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Mobley R.K. Plant Engineering Handbook
Mobley R.K.  Plant Engineering Handbook


: Plant Engineering Handbook

: Mobley R.K.


Every plant engineer's bookshelf should contain at least one basic engineering reference. And if you're only going to have one, Plant Engineer's Handbook is a good candidate. This volume is a completely revised edition of Plant Engineer's Reference Book, which was published about 10 years ago.

As chief editor of the handbook, Keith Mobley has done a masterful job of assembling the contributions of 40 contributors into 64 chapters that cover the entire plant engineering function from definition to technology to management. In fact, this handbook stands out from most other engineering handbooks by including information on such issues as insurance, finances, and maintenance management in addition to the engineering knowledge plant engineers require. - Plant Engineering Magazine

This book covers the things a plant engineer does-such as selection of a suitable site for a factory and provision of basic facilities - as well as issues such as labrication, corrosion, energy conservation, maintenance and materials handling environment, insurance and finances. The volume provides a comprehensive treatment of the maintenance management funuction. In addition to chapters outlining the operation of plant equipment, there is advice on getting the most out of the equipment and its operators. -llE Solutions

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: 1st edition

: 2001

: 2000

: 21.05.2008

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Hydraulic actuators, valves and equipment, pipes, preparation      674
Hydraulic actuators, valves and equipment, pipes, steel      674
Hydraulic actuators, valves and equipment, pipes, tube flaring      676
Hydraulic actuators, valves and equipment, pipes, wall thickness and sizing      673674
Hydraulic actuators, valves and equipment, reservoirs      663664
Hydraulic fluids      654663 935938
Hydraulic fluids, acidity, freedom from      660
Hydraulic fluids, air content problems      936
Hydraulic fluids, care of oils and systems      937938
Hydraulic fluids, chemical stability      659
Hydraulic fluids, cleanliness      660
Hydraulic fluids, compressibility      660
Hydraulic fluids, contamination control      662
Hydraulic fluids, contamination control, fluid sampling      662663
Hydraulic fluids, contamination, air      661
Hydraulic fluids, contamination, classification      660661
Hydraulic fluids, contamination, foreign fluids      661662
Hydraulic fluids, contamination, inorganic solids      661
Hydraulic fluids, contamination, metallic      661
Hydraulic fluids, contamination, organic      661
Hydraulic fluids, contamination, particulate      661
Hydraulic fluids, contamination, solvents      661
Hydraulic fluids, contamination, water      661
Hydraulic fluids, cooling effects      655
Hydraulic fluids, density      655656 660
Hydraulic fluids, fire resistance      936937
Hydraulic fluids, firepoint      660
Hydraulic fluids, flashpoint      660
Hydraulic fluids, foaming tendencies      660
Hydraulic fluids, high water-based fluids      937
Hydraulic fluids, lubricating power      659
Hydraulic fluids, lubricating properties      935938
Hydraulic fluids, lubrication      654655
Hydraulic fluids, oxidation stability      936
Hydraulic fluids, pressure effects      936
Hydraulic fluids, properties      655660
Hydraulic fluids, purpose      654655
Hydraulic fluids, sealing      655
Hydraulic fluids, specific gravity      655656
Hydraulic fluids, toxicity      660
Hydraulic fluids, viscosity      656658
Hydraulic fluids, viscosity, absolute viscosity      656
Hydraulic fluids, viscosity, kinematic viscosity/the stoke      657
Hydraulic fluids, viscosity, measurement of      656
Hydraulic fluids, viscosity, Poise viscosity/the Poise      656
Hydraulic fluids, viscosity, Pour point      658659
Hydraulic fluids, viscosity, SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) number      657658
Hydraulic fluids, viscosity, SUS (Saybolt universal seconds)      657
Hydraulic fluids, viscosity, viscosity index (VI)      658659 936
Hydraulic/hydrostatic fundamentals      639686
Hydraulic/hydrostatic fundamentals, application types      643644
Hydraulic/hydrostatic fundamentals, atmospheric pressure      645
Hydraulic/hydrostatic fundamentals, Bernoullis principle      650
Hydraulic/hydrostatic fundamentals, fluid power advantages      641
Hydraulic/hydrostatic fundamentals, fluid power vs. electrical systems      641
Hydraulic/hydrostatic fundamentals, fluid power vs. mechanical systems      641
Hydraulic/hydrostatic fundamentals, fluids, hydraulic      see Hydraulic fluids
Hydraulic/hydrostatic fundamentals, force and inertia      648649
Hydraulic/hydrostatic fundamentals, force multiplication      651652
Hydraulic/hydrostatic fundamentals, force over distance      653
Hydraulic/hydrostatic fundamentals, force, pressure and head      649
Hydraulic/hydrostatic fundamentals, frictional problems/minimizing      641642 650
Hydraulic/hydrostatic fundamentals, hazards      642
Hydraulic/hydrostatic fundamentals, history of hydraulics      643
Hydraulic/hydrostatic fundamentals, hydraulics (liquids in motion)      647653
Hydraulic/hydrostatic fundamentals, hydrostatics (liquids at rest)      644647
Hydraulic/hydrostatic fundamentals, inertia and force      648649
Hydraulic/hydrostatic fundamentals, kinetic energy      649
Hydraulic/hydrostatic fundamentals, Newtons first law of motion      648
Hydraulic/hydrostatic fundamentals, Pascals law      645646 649650
Hydraulic/hydrostatic fundamentals, pressure and force      644 651653
Hydraulic/hydrostatic fundamentals, pressure and shape      647
Hydraulic/hydrostatic fundamentals, pressure, and state of matter      643
Hydraulic/hydrostatic fundamentals, pump basics, displacement rating      653654
Hydraulic/hydrostatic fundamentals, pump basics, operating pressure      653
Hydraulic/hydrostatic fundamentals, pump basics, performance      653654
Hydraulic/hydrostatic fundamentals, pump basics, ratings      653
Hydraulic/hydrostatic fundamentals, pump basics, volume efficiency      654 (see also Pumps/pumping)
Hydraulic/hydrostatic fundamentals, solids, liquids and gases      643
Hydraulic/hydrostatic fundamentals, static and dynamic factors      649650
Hydraulic/hydrostatic fundamentals, streamline/laminar flow      648
Hydraulic/hydrostatic fundamentals, transmission of forces      643
Hydraulic/hydrostatic fundamentals, turbulent flow      648
Hydraulic/hydrostatic fundamentals, volume and velocity of flow      647
Hydraulic/hydrostatic fundamentals, volume of flow and speed      647648
Hydrochloric acid, corrosion of pipes and tanks by      971972
Hydrogen-induced cracking (HIC)      968
Hypoid bevel gears      635 1031 10351036
Hypoid bevel gears, lubrication      927928
Imbalance of rotors      see Rotor balancing
Impedance transducers      269
Incorporated Engineers (IEng)      11
Induction motors      see Squirrel-cage induction motors
Industrial boilers      see Boiler installation and pipework Boiler Boiler
Industrial dryers, steam traps for      374
Industrial effluent disposal      see Effluent discharge/disposal
Infrared imaging, for thermography      872873
Infrared thermometers      872
Inspection of plant and equipment      163172
Inspection of plant and equipment, boiler and pressure plant      165166 176 177 183
Inspection of plant and equipment, centrifugal pumps      171
Inspection of plant and equipment, competent persons      165
Inspection of plant and equipment, cranes      166167 171
Inspection of plant and equipment, electrical plant      166 167 171 179 181 182
Inspection of plant and equipment, elevators (lifts)      166 170171 175
Inspection of plant and equipment, inspection authority role      163165
Inspection of plant and equipment, insurance on      166167
Inspection of plant and equipment, laboratory chemical water examination      171172
Inspection of plant and equipment, mechanical plant      166 167
Inspection of plant and equipment, metallurgical testing      171
Inspection of plant and equipment, non-destructive testing      171
Inspection of plant and equipment, power presses      178
Inspection of plant and equipment, pressure plant/vessels, steam and air      166 170
Inspection of plant and equipment, statutory report forms      174183
Inspection of plant and equipment, technical services for      170172 (see also Engineer surveyors)
Instrumentation      see Acoustics acoustic Bridge Cathode Centralized Data Electricity Force Frequency Multimeters Multimeters digital Power Spectrum Temperature Voltmeters
Insulation materials, thermal      131146
Insulation materials, thermal, acoustic properties      140
Insulation materials, thermal, aluminum foil facings      142
Insulation materials, thermal, Approved Document L, controls for space heating and hot water systems      139
Insulation materials, thermal, Approved Document L, heat loss through building fabric      137138
Insulation materials, thermal, Approved Document L, insulation of hot water systems      139
Insulation materials, thermal, beveled lags      142
Insulation materials, thermal, blowing wool      142
Insulation materials, thermal, BS 5422      139
Insulation materials, thermal, Building Regulations (1990)      137
Insulation materials, thermal, calcium silicate      144145
Insulation materials, thermal, cellular glass      145
Insulation materials, thermal, ceramic fibers      144
Insulation materials, thermal, chemical resistance      140
Insulation materials, thermal, chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs)      141
Insulation materials, thermal, density effects      140141
Insulation materials, thermal, exfoliated vermiculite      145
Insulation materials, thermal, expanded polystyrene      145
Insulation materials, thermal, extruded polystyrene      145146
Insulation materials, thermal, facings      142
Insulation materials, thermal, fire safety      140
Insulation materials, thermal, glass cloth facings      143
Insulation materials, thermal, glass wool      143144
Insulation materials, thermal, heat transfer, conduction      133 134
Insulation materials, thermal, heat transfer, convection      133134
Insulation materials, thermal, heat transfer, radiation      134
Insulation materials, thermal, lamella      142
Insulation materials, thermal, laminate facings      143
Insulation materials, thermal, limiting temperatures      139
Insulation materials, thermal, loose fill      142
Insulation materials, thermal, magnesia      144
Insulation materials, thermal, mat or blanket      142
Insulation materials, thermal, mattress      142
Insulation materials, thermal, mechanical strength      140
Insulation materials, thermal, mineral wool      143
Insulation materials, thermal, molded products      142
Insulation materials, thermal, paper facings      142
Insulation materials, thermal, phenolic foam      146
Insulation materials, thermal, pipe sections      141142
Insulation materials, thermal, polyisocyanurate foam      146
Insulation materials, thermal, purpose      133
Insulation materials, thermal, PVC facings      142
Insulation materials, thermal, quilt      142
Insulation materials, thermal, rigid polyurethane foam      146
Insulation materials, thermal, robustness      140
Insulation materials, thermal, rock wool      143144
Insulation materials, thermal, rolls      142
Insulation materials, thermal, slab and board      141
Insulation materials, thermal, sprayed foam      142
Insulation materials, thermal, sprayed insulation      142
Insulation materials, thermal, surface emissivity      140
Insulation materials, thermal, temperature effects      141
Insulation materials, thermal, thermal movement      140
Insulation materials, thermal, tissue facings      142
Insulation materials, thermal, water supply bylaws      139
Insulation materials, thermal, weather resistance      140
Insulation materials, thermal, wire netting facings      143 (see also Heat loss calculations)
Insulation of buildings and energy conservation      512513
Insulation of buildings, building regulations      449451
Insulation of buildings, heat loss estimates      451
Insulation of buildings, roofs, external      449
Insulation of buildings, roofs, U values for materials      450
Insulation of buildings, roofs, under-drawing      449
Insulation of buildings, roofs, with false ceilings      450
Insulation of buildings, statutory regulations      449
Insulation of buildings, Thermal Insulation (Industrial Buildings) (1957)      449
Insulation of buildings, walls and windows      449451
Insulation of buildings, walls and windows, U values      450451
Insulation of buildings, windows/glazing      450451
Insulation, noise insulation      140 715716
Insurance, access control      193
Insurance, building fabric      192
Insurance, building fabric, boiler and pressure plant      166
Insurance, building fabric, business interruption      187
Insurance, building fabric, claim procedures      172
Insurance, building fabric, cranes and lifting machinery      166167
Insurance, building fabric, doors and shutters      192
Insurance, building fabric, electrical plant      167
Insurance, building fabric, fire      187188
Insurance, building fabric, history      163
Insurance, building fabric, inspection authority role      163165
Insurance, building fabric, intruder alarms      192193
Insurance, building fabric, legislation      163
Insurance, building fabric, lifts and hoists      167
Insurance, building fabric, loss adjusters      172
Insurance, building fabric, mechanical plant      167
Insurance, building fabric, plant and equipment      161183
Insurance, building fabric, reportable accidents      172
Insurance, building fabric, statutory requirements      164
Insurance, building fabric, storage tanks and contents      166
Insurance, security and theft      189192
Insurance, windows      192 (see also Engineer surveyors Fire Inspection Liability Security)
Intruder alarms      192
ISO 9000 series of standards      165
Jackshafts and spindles, failure mode analysis      810811
Just in time (JIT) manufacture      69
Kerosene burners      see Oil burners
Keys, keyways and keyseats      10741077
Keys, keyways and keyseats, key shapes      1075
Keys, keyways and keyseats, keyway depth and width      1075
Keys, keyways and keyseats, manufacturing tolerances      1076
Keys, keyways and keyseats, shaft and hub dimensions      1075
Keys, keyways and keyseats, standard flat keys and keyway      1076
Keys, keyways and keyseats, standard square keys and keyway      1076
Keys, keyways and keyseats, stress calculations, keys      10761077
Keys, keyways and keyseats, stress calculations, shafts      1077
Labor relations, and plant location      38
Lagging, corrosion under      975
Lamps      see Electric lamps Luminaires
Land pollution, and plant location      42
Landlord responsibilities, plant engineers      5
Landscaping, on contaminated land      3032
Landscaping, on uncontaminated land      3234
Langelier Saturation Index, for cooling tower water      577
Laundry equipment, steam traps for      374
Laws of thermodynamics, and compressors      604606
Laxtons Building Price Book      54
Layout planning      see Plant layout planning
Leak detection by vibration analysis      724
Leases, assigning and sub-letting      52
Leases, basic contents of      51
Leases, covenants      51
Leases, preparation      51
Leases, rents      5152
Leases, reviews      52
Leather shaft seals      956
Letters of intent, and contracts      93
Liability insurance      193198
Liability insurance, breach of contract      194
Liability insurance, breach of statutory duty      194
Liability insurance, cover provided      194195
Liability insurance, employers liability      194198
Liability insurance, legal requirements      194
Liability insurance, negligence      194
Liability insurance, nuisance      194
Liability insurance, pollution      198
Liability insurance, public liability (third party)      194195 198
Liability insurance, third party liability      194
Liability insurance, tort      193 194
Liability insurance, visitors      198 (see also Employee safety and employers liability Insurance)
Life-cycle costing      854
Lifts and hoists, insurance on      167
Lifts and hoists, statutory report form for      175 (see also Elevators)
lighting      111130
Lighting and energy conservation      513
Lighting theory, color/color temperature      113
Lighting theory, diffusion      113
Lighting theory, efficacy (luminous efficiency)      113
Lighting theory, foot-candle      113
Lighting theory, frequency of light      113
Lighting theory, illuminance      113
Lighting theory, infrared (IR) radiation      113
Lighting theory, inverse square law      113
Lighting theory, lumen      113
Lighting theory, luminance      113
Lighting theory, luminosity      113
Lighting theory, lux      113
Lighting theory, nature of light      113
Lighting theory, reflection      113
Lighting theory, refraction      113
Lighting theory, ultraviolet (UV) radiation      113
Lighting, lighting design      128130
Lighting, lighting design, lamp/luminaire choice      130
Lighting, lighting design, local      129130
Lighting, lighting design, localized      129
Lighting, lighting design, uniform/general      128129
Lighting, security      192 (see also Electric lamps Emergency Luminaires)
Lignites      338 339
Line scanners, for thermography      872
Linear measure, SI/non-SI conversion factors      318
Liquefied natural gas (LNG)      300
Liquefied natural gas (LNG), storage      310 (see also Gas)
Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG)      321334
Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), applications      331333
Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), applications, advantages over liquid fuels      331332
Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), applications, as motor fuel      332333
Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), composition and properties      323326
Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), composition and properties, associated/unassociated gases      323
Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), composition and properties, butane      323
Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), composition and properties, butene (butylene)      323
Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), composition and properties, coefficient of expansion      326
Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), composition and properties, commercial butane      323 324325
Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), composition and properties, commercial propane      323 324325
Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), composition and properties, flammability limits      326
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