial flowers, initial population      500 501
Breeding artificial flowers, L-rules      495Ч497 498 509
Breeding artificial flowers, measuring plants      499Ч500
Breeding artificial flowers, mutation effects      504Ч509
Breeding artificial flowers, mutations vs. recombinations      509
Breeding artificial flowers, parametrized expressions      497
Breeding artificial flowers, plant evaluation      499Ч500
Breeding artificial flowers, preparations for breeding experiments      495Ч499
Breeding artificial flowers, ramification with long branches      500 501
Breeding artificial flowers, recombination effects      510Ч513
Breeding artificial flowers, step-by-step evolution of structural traits      504 505
Breeding artificial flowers, templates      495 496 498Ч499
Breeding of biomorphs      47Ч51
Bremermann, H. J.      288
Broadcast language      290
Bucket brigade scheme      290
Butterfly mimesis simulation      34 42 43Ч44
Butterfly mimesis simulation, adaptation from gray to white      42 44
Butterfly mimesis simulation, adaptation from white to gray      40Ч42 43
Butterfly mimesis simulation, butterfly fitness calculation      35Ч36
Butterfly mimesis simulation, camouflage on tree trunks      38Ч42
Butterfly mimesis simulation, evolution simulation for white background      36Ч39
Butterfly mimesis simulation, generation of simple butterfly world      34Ч35
Butterfly mimesis simulation, reproduction phase      36
Butterfly mimesis simulation, selection phase      36
CA      see cellular automata
camouflage      see mimesis
Cantor set      475
CD turtle attribute      463
CEC (Congress on Evolutionary Computation)      76Ч77 280 344
Cellular Automata and Complexity      467Ч468
Cellular Automata Machines: A New Environment for Modeling      469
Cellular automata, AI uses for      399
Cellular automata, as models of complexity      440
Cellular automata, bibliographical notes      467Ч469
Cellular automata, CoddТs universal constructors      443
Cellular automata, Lindenmayer systems vs      455Ч456
Cellular automata, neighborhoods for      440Ч441
Cellular automata, nervous system paradigm      443
Cellular automata, parallel rewriting      449
Cellular automata, pattern formation in one dimension      441Ч443
Cellular automata, point mutations on automata rules      446
Cellular automata, self-reproducing loops      444 445
Cellular automata, self-reproducing machines      443
Cellular automata, structure formation and self-reproduction      443Ч449
Cellular automata, substitution principle of      439
Cellular automata, update rules for two neighbors      441Ч442
CGP (compiling GP)      292
Chernoff figures, GA recombination using      146Ч148 149
Chernoff figures, parameterized faces      118Ч119
Chernoff figures, point GA mutations using      117Ч121 122
Chernoff, H.      117
Chomsky grammars      449
Chromosomes      (see also ES chromosomes; GA chromosomes; GP chromosomes)
Chromosomes, data structure      84
Chromosomes, tree-structured      346Ч347
Classifier systems      289Ч290
Classifier systems, broadcast language      290
Classifier systems, bucket brigade scheme      290
Classifier systems, classifier      290
Classifier systems, classifier rule      289
Classifier systems, GA adaptation of populations      290
Climbing Mount Improbable      52
Closure property of GP terms      356Ч357
Codd, E. F.      443
Codons (triplets), overview      88
Codons (triplets), translation to proteins      88Ч90
Codons (triplets), triplet table over RNA alphabet      88Ч89
Coevolution of plant species      519Ч520 522Ч524 525
Collapse subtree mutation operator (GP)      431
Color attributes of turtle      462Ч463
Comma strategy, for EP evolution      325Ч326 331
Comma strategy, for ES evolution      254Ч255 261 274
Comma strategy, for GA evolution      168 171 190 191
Comma strategy, for GP evolution      373 374 376 390
Compact output form, for GA chromosomes      86
Compact output form, for RNA chromosomes      94
Competition, in artificial plant evolution      521Ч522 523
Competition, in GP      427Ч428
Compiling GP (CGP)      292
Completeness of GP building blocks      357
Complexity models, cellular automata as      440
Componentwise GA recombination      124
Componentwise GA recombination, binary      124Ч126
Componentwise GA recombination, discrete      126
Componentwise GA recombination, of haploid chromosomes      139
Componentwise multirecombination      126
Computer models of developmental programs      439Ч470 (see also cellular automata; Lindenmayer systems)
Computer models of developmental programs, cellular automata and cellular programming      440Ч449
Computer models of developmental programs, Lindenmayer systems      449Ч467 468
Computer programs as FSA      298Ч303
Computer Simulations with Mathematica      469
Conference on Evolutionary Programming      344
Conferences, on artificial life      470
Conferences, on evolution strategies      280
Conferences, on evolutionary computation      76Ч77
Conferences, on evolutionary programming      344
Conferences, on genetic algorithms      208Ч209
Conferences, on genetic programming      397
Conferences, on programming by evolution      294Ч295
Congress on Evolutionary Computation (CEC)      76Ч77 280 344
Context-free L-systems      450Ч456
Context-sensitive L-systems      456Ч458 473
Control programs, $\verb"AntTracker"$ example      401Ч404 406
Control programs, ES evolution control function      261Ч263
Control programs, in genomes      283
Correlated mutation      231
Covariance and selection theorem      207
Cross recombination of GA chromosomes      126Ч128
Cross recombination of GA chromosomes, crossover of nonhomologous chromosomes      158Ч161
Cross recombination of GA chromosomes, crosswise recombination      127
Cross recombination of GA chromosomes, duplication effects      155 156
Cross recombination of GA chromosomes, four-point crossover      128
Cross recombination of GA chromosomes, haploid chromosomes      135Ч137 138Ч139
Cross recombination of GA chromosomes, inverse recombination mask      127
Cross recombination of GA chromosomes, masked multipoint crossover      130Ч131
Cross recombination of GA chromosomes, masked one-point crossover      130
Cross recombination of GA chromosomes, multirecombination      131Ч133
Cross recombination of GA chromosomes, one-point crossover      127 148 149
Cross recombination of GA chromosomes, survival of      204Ч205
Cross recombination of GA chromosomes, triploid chromosomes      140Ч143
Cross recombination of GA chromosomes, using faces      148 149
Crossover of nonhomologous chromosomes      158Ч161
Crossover of nonhomologous chromosomes, one-point crossover with different crossover points      159Ч160
Crossover of nonhomologous chromosomes, recombination effects      160
Crossover of nonhomologous chromosomes, three-point crossover with different crossover points      161
Crossover of nonhomologous chromosomes, translocations between nonhomologous chromosomes      158Ч159
Crossover of nonhomologous chromosomes, two-point crossover with different crossover points      160Ч161
Cumulative selection      5Ч33 (see also string evolution example)
Cybernetic Solution Path of an Experimental Problem      279
Darwin, Charles, evolutionary process formulated by      2 57
Darwin, Charles, Origin of Species, The      51
Darwin, Charles, variational evolution concept of      1
Darwin, Erasmus      4
Davis, Lawrence      208
Dawkins, Richard      45 52
Decapsulation operator ($\verb"AntTracker"$)      408 421
Decoding, analogy to ribosome translation      92Ч93
Decoding, binary strings for genotypes      70Ч71
Decoding, genotypes in GA      174Ч176
Decoding, number decoding for strings      13Ч14
Defining length of a schema      194
Deleting, FSA states      307Ч309
Deleting, FSA transitions      311Ч313
Deletion GA operator      153Ч155
Deletion GA operator, chromosome with fragment loss      154Ч155
Deletion GA operator, deletion effects on natural chromosomes      150
Deletion GA operator, effect of      183 184
Deletion GA operator, examples of effects      155
Deletion GA operator, exons and introns      155
Deletion GA operator, haploid chromosomes      153Ч154
Deletion operator, $\verb"AntTracker"$      408 420 421
Deletion operator, ArtFlowers      498
Deletion operator, GA      see deletion GA operator
Deletion operator, L-system      477
Density function in ES mutation      219Ч220
Derivability of L-systems      450Ч451
Deussen, Oliver      526
Development, evolution as      3
Development, evolution vs      3
Development, ontogenetic      3Ч4
Development, phylogenetic      4
Developmental genes of biomorphs      45Ч46
Developmental programs      see artificial plant evolution; cellular automata; Lindenmayer systems
Dickson, S.      117
Differential fitness      58
Differential survival probability      162
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