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Jacob C. Ч Illustrating Evolutionary Computation with Mathematica
Jacob C. Ч Illustrating Evolutionary Computation with Mathematica

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Ќазвание: Illustrating Evolutionary Computation with Mathematica

јвтор: Jacob C.


An essential capacity of intelligence is the ability to learn. An artificially intelligent system that could learn would not have to be programmed for every eventuality; it could adapt to its changing environment and conditions just as biological systems do. Illustrating Evolutionary Computation with Mathematica introduces evolutionary computation to the technically savvy reader who wishes to explore this fascinating and increasingly important field. Unique among books on evolutionary computation, the book also explores the application of evolution to developmental processes in nature, such as the growth processes in cells and plants. If you are a newcomer to the evolutionary computation field, an engineer, a programmer, or even a biologist wanting to learn how to model the evolution and coevolution of plants, this book will provide you with a visually rich and engaging account of this complex subject.

язык: en

–убрика: ћатематика/

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√од издани€: 2001

 оличество страниц: 578

ƒобавлена в каталог: 17.11.2013

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ѕредметный указатель
$m$-ploid GA chromosomes      see polyploid GA chromosomes
$Pop$ commands for Lindenmayer systems      466
$Push$ commands for Lindenmayer systems      465Ч466
$stack$ commands for Lindenmayer systems      465Ч466
$StarLogo$ system      469
$\verb"AddState"$ function      307 308
$\verb"AddTransition"$ function      310Ч311 314
$\verb"advance"$ command ($\verb"AntTracker"$)      401 402 404
$\verb"again"$ command ($\verb"AntTracker"$)      402Ч403 404
$\verb"AntTracker"$ example      399Ч427
$\verb"AntTracker"$ example, analysis of best programs      412Ч417
$\verb"AntTracker"$ example, ant actions and interpretation of control programs      401 404 406
$\verb"AntTracker"$ example, avoiding walls      412 413 416
$\verb"AntTracker"$ example, Bernoulli experiment      423Ч427
$\verb"AntTracker"$ example, command sequences      404
$\verb"AntTracker"$ example, comparison of best-evolved programs      422 423
$\verb"AntTracker"$ example, comparison of evolution runs      423Ч427
$\verb"AntTracker"$ example, difficulty of task      401
$\verb"AntTracker"$ example, discovering walk-throughs      409 413 415Ч416
$\verb"AntTracker"$ example, evaluation      405Ч406
$\verb"AntTracker"$ example, evolution of best individuals      409 417
$\verb"AntTracker"$ example, evolution of program depths      419Ч420
$\verb"AntTracker"$ example, evolution of the gene pool      418
$\verb"AntTracker"$ example, fitness evolution and genome complexity      418Ч420
$\verb"AntTracker"$ example, following food paths      409 412 414 416 422 423
$\verb"AntTracker"$ example, generating program genomes      404 405 406 407
$\verb"AntTracker"$ example, genetic operators      407Ч408 420 422 425
$\verb"AntTracker"$ example, influence of operator adaptation      420Ч422
$\verb"AntTracker"$ example, intron regions      402Ч403
$\verb"AntTracker"$ example, John Muir Trail for      400
$\verb"AntTracker"$ example, multioperator (MO) GP evolution      425Ч426
$\verb"AntTracker"$ example, number of ant programs needed      425
$\verb"AntTracker"$ example, number of evolution runs needed      423Ч424
$\verb"AntTracker"$ example, number of individuals needed      423 424Ч425
$\verb"AntTracker"$ example, perfect foraging      415 416Ч417
$\verb"AntTracker"$ example, problem description      401
$\verb"AntTracker"$ example, program complexity      419
$\verb"AntTracker"$ example, recombination importance      420
$\verb"AntTracker"$ example, reduction rules      404 406
$\verb"AntTracker"$ example, repertoire of ant actions      401
$\verb"AntTracker"$ example, reproduction-crossover (RC) evolution      425Ч426
$\verb"AntTracker"$ example, response to environmental signals      402
$\verb"AntTracker"$ example, selection templates      407Ч408
$\verb"AntTracker"$ example, sensors      401 402 412
$\verb"AntTracker"$ example, specialization vs. generalization      422
$\verb"AntTracker"$ example, symbolic expression advantages      408
$\verb"AntTracker"$ example, time limit      402
$\verb"AntTracker"$ example, turning off from walls      412Ч413 415
$\verb"AntTracker"$ example, two-dimensional environment for      400 401
$\verb"AntTracker"$ example, walking along walls      414 416
$\verb"Automata"$ package      300
$\verb"automatonResponse"$ function      328Ч329
$\verb"BA"$ turtle move operation      460
$\verb"balancedArms"$ function      383Ч384
$\verb"ChangeTransitionlnputSymbol"$ function      313Ч314 315
$\verb"ChangeTransitionOutputSymbol"$ function      315Ч316
$\verb"ChangeTransitionSource"$ function      317Ч318
$\verb"ChangeTransitionTarget"$ function      319 320
$\verb"chi"$ function      227
$\verb"chromosomeBarChart"$ function      95
$\verb"chromosomeFacePlot"$ function      120 147
$\verb"chromosomePictogramMultiplePlot"$ function, for binary multirecombination      132
$\verb"chromosomePictogramMultiplePlot"$ function, for haploid GA chromosome recombination      136Ч137
$\verb"chromosomePictogramPlot"$ function for diploid GA chromosomes      97Ч98 104
$\verb"chromosomePictogramPlot"$ function for haploid GA chromosome recombination      136
$\verb"chromosomePictogramPlot"$ function for mutation on haploid chromosomes      107
$\verb"chromosomePictogramPlot"$ function for polyploid GA chromosomes      98Ч99
$\verb"chromosomePictogramPlot"$ function for RNA chromosomes      91 93
$\verb"chromosomePlot"$ function for binary GA chromosomes      86 87
$\verb"chromosomePlot"$ function for real-number GA chromosomes      95
$\verb"CI"$ turtle attribute      463
$\verb"CO"$ turtle attribute      462
$\verb"collectlnstances"$ function      199Ч202
$\verb"compactForm"$ function      86
$\verb"compactTableForm"$ function      98
$\verb"createChromosome"$ function, for diploid GA chromosomes      97Ч98
$\verb"createChromosome"$ function, for ES chromosomes      214 215 223Ч224 227Ч228 229Ч230 264 272
$\verb"createChromosome"$ function, for GA chromosomes      84 85 87
$\verb"createChromosome"$ function, for polyploid GA chromosomes      98Ч99
$\verb"createChromosome"$ function, for RNA chromosomes with real-value alleles      94
$\verb"createChromosome"$ function, in GA evolution      172Ч173
$\verb"createMobiles"$ function      386
$\verb"createSentence"$ function      16
$\verb"crossoverPlot"$ function      127
$\verb"decodeSentence"$ function      13Ч14
$\verb"Decoding"$ function      176
$\verb"DeleteState"$ function      309
$\verb"DeleteTransition"$ function      312Ч313 314
$\verb"Deletion"$ function      154
$\verb"distanceSquared"$ function, string evolution example      14Ч16
$\verb"dominance"$ function      102Ч103 104Ч105
$\verb"DominanceMap"$ function      100Ч101 102
$\verb"DP"$ turtle drawing operation      462
$\verb"DPLY"$ turtle drawing operation      462
$\verb"Duplication"$ function      156Ч157
$\verb"encodeSentence"$ function      13
$\verb"evalAutomaton"$ function      329Ч331
$\verb"Evolution"$ function, comma EP-strategy      331
$\verb"Evolution"$ function, comma Ч ES strategy      274
$\verb"Evolution"$ function, comma Ч GP strategy      374 376
$\verb"Evolution"$ function, decoding and evaluating genotypes      174Ч176
$\verb"Evolution"$ function, EP evolution experiment      326Ч328 331Ч332
$\verb"Evolution"$ function, ES evolution control function      261Ч263
$\verb"Evolution"$ function, ES evolution experiment      264Ч265 269
$\verb"Evolution"$ function, GP evolution experiment      374Ч377
$\verb"Evolution"$ function, GP evolution of balanced mobiles      389Ч390
$\verb"Evolution"$ function, plus Ч EP strategy      331
$\verb"Evolution"$ function, plus Ч ES strategy      277
$\verb"Evolution"$ function, plus Ч GP strategy      374 376
$\verb"Evolution"$ function, starting an ES meta-evolution experiment      271
$\verb"Evolution"$ function, starting GP evolution experiments      374
$\verb"Evolution"$ function, under variable environmental conditions      185Ч190 191Ч192
$\verb"evolveSentences"$ function      21
$\verb"exprMutation"$ function      368Ч370
$\verb"exprRecombination"$ function, GP term recombination      363
$\verb"exprRecombination"$ function, recombination at root position      361Ч362
$\verb"exprRecombination"$ function, recombination of two terms      361 362
$\verb"faceChromoMut"$ function      120
$\verb"faceRecombination"$ function      147
$\verb"FO"$ turtle move operation      459 491
$\verb"FSAMut"$ function, $\verb"AddState"$ function      307 308
$\verb"FSAMut"$ function, $\verb"AddTransition"$ function      310Ч311 314
$\verb"FSAMut"$ function, $\verb"ChangelnitialState"$ function      304Ч305
$\verb"FSAMut"$ function, $\verb"ChangeTransitionInputSymbol"$ function      313Ч314 315
$\verb"FSAMut"$ function, $\verb"ChangeTransitionOutputSymbol"$ function      315Ч316
$\verb"FSAMut"$ function, $\verb"ChangeTransitionSource"$ function      317Ч318
$\verb"FSAMut"$ function, $\verb"ChangeTransitionTarget"$ function      319 320
$\verb"FSAMut"$ function, $\verb"DeleteState"$ function      309
$\verb"FSAMut"$ function, $\verb"DeleteTransition"$ function      312Ч313 314
$\verb"gauss"$ function, $\verb"gaussPDF"$ function      219Ч220
$\verb"gauss"$ function, for step size adaptation      229 230
$\verb"getAlleles"$ function      116
$\verb"GRAPHICS"$ turtle drawing operation      462
$\verb"ifSensor"$ commands ($\verb"AntTracker"$), command stack      403
$\verb"ifSensor"$ commands ($\verb"AntTracker"$), implicit loop      403
$\verb"ifSensor"$ commands ($\verb"AntTracker"$), overview      402
$\verb"ifSensor"$ commands ($\verb"AntTracker"$), selection templates      407Ч408
$\verb"ifSensor"$ commands ($\verb"AntTracker"$), symbolic expression advantages for      408
$\verb"JB"$ turtle move operation      460
$\verb"JD"$ turtle move operation      460
$\verb"JF"$ turtle move operation      460
$\verb"JU"$ turtle move operation      460
$\verb"labelToAminoAcid"$ rules      89 90
$\verb"LRule"$ expressions      474
$\verb"LSystem"$ expressions      474
$\verb"MakeAutomaton"$ command      300
$\verb"MakeAutomaton"$ function      320
$\verb"makeRandomAutomata"$ function      321Ч322
$\verb"makeRandomAutomaton"$ function      321
$\verb"makeRandomMealy"$ function      320Ч321
$\verb"misBalance"$ function      388Ч389
$\verb"mutateSentence"$ function      16Ч19
$\verb"Mutation"$ function      (see also $\verb\"MutationFSA\"$ function)
$\verb"Mutation"$ function, for binary haploid GA chromosomes      108
$\verb"Mutation"$ function, for ES chromosomes (without step size adaptation)      223
$\verb"Mutation"$ function, for ES chromosomes with step size adaptation      226
$\verb"Mutation"$ function, for GP chromosomes      370Ч371
$\verb"Mutation"$ function, for polyploid GA chromosomes      109Ч110
$\verb"MutationFSA"$ function      304Ч305 (see also $\verb\"FSAMut\"$ function)
$\verb"PD"$ turtle move operation      461
$\verb"POLYGON"$ turtle drawing operation      462
$\verb"predictionQuality"$ function      328Ч330
$\verb"PU"$ turtle move operation      461
$\verb"randomExpr"$ function, generating GP terms with variable numbers of arguments      355 356
$\verb"randomExpr"$ function, GP term mutation      368Ч369
$\verb"randomExpr"$ function, term composition on a set of functions and terminals      350Ч351
$\verb"randomFaceChromo"$ function      147
$\verb"RandomPermutation"$ function      236Ч237
$\verb"randomSelect"$ function      351
$\verb"randomSelectMultiple"$ function, for global recombination      240Ч241
$\verb"randomSelectMultiple"$ function, for local recombination      236Ч237
$\verb"RecessiveQ"$ dominance relation      101
$\verb"Recombination"$ function, ES recombination overview      243Ч245
$\verb"Recombination"$ function, for global multi Ч ES recombination      250
$\verb"Recombination"$ function, for haploid GA chromosomes      135Ч136
$\verb"Recombination"$ function, for local binary ES recombination      246Ч247
$\verb"Recombination"$ function, for local multi Ч ES recombination      248Ч249
$\verb"Recombination"$ function, for multiple global and local ES recombination      251
$\verb"Recombination"$ function, for triploid GA chromosomes      142
$\verb"Recombination"$ function, GA recombination overview      134Ч135
$\verb"Recombination"$ function, GP recombination overview      364Ч365
$\verb"recombinationMask"$ function      129
$\verb"RecombinationPlot"$ function      242Ч243
$\verb"Recombine"$ function, for binary componentwise GA recombination      124Ч126
$\verb"Recombine"$ function, for binary multi Ч GA recombination      132
$\verb"Recombine"$ function, for crossover of nonhomologous GA chromosomes      159
$\verb"Recombine"$ function, for discrete componentwise multi Ч GA recombination      126
$\verb"Recombine"$ function, for ES multirecombination on parameter lists      233Ч234
$\verb"Recombine"$ function, for four-range multi-GA recombination      132Ч133
$\verb"Recombine"$ function, for GA four-point crossover      128
$\verb"Recombine"$ function, for GA one-point crossover      127
$\verb"Recombine"$ function, for global ES recombination      241
$\verb"Recombine"$ function, for masked GA multi-point crossover      130Ч131
$\verb"Recombine"$ function, for masked GA one-point crossover      130
$\verb"Recombine"$ function, for masked GA recombination by example      129
$\verb"ribosome"$ function      92 93
$\verb"RL"$ turtle move operation      461
$\verb"RR"$ turtle move operation      461
$\verb"runKLSystem"$ function      452Ч453
$\verb"schemata"$ function      194Ч196
$\verb"Selection"$ function      264
$\verb"selectOperator"$ function      374 375Ч376
$\verb"ShowAutomaton"$ command      300
$\verb"showChromosomes"$ function, for mutated ES chromosomes      224
$\verb"showChromosomes"$ function, for mutated ES chromosomes with adapted step sizes      228 230
$\verb"showChromosomes"$ function, overview      214Ч215
$\verb"showMobile"$ function, for unbalanced mobiles      281Ч282
$\verb"showMobile"$ function, overview      378Ч379
$\verb"showMobile"$ function, visualizing mobiles      379Ч380
$\verb"showMobile3D"$ function, for unbalanced mobiles      281Ч282
$\verb"showMobile3D"$ function, overview      378Ч379
$\verb"showMobile3D"$ function, visualizing mobiles      380Ч381
$\verb"showMobiles"$ function      387
$\verb"showMobiles3D"$ function      387
$\verb"showRecombination"$ function      249
$\verb"splitChromosome"$ function      141Ч142
$\verb"StepSizeAdaptation"$ rule      226 227
$\verb"stop"$ command ($\verb"AntTracker"$)      402Ч403 404
$\verb"subPopulationChromosomePlot"$ function      182
$\verb"subPopulationPlot"$ function      265 269
$\verb"TD"$ turtle attribute      463
$\verb"TermPlot"$ function      353Ч354 355 363
$\verb"TH"$ turtle attribute      463
$\verb"TI"$ turtle attribute      463
$\verb"TN"$ turtle move operation      462
$\verb"tripletToLabel"$ rules      89
$\verb"TS"$ turtle attribute      463
$\verb"turnLeft"$ command ($AntTracker$)      401 402 404
$\verb"turnRight"$ command ($\verb"AntTracker"$)      401 402 404
$\verb"xyDecoding"$ function      181
$\verb"YL"$ turtle move operation      461
$\verb"YR"$ turtle move operation      461 491
Accommodation phase of FSA      302
Adami, Christoph      469
Adaptation in Natural and Artificial Systems      79 208
Adaptations, adaptation steps      62Ч63
Adaptations, as crucial factor for survival      5
Adaptations, as processes      5
Adaptations, as states      4Ч5
Adaptations, components of adaptive systems      61
Adaptations, defined      79
Adaptations, ES mutation with step size adaptation      218 225Ч230
Adaptations, gene pool diversity and      190
Adaptations, mimesis      33Ч34
Adaptations, of individuals vs. populations      4Ч5
Adaptations, operator weight adaptation in GP      428Ч430
Adaptations, progressive change of structures      60
Adaptive systems, feedback components      60
Adaptive systems, main components      61
Adaptive systems, neural networks as      61
Adding, FSA states      306Ч307 308
Adding, FSA transitions      309Ч311
Advances in Genetic Programming      397
AI      see artificial intelligence (AI)
AL      see artificial life (AL)
Algorithmic Beauty of Plants, The      524
Algorithms      (see also evolutionary algorithms for optimization; genetic algorithms)
Algorithms, adaptation algorithm      61
Algorithms, evolutionary algorithms      344 399
Algorithms, evolutionary parameter optimization scheme      71Ч75
Algorithms, for GA evolution      171Ч173
Algorithms, for GA with Evolvica      169Ч173
Algorithms, for selection and mutation of strings      9Ч12
Algorithms, general evolutionary algorithm scheme      63Ч75
Algorithms, induction of programs by evolutionary algorithms      285
Algorithms, of evolution as reproductive plan      64 65
Alleles      85Ч86
Alleles, alphabet setting in Evolvica      85
Alleles, binary GA chromosome with      15
Alleles, dominance and recessivity      99Ч101
Alleles, extraction from RNA chromosomes      116
Alleles, extraction of dominant alleles      100Ч105
Alleles, GA chromosome interpretation      101Ч105
Alleles, point mutation and diversity of      105
Alleles, point mutation of homologous alleles      110
Alleles, possible combinations for diploid chromosomes      100
Alleles, real-value, chromosomes with      93Ч95
American Standard Code for Information Interchange (ASCII)      8
Anabaena catenula growth simulation      451Ч453
Angeline, P. J.      435
Architecture-altering operations (GP)      432Ч434
Architecture-altering operations (GP), automatically defined functions      432Ч433
Architecture-altering operations (GP), automatically defined iterations and loops      434
ArtFlower garden      490Ч493 514Ч518
ArtFlower garden, comparing growth dynamics      517
ArtFlower garden, evolutionТs creativity      514Ч516
ArtFlower garden, genetic operators      497
ArtFlower garden, growth and recursive branching      492 493 494 495
ArtFlower garden, L-system breeding      514
ArtFlower garden, L-system evaluation      514
ArtFlower garden, L-systems of flowering plant      490 491
ArtFlower garden, Lychnis coronaria      490
ArtFlower garden, macro turtle commands      490Ч491
ArtFlower garden, structure formation and growth      492
ArtFlower garden, structure formation dynamics      514
Artificial intelligence (AI)      (see also evolutionary programming)
Artificial intelligence (AI), bottom-up approach      297 549
Artificial intelligence (AI), EP approach      297Ч298
Artificial intelligence (AI), evolution and      3
Artificial intelligence (AI), heuristic programming      297
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