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Pindyck R.S., Rubinfeld D.L. Ч Microeconomics
Pindyck R.S., Rubinfeld D.L. Ч Microeconomics

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Ќазвание: Microeconomics

јвторы: Pindyck R.S., Rubinfeld D.L.


This book is well known for its coverage of modern topics (Game theory, Economics of Information, and Behavioral Economics), clarity of its writing style and graphs, and integrated use of real world examples. The emphasis on relevance and application to both managerial and public-policy decision-making are focused goals of the book. This emphasis is accomplished by including MANY extended examples that cover such topics as the analysis of demand, cost, and market efficiency; the design of pricing strategies; investment and production decisions; and public policy analysis. Economists and strategists looking to stay current with economic information.

язык: en

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»здание: third edition

 оличество страниц: 699

ƒобавлена в каталог: 05.06.2005

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ѕредметный указатель
Accounting cost      194Ч195
Accounting profit      258 260Ч261
Acreage limitation program      295Ч296
Ad valorem tax      305
Adams, Walter      448
Adams, William J.      390
Additional-worker effect      7
Adverse selection, and insurance      596Ч597
Advertising      362 392Ч397
Advertising in game Strategy      456Ч458
Advertising, designer jeans      396
Advertising, effects on revenue      393Ч394
Advertising, price maximization rule      395
Advertising, supermarkets      396Ч397
Aggregate demand for wheat      111Ч112
Aggregate demand, usefulness of      108
Air conditioners, purchase decisions      542Ч543
Air pollution control and emissions      628Ч637
Air pollution control, bubble program      636
Air pollution control, effluent fees      207Ч209
Air pollution control, offset program      636
Airbus      480Ч481
Airline industry, competition and collusion in      468Ч469
Airline industry, deregulation of      290Ч292
Airline industry, jet fuel, demand for      498Ч500
Airline industry, price discrimination      374
Airline industry, price fixing attempt      356Ч357
Akerlof, George A.      594
American Airlines      357 468Ч469
Antitrust laws      353Ч354
Antitrust laws, Clayton Act      354
Antitrust laws, enforcement of      355Ч356
Antitrust laws, Federal Trade Commission Act      355
Antitrust laws, Robinson Ч Patman Act      354Ч355
Antitrust laws, Sherman Act      354
Arbitrage      12
Arbitrageurs      12
Arc elasticity, of demand      109Ч111
Asset beta      538Ч539
Assets and capital gain      156
Assets, expected return      158 160Ч161
Assets, real return      157
Assets, riskless assets      157
Assets, risky assets      155Ч162
Asymmetric information      593
Asymmetric information and incentive design      616
Asymmetric information and lemons market      594Ч600
Asymmetric information and market failure      597
Asymmetric information in integrated firm      613Ч616
Asymmetric information in labor markets      616Ч619
Asymmetric information, market signaling      600Ч604
Asymmetric information, moral hazard      604Ч607
Asymmetric information, principal-agent problem      608Ч613
Automobiles, consumer choice      75Ч77
Automobiles, consumer preferences      67Ч68
Automobiles, demand for      33Ч37
Automobiles, emission standards      9Ч10
Automobiles, import quotas      585Ч586
Average cost      198Ч199
Average cost in long run      211Ч212
Average cost, average cost curve      201 203
Average cost, average fixed cost      199
Average cost, average total cost      198Ч199
Average cost, variable cost      199Ч201 247
Average product, of labor      171Ч174
Average revenue, and monopoly      321Ч322
Average variable cost      199Ч201
Average variable cost, calculation of      247
Axelrod, Robert      464
Bailey, Elizabeth E.      217
Baily, Martin N.      39 179
Bandwagon effect      118Ч120
Banking price leadership in      440Ч442
Bargaining and economic efficiency      641Ч643
Bargaining and property rights      641Ч643
Bargaining strategy      484Ч486
Barlow, Connie C.      50
Barnett, A. H.      287
Barney, Dwane L.      287
Barriers to entry      339 419 477Ч481
Baseball as cartel      513Ч514
Baseball, lemons market      598Ч600
Baseball, monopsony power      513Ч514
Baumol, William J.      272 634
Bazerman, Max      455
Becker, Gary S.      149
Bell, Frederick W.      647
Belobaba, Peter R.      375
Bentham, Jeremy      572
Berliner, Diane T.      586
Berndt, Ernst R.      397
Bertrand model      428Ч429
Bertrand, Joseph      428
Beta, of stock      538Ч539
Bilateral monopoly      352
Bilateral monopoly in labor market      517Ч518
Blair, Roger D.      287
bonds      528Ч532
Bonds perpetuity      529
Bonds, discount bonds      550
Bonds, effective yield      529Ч531
Bonds, present value of cash flow from      528Ч529
Bonds, Treasury bonds      550
Bonds, yield on corporate bonds      531Ч532
Bonus      See Incentives
Bovard, J.      299
Boyle, Robert      5
Braniff Airways      356Ч357
Brealey, Richard      162 537
Bubble program, air pollution control      636
Budget line      69Ч73
Budget line and income changes      71Ч72
Budget line and price changes      72Ч73
Budget line for revealed preference      81Ч83
Budget line for risk/return trade-off      160Ч162
Bundling      362 384Ч392
Bundling and tying      392
Bundling, mixed bundling      389Ч390
Bundling, pure bundling      390
Business cycle      35
buyers      10
Camera, two-part tariff      383Ч384
Capacity constraints, and supply      38
Capital asset pricing model      538Ч539
Capital gain      156
Capital investment      See Investments
Capital loss      156
Capital, durability of      522
Capital, measurement of      523
Capital, opportunity cost of      533
Capital-intensive technology      185
Cardinal ranking, indifference curves      63
Cartel      444Ч448
Cartel, baseball as      513Ч514
Cartel, CIPEC copper cartel      445Ч447
Cartel, intercollegiate athletics      447Ч448
Cartel, OPEC oil cartel      444Ч446
Cartel, pricing by      445Ч446
Ceiling price      49
Ceiling price, effects in aggregate      284
Ceiling price, natural gas      50Ч51
Ceiling price, price controls      49Ч51
Centner, Terence J.      606
Central tendency, expected value measure of      140
Chemical processing industry      223Ч224
Chow, Gregory      122
Christensen, Laurits      227
Chrystal, K. Alee      586
Cigliano, Joseph M.      499
CIPEC copper cartel      445Ч447
Clayton Act      354
Clean Air Act      9Ч10 116 636
Clean air, consumer surplus      115Ч116
Clean air, demand for      652Ч654
Clean air, value of      116Ч117; See also Air pollution control
Coal, forecasting demand for      665Ч666
Coase Theorem      643 644Ч645
Coase, Ronald      643 649
Cobb-Douglas production function      236Ч237
Coffee, demand and supply      39Ч41
Coffee, monopolistic competition      418Ч419
Colas, monopolistic competition      418Ч419
Collusion, airline industry      468Ч469
Collusion, versus competition      431 433Ч436
Commercial paper, interest rate of      550
Commitment, as competitive strategy      473Ч475
Common property      See Property resources common
Comparative advantage, and free trade      582Ч583
Competition, monopolistic      See Monopolistic competition
Competition, output efficiency      579Ч580
Competition, versus collusion      431 433Ч436
Competitive equilibrium      568Ч570
Competitive equilibrium and production efficiency      576Ч577
Competitive equilibrium, long run      259Ч260
Competitive factor markets      491Ч510
Competitive factor markets, equilibrium      506Ч509
Competitive factor markets, factor input and one variable input      492Ч495
Competitive factor markets, factor input and Several variable inputs      495Ч496
Competitive factor markets, market demand curve      496Ч498
Competitive factor markets, market supply of inputs      502Ч504
Competitive factor markets, supply of inputs      500Ч502
Competitive firm as price taker      242
Competitive firm, demand curve      241Ч243
Competitive firm, input price change, response to      249Ч250
Competitive firm, losses of      245Ч246
Competitive firm, output tax, effects of      267Ч270
Competitive firm, producer surplus      255Ч256
Competitive firm, profit maximization by      243Ч246
Competitive firm, short-run profit      245Ч246
Competitive firm, supply curve, short-run      248Ч250
Competitive market      11Ч12
Competitive market, efficiency of      283Ч285 587Ч588
Competitive market, perfectly competitive market      271Ч272
Competitive strategy of retail store chain      475Ч476
Competitive strategy, arid international competition      479Ч431
Competitive strategy, bargaining strategy      484Ч486
Competitive strategy, barriers to entry      477Ч481
Competitive strategy, commitment      473Ч475
Competitive strategy, reputation      475
Competitive strategy, strategic move      472
Competitive strategy, threats      472Ч473
Complements, goods as      31Ч32 36 101 561
Complements, perfect complements      67
Computers, demand for      121Ч122
Concentration ratio      339
Consortium, decision to join      485
Constant returns to scale      187
Constant sum game      454
Constant-cost industry      264Ч265
Constant-cost industry, long-run supply curve for      264
Consumer behavior, budget constraints      69Ч73
Consumer behavior, consumer choice      73Ч81
Consumer behavior, consumer preferences      58Ч68
Consumer behavior, revealed preference      81Ч85
Consumer behavior, utility      85Ч89
Consumer choice      73Ч81
Consumer choice and indifference curve      74Ч75
Consumer choice, automobiles      75Ч77
Consumer choice, dual nature of      134Ч135
Consumer choice, maximization of consumer satisfaction      74Ч75
Consumer preferences      58Ч68
Consumer preferences for automobiles      67Ч68
Consumer preferences, basic assumptions about      59Ч65
Consumer preferences, indifference curves      59Ч67; See also Revealed preference
Consumer Price Index (CPI)      13
Consumer satisfaction, maximization of      74Ч75
Consumer satisfaction, utility      85Ч88
Consumer surplus      113Ч116 277Ч278
Consumer surplus to evaluate government policies      279Ч281
Consumer surplus, calculation from demand curve      114Ч116
Consumer surplus, capturing by firm      362Ч363
Contestable markets      272Ч273
Contract curve      426 566Ч568
Convexity, indifference curves      65
Cooperative games      433Ч434 454Ч455
Cooter, Robert      642
Cootner, Paul H.      39
Copper, CIPEC copper cartel      445Ч447
Copper, price and declining demand      45Ч46
Copper, short-run world supply      253Ч255
Copper, supply of      39
Copyright      339
Corner solution      79Ч80
Corner solution and marginal rate of substitution      79
Corner solution, trust fund example      80Ч81
Corporate bonds, coupon payments      528 531
Corporate bonds, interest rate of      550
Corporate bonds, yield on      531Ч532
Corporations, decision-making      8Ч9
Cost and diminishing returns      200
Cost curves      201Ч203
Cost curves, average cost curve      201 203
Cost curves, marginal cost curve      201 203
Cost curves, total cost curve      201
Cost functions      224Ч230
Cost functions and measurement of scale economies      227
Cost functions for electric power      227Ч229
Cost functions for savings and loan industry      229
Cost functions, Cobb Ч Douglas      236Ч237
Cost functions, cubic cost function      226
Cost functions, quadratic cost function      225Ч226
Cost in long run      204Ч210 211Ч216
Cost in short run      198Ч203 210 213Ч216
Cost, accounting cost      194Ч195
Cost, average fixed cost      199
Cost, average variable cost      199Ч201 247
Cost, cost-minimization and output level      209
Cost, cost-minimizing input choice      204Ч209
Cost, dynamic changes in      219Ч224
Cost, economic cost      194Ч195
Cost, economies of scope      216Ч219
Cost, estimation/prediction of      224Ч230
Cost, explicit cost      194
Cost, fixed cost      198 201
Cost, input factors      204Ч209
Cost, isocost line      204Ч205
Cost, long run versus short run      210Ч216
Cost, marginal cost      75 198 200 247
Cost, opportunity cost      194 196Ч197
Cost, production,cost relationship      200Ч201
Cost, sunk costs      195
Cost, total cost      198
Cost, variable cost      198 201;
Cost-benefit, reduced emissions      634Ч635
Cost-minimization and input choice      204Ч209
Cost-minimization and output level      209
Cost-minimization, mathematical treatment of      233Ч237
Coughlin, Cletus      586
Coupon payments      528 531
Coupons, as price discrimination      372Ч373
Cournot model and Nash equilibrium      424 458
Cournot model, Cournot equilibrium      423Ч427
Cournot model, output decisions      422Ч424
Cournot model, reaction curves in      423 425Ч426
Cournot, Augustin      421
Cramer, Gail L.      303
Crandall Robert W.      585
Crandall, Robert      356Ч357 468
Credit market, as lemons market      597Ч598
Crime, and fines      149Ч150
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