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Mobley R.K. Ч Plant Engineering Handbook
Mobley R.K. Ч Plant Engineering Handbook

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Ќазвание: Plant Engineering Handbook

јвтор: Mobley R.K.


Every plant engineer's bookshelf should contain at least one basic engineering reference. And if you're only going to have one, Plant Engineer's Handbook is a good candidate. This volume is a completely revised edition of Plant Engineer's Reference Book, which was published about 10 years ago.

As chief editor of the handbook, Keith Mobley has done a masterful job of assembling the contributions of 40 contributors into 64 chapters that cover the entire plant engineering function from definition to technology to management. In fact, this handbook stands out from most other engineering handbooks by including information on such issues as insurance, finances, and maintenance management in addition to the engineering knowledge plant engineers require. - Plant Engineering Magazine

This book covers the things a plant engineer does-such as selection of a suitable site for a factory and provision of basic facilities - as well as issues such as labrication, corrosion, energy conservation, maintenance and materials handling environment, insurance and finances. The volume provides a comprehensive treatment of the maintenance management funuction. In addition to chapters outlining the operation of plant equipment, there is advice on getting the most out of the equipment and its operators. -llE Solutions

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»здание: 1st edition

√од издани€: 2001

 оличество страниц: 2000

ƒобавлена в каталог: 21.05.2008

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ѕредметный указатель
Shaft seals, mechanical seals, bent shaft (shaft runout)      1026
Shaft seals, mechanical seals, components and assembly      1020Ч1021
Shaft seals, mechanical seals, driver alignment      1027
Shaft seals, mechanical seals, end play (lateral or axial shaft movement)      1025
Shaft seals, mechanical seals, environmental controls      1028
Shaft seals, mechanical seals, equipment check points      1025
Shaft seals, mechanical seals, installation      1027Ч1028
Shaft seals, mechanical seals, leakage prevention      1021
Shaft seals, mechanical seals, lubrication      1021
Shaft seals, mechanical seals, pipe strain      1027
Shaft seals, mechanical seals, positive drive seal      1022
Shaft seals, mechanical seals, sealing area      1021
Shaft seals, mechanical seals, single-coil spring seal      1021Ч1022
Shaft seals, mechanical seals, startup procedures      1028
Shaft seals, mechanical seals, whip/deflection (radial shaft movement)      1025Ч1026
Shaft seals, packed stuffing boxes      1019Ч1020
Shaft seals, packed stuffing boxes, installation precautions      1022
Shaft seals, packed stuffing boxes, installation procedure      1022Ч1025
Shaft seals, packed stuffing boxes, installation tools      1022
Shaft seals, packed stuffing boxes, stuffing box concentricity      1027
Shaft seals, packed stuffing boxes, stuffing box space      1025
Shaft seals, packed stuffing boxes, stuffing box squareness      1026Ч1027
Shaft seals, packing materials      956Ч957
Shaft seals, packing materials, metallic      957
Shaft seals, packing materials, neoprene      956Ч957
Shaft seals, packing materials, nitrile and polyacrylic materials      956
Shaft seals, packing materials, silicone rubber      956
Shaft seals, packing materials, textile fibers      957
Shaft seals, pumps      557Ч558
Shaft seals, seal materials      956
Shaft seals, seal materials, carbon      956
Shaft seals, seal materials, ceramic      956
Shaft seals, seal materials, face-seal materials      956
Shaft seals, seal materials, leather      956
Shaft seals, seal materials, metal      956
Shaft seals, seal materials, nitrile rubbers      956
Shaft seals, seal materials, polyacrylic resins      956
Shaft seals, seal materials, rubber bellows      956
Shaft seals, seal materials, sealing rings      956
Shaft seals, seal materials, silicone rubber      956
Shaft seals, seal requirements      1019
Shutdown (outage)      889Ч914
Shutdown (outage), corrective action      908Ч912
Shutdown (outage), corrective action, delay corrective actions      909
Shutdown (outage), corrective action, feedback, use of      909Ч910
Shutdown (outage), corrective action, negotiating for materials, supplies and services      910Ч912
Shutdown (outage), costs/budgeting planning      898Ч900
Shutdown (outage), costs/budgeting planning, capital shutdown work      900
Shutdown (outage), costs/budgeting planning, control point identification charts      899
Shutdown (outage), costs/budgeting planning, non-repetitive shutdown work      900
Shutdown (outage), costs/budgeting planning, repetitive shutdown work      899Ч900
Shutdown (outage), costs/budgeting planning, responsibility assignment      899
Shutdown (outage), costs/budgeting planning, standards establishment      899
Shutdown (outage), costs/budgeting planning, typical cost components      898Ч899
Shutdown (outage), costs/budgeting planning, work in progress control      899
Shutdown (outage), definition      891
Shutdown (outage), life cycle of      891
Shutdown (outage), model for successful project management      913Ч914
Shutdown (outage), planning and management      891Ч893
Shutdown (outage), planning and management, brainstorming procedures      892
Shutdown (outage), planning and management, completion check list      913
Shutdown (outage), planning and management, initial meeting      892
Shutdown (outage), planning and management, master shutdown schedule      891
Shutdown (outage), planning and management, objectives      892
Shutdown (outage), planning and management, policy development      892
Shutdown (outage), planning and management, project evaluation form      913
Shutdown (outage), planning and management, shutdown management team      891Ч892
Shutdown (outage), planning and management, task selection      892
Shutdown (outage), planning and management, timetable development      893
Shutdown (outage), project completion      912Ч913
Shutdown (outage), project planning, arrow diagramming      896
Shutdown (outage), project planning, critical path method (CPM)      894Ч896
Shutdown (outage), project planning, critical path method (CPM), history      895
Shutdown (outage), project planning, critical path method (CPM), justifications      896
Shutdown (outage), project planning, critical path method (CPM), potential      895Ч896
Shutdown (outage), project planning, Gantt charts      896 897
Shutdown (outage), project planning, leveling      896
Shutdown (outage), project planning, PERT diagram      896Ч898
Shutdown (outage), project planning, planning steps      893
Shutdown (outage), project planning, project parameters      893
Shutdown (outage), project planning, project specifications      894
Shutdown (outage), project planning, quality aspects      893Ч894
Shutdown (outage), project planning, time dimension planning      894Ч896
Shutdown (outage), schedule updating      906Ч908
Shutdown (outage), schedule updating, budget control charts      907
Shutdown (outage), schedule updating, milestone charts      906
Shutdown (outage), schedule updating, performance monitoring      907Ч908
Shutdown (outage), schedule updating, project control charts      906 907
Shutdown (outage), schedule updating, project costing charts      906
Shutdown (outage), work plan development      901Ч905
Shutdown (outage), work plan development, engineering standards      902Ч903
Shutdown (outage), work plan development, estimates      903Ч904
Shutdown (outage), work plan development, evolution of standards      903
Shutdown (outage), work plan development, guesses      903
Shutdown (outage), work plan development, historical averages      903
Shutdown (outage), work plan development, industrial engineering techniques      903
Shutdown (outage), work plan development, initial work order development      901
Shutdown (outage), work plan development, manpower requirements      901Ч902
Shutdown (outage), work plan development, material requirements      901
Shutdown (outage), work plan development, planner experience      902
Shutdown (outage), work plan development, shutdown assignment meeting      904Ч905
Shutdown (outage), work plan development, work schedules      901
Shutdown (outage), work plan implementation      905Ч906
Shutdown (outage), work plan implementation, daily review      905
Shutdown (outage), work plan implementation, schedule monitoring      905Ч906
Shutdown (outage), work plan implementation, schedule progress      905
Shutdown (outage), work plan implementation, status reporting      905Ч906
SI/non-SI conversion factors      318Ч319
Signature analysis, and vibration      752Ч753 871Ч872
Silicone rubber shaft seals      956
Site drainage      see УDrainage of sitesФ
Site layout realization, ease of expansion      80
Site layout realization, ease of expansion, options      81
Site layout realization, ease of expansion, process and traffic flows      79
Site layout realization, ease of expansion, site constraints      79Ч80
Site meetings, and contracts      94
Site selection      17Ч34 37Ч38
Site selection and access for transport      20Ч21
Site selection and site drainage      22Ч24
Site selection, effluent considerations      22
Site selection, landscaping on industrial/reclaimed land      30Ч34
Site selection, sewage treatment      29Ч30
Site selection, site drainage      22Ч24
Site selection, water storage considerations      27Ч29
Site selection, water supply considerations      24Ч26 (see also УPlant locationФ УWind
Sludge disposal      40
Smoke, definition      819
Smoke, Ringleman measurement chart      816 819
Soil, corrosion of pipes in      976
Solids, specific heat of      355Ч356
Soot, definition      819
Sound absorbers      716
Sound absorbers, panel      716
Sound absorbers, porous      716
Sound absorbers, resonant      716
Sound and frequency weighting      710Ч711
Sound, decibels (dB)      709Ч710
Sound, sound intensity level (SIL)      709
Sound, sound power level (SPL)      709
Sound, sound-reduction index (SRI)      715Ч716 (see also УNoiseФ УSound
Space heating equipment, steam traps for      374
Specifications, as parts of contracts      87Ч88
Specifications, buildings      47Ч49
Specifications, paint      158
Spectrographic analysis, lubricating oil      874
Spectrum analyzers      270
Speculative industrial buildings      45
Spindles and jackshafts, failure mode analysis      810Ч811
Spiral bevel gears      634Ч635 1031 1035
SponТs ArchitectsТ and BuildersТ Price Book      54
Sprinklers, fire extinguishing      188
Sprockets      see УChain drives and sprocketsФ
Spur gears      631 632 1031 1032
Spur gears, lubricating      933
Squirrel-cage induction motors, advantages      248
Squirrel-cage induction motors, auto-transformer starting      248
Squirrel-cage induction motors, cables for      249
Squirrel-cage induction motors, contactors for      249
Squirrel-cage induction motors, direct-on-line starters      248
Squirrel-cage induction motors, electronic soft-start      249
Squirrel-cage induction motors, fuses for      249
Squirrel-cage induction motors, isolators for      249
Squirrel-cage induction motors, overload protection      249
Squirrel-cage induction motors, primary resistance starting      248
Squirrel-cage induction motors, star/delta starting      248
Squirrel-cage induction motors, stator/rotor starting      249
Stability of buildings      45
Stainless steel, crevice corrosion      965Ч966
Stainless steel, limitations in use      978Ч979
Stainless steel, liquid metal embrittlement      968
Stainless steel, pitting corrosion      964Ч965
Standard life of equipment      1119
Standard Method of Measurement manual      88
Standards, ISO 9000 series of standards      165
Standby electricity supplies, D.C. systems      249Ч250
Standby electricity supplies, definitions      249
Standby electricity supplies, standby diesel generators      250
Standby electricity supplies, un-interruptible power supply (UPS) systems (A.C.), applications      250
Standby electricity supplies, un-interruptible power supply (UPS) systems (A.C.), principle types      250
Static friction, and lubrication      917
Statistics and machinery problem solving      1117Ч1129
Staybolt universal seconds (SUS) viscosity      657
Steam condensate return systems/piping      373Ч386
Steam condensate return systems/piping, condensate line sizing chart      377
Steam condensate return systems/piping, condensate pumping      377Ч381
Steam condensate return systems/piping, condensate recovery unit      378
Steam condensate return systems/piping, drain lines to traps      373 376
Steam condensate return systems/piping, expansion allowance      381Ч386
Steam condensate return systems/piping, expansion allowance, bellows      385Ч386
Steam condensate return systems/piping, expansion allowance, cold draw technique      382Ч383
Steam condensate return systems/piping, expansion allowance, flexible trapping arrangements      383
Steam condensate return systems/piping, expansion allowance, full loops      385
Steam condensate return systems/piping, expansion allowance, horseshoe loops      385
Steam condensate return systems/piping, expansion allowance, lyre loops      385
Steam condensate return systems/piping, expansion allowance, sliding joints      385Ч386
Steam condensate return systems/piping, pumped return lines      376Ч377
Steam condensate return systems/piping, Spirax Ogden packaged unit      383
Steam condensate return systems/piping, steam tables      384
Steam condensate return systems/piping, trap discharge lines      376
Steam condensate return systems/piping, water flow in black steel pipes      379Ч382
Steam condensate return systems/piping, water-carrying capacity of pipes      376
Steam lines/pipes draining      360Ч364
Steam lines/pipes draining and air venting      364
Steam lines/pipes draining, drain point layout      364
Steam lines/pipes draining, heat-up method      364Ч365
Steam lines/pipes draining, steam traps      361Ч362
Steam lines/pipes draining, water hammer      360Ч361
Steam low-pressure systems      364Ч369
Steam low-pressure systems, air venting      369
Steam low-pressure systems, bypass valves and lines      368
Steam low-pressure systems, heat exchanger condensate draining      369
Steam low-pressure systems, pressure reducing valves      364Ч368
Steam low-pressure systems, pressure reducing valves, parallel operation      366Ч368
Steam low-pressure systems, pressure reducing valves, series operation and installations      368
Steam low-pressure systems, pressure reducing valves, valve selection      368Ч369
Steam low-pressure systems, water removal      365Ч366
Steam mains, steam traps for      374
Steam pressure vessels, inspection of      166
Steam systems, corrosion inhibitors      983
Steam turbine lubricants      950
Steam turbine lubricants, corrosion resistance      950
Steam turbine lubricants, demulsibility      950
Steam turbine lubricants, foaming resistance      950
Steam turbine lubricants, oxidation resistance      950
Steam turbine lubricants, performance standards      950Ч951
Steam turbine lubricants, viscosity      950
Steam turbine vibration analysis, bearings      762
Steam turbine vibration analysis, blade pass      762
Steam turbine vibration analysis, mode shape (shaft deflection)      762
Steam turbine vibration analysis, speed      762Ч763
Steam turbines for electricity generation      208Ч209 216Ч217 226Ч229
Steam turbines for electricity generation, control and lubrication      227Ч229
Steam turbines for electricity generation, installation      227
Steam turbines for electricity generation, multi-stage axial flow      226Ч227
Steam turbines for electricity generation, single-stage, single flow      226 (see also УCombined heat and power electricity generation (CHP)Ф УElectricity УElectricity УThermal
Steam, flash steam      357 369Ч373
Steam, flash steam and sub-cooled condensate      371
Steam, flash steam for space heating      371
Steam, flash steam, proportion of steam released      370Ч371
Steam, flash steam, release process      369Ч370
Steam, flash steam, steam traps, mechanical/thermodynamic/thermostatic      372Ч375
Steam, flash steam, utilization      370 371
Steam, operating principles and condensate      357
Steam, operating principles and the laws of thermodynamics      355Ч358
Steam, operating principles, boiler working pressures      358Ч359
Steam, operating principles, flash steam      357
Steam, operating principles, lines/pipes sizing on pressure drop      360 361
Steam, operating principles, lines/pipes sizing on velocity      360 361
Steam, operating principles, load calculations      359Ч360
Steam, operating principles, mains working pressures      358Ч359
Steam, operating principles, physical properties of      355Ч358
Steam, operating principles, superheated steam      356
Steel, coatings for      see УPaint typesФ
Steel, fire protection of      54
Steel, limitations from corrosion      978
Steel, surface preparation and priming      156Ч158
Steel, surface preparation and priming, abrasive blasting      156Ч157
Steel, surface preparation and priming, acid pickling      157
Steel, surface preparation and priming, priming      157 (see also УZinc metal coatingsФ)
Stefan Ч Boltzmann formula      135
Stock value performance indicator      81
Storage and materials handling, employee safety and employerТs liability      196 196Ч197
Storage tanks and contents, insurance on      166
strain gauges      269
Stress corrosion cracking (SCC)      967Ч968
Stress in materials, and corrosion      977
Sub-ground pits waterproofing, drained cavity construction      63
Sub-ground pits waterproofing, external waterproof membrane      63
Sub-ground pits waterproofing, watertight concrete construction      63
Subcontracts/subcontractors, main and nominated subcontracts      93Ч94
Subcontracts/subcontractors, principal contractor with domestic sub-contractor and supplier      93
Sublimation      692
Subsoil drainage, and site selection      23
Sulfate-reducing bacteria (SRB)      967
Sulfur oxides, corrosion in chimneys and flues      972
Sulfuric acid, corrosion of pipes and tanks by      971
Superheaters, boilers      398Ч399
Surface water runoff and site selection      22Ч23
Surface water runoff, gasoline/oil interceptors      23 24
SUS (Staybolt universal seconds) viscosity      657
Switchgear/circuit breakers      237Ч239
Switchgear/circuit breakers, air      237Ч238
Switchgear/circuit breakers, bulk oil      237
Switchgear/circuit breakers, cubicle type      238
Switchgear/circuit breakers, mechanisms, dependent-energy closing      238Ч239
Switchgear/circuit breakers, mechanisms, stored-energy closing      238Ч239
Switchgear/circuit breakers, metal enclosed      238
Switchgear/circuit breakers, minimum oil      237
Switchgear/circuit breakers, range capability      238
Switchgear/circuit breakers, sulfur hexafluoride gas      238
Switchgear/circuit breakers, vacuum      238
Tankers, river and coastal oil delivery      275
Tankers, road oil delivery      275
Tanks and vats, steam traps for      374
Tanks, oil storage      see УOil storage tanksФ
Tantalum, limitations from corrosion      979Ч980
Telecommunications equipment, air conditioning for      492
Temperature inversions, elevated      822
Temperature inversions, ground base      821 822
Temperature transducers      267Ч269
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