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КнигаСтраницы для поиска
Weintraub S. — Differential Forms. A complement to vector calculus
Olver P.J. — Equivalence, Invariants and Symmetry8
Farkas H., Kra I. — Riemann Surfaces10
Lee J.M. — Introduction to Smooth Manifolds4
Millman R.S., Parker G.D. — Elements of Differential Geometry203
Isham J. — Modern Differential Geometry for Physics61
Ward R.S., Wells R.O. — Twistor geometry and field theory8, 10—12, 14, 15, 17, 19, 22, 53, 54, 62, 65, 66, 74, 76, 81, 97, 100, 163, 189, 315, 343, 350, 376, 378, 383, 391, 394, 399
Lee J.M. — Introduction to Topological Manifolds31
Brin M., Stuck G. — Introdution to dynamical system137
Krantz S.G. — Function Theory of Several Complex Variables493
Keen L., Lakic N. — Table of Contents Hyperbolic Geometry from a Local Viewpoint69
Weickert J. — Visualization and Processing of Tensor Fields: Proceedings of the Dagstuhl Workshopsee chart
Szekeres P. — A Course in Modern Mathematical Physics: Groups, Hilbert Space and Differential Geometry411
Seppala M. — Geometry of Riemann surfaces and Teichmuller spaces69
Sternberg Sh. — Lectures on Differential Geometry35
Marcja A., Toffalori C. — A Guide to Classical and Modern Model Theory299
Oprea J. — Differential Geometry and Its Applications397
Krantz S.G. — Function theory of several complex variables493
Isham C. — Modern Differential Geometry for Physicists61
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