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Eberly D.H. Ч 3D Game Engine Design. A Practical Approach to Real-Time Computer Graphics
Eberly D.H. Ч 3D Game Engine Design. A Practical Approach to Real-Time Computer Graphics

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Ќазвание: 3D Game Engine Design. A Practical Approach to Real-Time Computer Graphics

јвтор: Eberly D.H.


3D Game Engine Design is the first book to go beyond basic descriptions of algorithms and accurately demonstrate the complex engineering process required to design and build a real-time graphics engine to support physical realism. Faster algorithms will always win out over faster processors and assembly-language optimization techniques. Implementing those algorithms, however, can be a challenge for even experienced programmers.
This book provides rigorous explanations and derivations of all the essential concepts and techniques. Ideas are revealed step by step with numerous code examples and illustrations. Source code implementations are included on the companion CD-ROM to help you understand the full progression from idea, to algorithm, to working code. Since algorithms are not used in isolation, the source code for a complete engine is provided to bring crucial context to the implementations. This book and CD-ROM offer the most comprehensive professional reference available for the development of 3D game engines.
Х Designed for professionals working in game development, simulation, scientific visualization, or virtual worlds
Х Written by a respected game engineer and designer of a leading commercial game engine
Х Thoroughly describes the algorithms-fully implemented in working code-that are the key to writing the fastest, most efficient code possible
Х Provides source code for Windows 95/98/NT/2000, Linux/Unix, and Macintosh platforms.
About the software:
Includes a CD-ROM with C++ source code implementations of all the algorithms covered in the text as well as source code for a complete game engine. Updates for theengine, new ports (such as for the Macintosh), FAQs, and additional material on real-time graphics can be found at Geometric Tools website. The renderer layer of the engine is abstract and can work with whichever API is desired. An OpenGL-based renderer, DirectX8 (Direct3D), and a GLUT-based hardware renderer for either Windows or Linux are included.

язык: en

–убрика: Computer science/¬ычислительна€ геометри€/

—татус предметного указател€: √отов указатель с номерами страниц

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√од издани€: 2000

 оличество страниц: 560

ƒобавлена в каталог: 16.11.2005

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ѕредметный указатель
3D acceleration      2
3D coordinate system      10
3D objects      8 26Ч38
3D objects capsules      32Ч33
3D objects cylinders      35Ч36
3D objects ellipsoids      36Ч38
3D objects lozenges      34Ч35
3D objects oriented boxes      29Ч32
3D objects picking      169Ч183
3D objects spheres      26Ч28
Abstract data types      441
Active blocks      see also УblocksФ 375 381
Active blocks in quadtree      395
Active blocks maximum possible number of      388
Ada      441
Addition, quaternions      11
Adjacent triangles      see also УtrianglesФ 335Ч337
Adjacent triangles Bezier patches      404
Adjacent triangles forming nonconvex quadrilateral      401
Algorithmic issues      5
Alpha channel      108
Ambient color      102 103 104
Ambient light      102Ч103
AMD K6 CPU      139
Angle-axis conversion (quaternion)      16Ч17
Angle-axis conversion (rotation matrix)      15Ч16
Angle-axis quaternion to      17
Angle-axis rotation matrix to      16
Angle-axis to quaternion      16Ч17
Angle-axis to rotation matrix      15Ч16
Angular cubic interpolation      347
Animation      147
Animation defined      143 147
Animation key frame      341Ч347
Animation of characters      341Ч358
Animation updating      148
Application programmer interfaces (APIs)      138
Arc length parameterization by      258
Arc length reparameterization by      260Ч261
Arc length subdivision by      276Ч277
Aspect ratio      90
assignment operator      455
Attributes      99Ч112
Attributes colors      99Ч100
Attributes combining      110Ч112
Attributes computing      136Ч137
Attributes fog      109Ч110
Attributes interpolation      126
Attributes lighting      100Ч104 101Ч104
Attributes materials      101
Attributes order of application      110
Attributes surface      99
Attributes textures      105Ч108
Attributes transparency/opacity      108Ч109
Attributes vertex      99
Axis-aligned boxes      29
Axis-aligned boxes intersection with line      179
Axis-aligned boxes intersection with line segment      176Ч177
Axis-aligned boxes intersection with linear component      172Ч173
Axis-aligned boxes intersection with ray      177Ч178
Axis-aligned boxes represented at two points      29
Axis-aligned boxes spheres containing      26Ч27
Axis-aligned ellipses      120Ч122
Axis-aligned ellipsoid      37
B-spline curves nonparametric      258 267Ч271
B-spline curves parameterized      268
B-spline polynomial      268 302
Back child      417
Back face culling      see also УcullingФ 92Ч93
Back face culling cost      97
Back face culling defined      92
Back face culling illustrated      93
Back-to-front drawing      420Ч423
Barycentric coordinates      399Ч400 401 402
Bernstein polynomials      261 403
Bezier curves      see also УcurvesФ 258 261Ч264
Bezier curves barycentric form of      262
Bezier curves benefits      261
Bezier curves definitions      261Ч262
Bezier curves degree elevation      263
Bezier curves degree reduction      263Ч264 295
Bezier curves derivative of      262
Bezier curves evaluation      262
Bezier curves source code      261
Bezier cylinder surfaces      see also УsurfacesФ 288 301Ч302
Bezier cylinder surfaces defined      301
Bezier cylinder surfaces degree elevation      302
Bezier cylinder surfaces degree reduction      302
Bezier cylinder surfaces evaluation      302
Bezier cylinder surfaces source code      301
Bezier cylinder surfaces subdivision      328
Bezier net construction      399
Bezier rectangle patches      see also УsurfacesФ 293Ч297
Bezier rectangle patches definitions      294
Bezier rectangle patches degree elevation      295
Bezier rectangle patches degree reduction      295Ч297
Bezier rectangle patches evaluation      294
Bezier rectangle patches popularity      293
Bezier rectangle patches source code      294
Bezier rectangle patches speed vs. accuracy tradeoff      294
Bezier rectangle patches subdivision      see also УBezier rectangle patches; subdivisionФ 306Ч321
Bezier rectangle patches subdivision adjustments for camera model      316
Bezier rectangle patches subdivision cracking      316Ч321
Bezier rectangle patches subdivision for center point      309 315
Bezier rectangle patches subdivision for midpoints      309 315
Bezier rectangle patches subdivision nonuniform      313Ч316
Bezier rectangle patches subdivision recursive algorithm      310Ч313
Bezier rectangle patches subdivision source code      306
Bezier rectangle patches subdivision total number of vertices      310
Bezier rectangle patches subdivision uniform      306Ч313
Bezier rectangles      288
Bezier triangle patches      see also УsurfacesФ 297Ч301
Bezier triangle patches definitions      297
Bezier triangle patches degree elevation      298
Bezier triangle patches degree reduction      298Ч301
Bezier triangle patches source code      297
Bezier triangle patches subdivision      321Ч328
Bezier triangle patches subdivision nonuniform      323Ч328
Bezier triangle patches subdivision source code      322
Bezier triangle patches subdivision uniform      322Ч323
Bezier triangle patches using      297
Bezier triangles      401Ч402 404
Bezout determinant      77 471
Bilinear interpolation      397
Bilinear interpolation defined      106
Billboards      360Ч361
Billboards alignment relative to eye point      361
Billboards axial alignment      361
Billboards coordinate system      361
Billboards defined      360
Billboards elements      361
Billboards orientation      360Ч361
Billboards screen aligned      361
Binary space partitioning (BSP) trees      417Ч426
Binary space partitioning (BSP) trees back-to-front drawing      420Ч423
Binary space partitioning (BSP) trees Boolean operators between      426
Binary space partitioning (BSP) trees collision detection      425Ч426
Binary space partitioning (BSP) trees construction of      418Ч420
Binary space partitioning (BSP) trees current down state representation      424
Binary space partitioning (BSP) trees defined      417
Binary space partitioning (BSP) trees FAQ      418
Binary space partitioning (BSP) trees for sorting polygons      420
Binary space partitioning (BSP) trees front-to-back drawing      423Ч424
Binary space partitioning (BSP) trees hidden surface removal      420Ч424
Binary space partitioning (BSP) trees illustrated      418
Binary space partitioning (BSP) trees implementation of      418
Binary space partitioning (BSP) trees picking      425Ч426
Binary space partitioning (BSP) trees quadtrees/octrees vs.      417
Binary space partitioning (BSP) trees visibility determination      424Ч425
Binary trees for right block      384
Binary trees nodes      383
Binary trees recursive traversal of      391
Binary trees traversed in depth-first order      384
Bisection      486 490
Bisection defined      486
Bisection in many dimensions      490
Bisection in one dimension      486
Bisection source code      486 490
Blending matrices      268 302
Block culling, visibility testing      370
Block-based simplification      see also УsimplificationФ 375Ч381
Block-based simplification close terrain assumption      378Ч379
Block-based simplification defined      375
Block-based simplification distant terrain assumption      376Ч378
Block-based simplification minimal triangulation after      382
Block-based simplification no assumption      379Ч381
BLOCKS      see also УterrainФ
Blocks active      375 381 388 395
Blocks Boolean flag      385
Blocks child      372 388
Blocks even      382 385 386
Blocks initialization of      386
Blocks interval of uncertainty      376
Blocks left      384
Blocks odd      382 385
Blocks parity      390
Blocks primitive      370
Blocks quadtree      370 375 385 413
Blocks queue of      385
Blocks rendering      383Ч384
Blocks right      384
Blocks root      381 386
Blocks sibling      372Ч373
Blocks stride information      385
Blocks structure information      385
Blocks topology      372
Blocks unprocessed      388
Blocks vertex dependencies      382
Bounding roots      see also Уpolynomial rootsФ 487Ч489
Bounding roots by derivative sequences      487Ч488
Bounding roots by Sturm sequences      488Ч489
Bounding sphere      158
Bounding volumes      92 142 145Ч146
Bounding volumes at nodes      142Ч143
Bounding volumes automatic generation of      187
Bounding volumes comparisons      188
Bounding volumes cylinders and      191
Bounding volumes defined      143
Bounding volumes inside frustum plane      166
Bounding volumes intersection tests between      188
Bounding volumes intersection with view frustum      92 157
Bounding volumes model, computing      148
Bounding volumes object orientation changes and      159
Bounding volumes of parent node      145 146
Bounding volumes ray intersection      170
Bounding volumes trees      426
Bounding volumes updating      147
Bounding volumes world      155
Brent's method      482
Bresenham's algorithm      113 117 120 124
Bump Mapping      see also Уspecial effectsФ 429Ч430
Bump mapping defined      429
Bump mapping derivative-based      430
C++      441Ч442
callbacks      245
Callbacks Boolean return value      253
Callbacks defined      187
Camera click      157
Camera models      79 84Ч91
Camera models Bezier rectangle patches subdivision adjustments for      316
Camera models defined      85
Camera models general      87
Camera models implementation of      87 88
Camera models left direction      85
Camera models matrix product      88
Camera models standard      85Ч87
Camera models up direction      85
Camera models view direction      85
Capsules      see also У3D objectsФ 32Ч33
Capsules axis      196
Capsules capsule intersection with (dynamic object-object)      216 217
Capsules capsule intersection with (static object-object)      205
Capsules defined      32
Capsules dynamic      190 196Ч197
Capsules end points      33 34
Capsules intersection of linear components with      179Ч180
Capsules least-squares fit      33
Capsules line intersection with      190
Capsules line segment      179 196
Capsules lozenge intersection with      205
Capsules merging      151
Capsules minimum of minimum-area projected circles      33
Capsules origin      190
Capsules plane intersection with      196Ч197
Capsules radius      160 179
Capsules sphere intersection with      205
Casteljau algorithm      262
Catmull Ч Rom interpolation      271
Catmull Ч Rom splines      272
CD-ROM, this book      5
Cendes Ч Wong algorithm      404
Characteristic polynomial      472
child nodes      see also Уnodes; parent nodesФ 143
Child nodes defined      141
Child nodes updating      155
Circles fitting, to 2D points      476Ч478
Circles inscribed      400Ч401
Circles minimum-area projected      33
Circles points to, in 3D      68Ч69
Circles rasterizing      117Ч119
Circles squared distance between points on      69
Circles to circles in 3D      69Ч73
Circular queues      386 388
Clamped splines      266
Clip vertices copying, avoiding      96
Clip vertices costs      96Ч97
Clip vertices defined      94
Clip vertices increased number with each frustum plane      99
Clipped objects      84
Clipped triangles      135 137
Clipping      see also УcullingФ 93Ч99
Clipping defined      80 91 93
Clipping geometric      132Ч133
Clipping in model space      98
Clipping in view space      98Ч99
Clipping in world space      97
Clipping minimum execution time      133
Clipping of vertices      132
Clipping pipeline      96
Clipping planes      92 414
Clipping pseudocode      94Ч96
Clipping triangle mesh      133Ч136
Close terrain assumption      see also Уdistant terrain assumptionФ 370
Close terrain assumption block-based simplification      378Ч379
Close terrain assumption vertex-based simplification      374Ч375
Closed splines      267
Closed-form algorithm      248
Closest points      see also УpointsФ 45
Closest points on ellipse      65
Closest points on ellipsoid      66
Closest points segment parameter of      39
Closest points to line segment      38
Closest points to rectangle      57
Coaffinity      404
Coaffinity midpoint subdivision and      408
Coaffinity two subtriangles and      409
Coaffinity verifying      408
Coefficient triangles      297
Colliding objects      142
Collision detection      185Ч256
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