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Mobley R.K. Plant Engineering Handbook
Mobley R.K.  Plant Engineering Handbook


: Plant Engineering Handbook

: Mobley R.K.


Every plant engineer's bookshelf should contain at least one basic engineering reference. And if you're only going to have one, Plant Engineer's Handbook is a good candidate. This volume is a completely revised edition of Plant Engineer's Reference Book, which was published about 10 years ago.

As chief editor of the handbook, Keith Mobley has done a masterful job of assembling the contributions of 40 contributors into 64 chapters that cover the entire plant engineering function from definition to technology to management. In fact, this handbook stands out from most other engineering handbooks by including information on such issues as insurance, finances, and maintenance management in addition to the engineering knowledge plant engineers require. - Plant Engineering Magazine

This book covers the things a plant engineer does-such as selection of a suitable site for a factory and provision of basic facilities - as well as issues such as labrication, corrosion, energy conservation, maintenance and materials handling environment, insurance and finances. The volume provides a comprehensive treatment of the maintenance management funuction. In addition to chapters outlining the operation of plant equipment, there is advice on getting the most out of the equipment and its operators. -llE Solutions

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: 1st edition

: 2001

: 2000

: 21.05.2008

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Corrosion, anodic protection      982983
Corrosion, cathodic protection (CP)      966 982
Corrosion, chimneys      972
Corrosion, copper alloys, limitations in use      978
Corrosion, corrosion fatigue      968
Corrosion, corrosion inhibitors      983
Corrosion, corrosive atmospheres      975
Corrosion, cracking mechanisms      967969
Corrosion, crevice corrosion      965966
Corrosion, definition      963
Corrosion, design for inspection      978
Corrosion, economic implications      969
Corrosion, elastomers, limitations in use      980
Corrosion, electrical resistance probe monitoring      984
Corrosion, electrochemical corrosion      963967
Corrosion, electrochemical corrosion, chemistry of      963964
Corrosion, electrochemical corrosion, corrosion potential      964
Corrosion, electrochemical corrosion, factors affecting rate of      964
Corrosion, electrochemical corrosion, galvanic series in sea water      965
Corrosion, electrochemical corrosion, types of      964967
Corrosion, electrochemical monitoring      984
Corrosion, environmental aspects      975976
Corrosion, exposure coupon monitoring      984
Corrosion, false brinelling      969
Corrosion, flues      972
Corrosion, fretting corrosion      969
Corrosion, furnaces      972973
Corrosion, furnaces, carbonization      973
Corrosion, furnaces, from molten salts      973
Corrosion, furnaces, from nitrogen containing compounds      973
Corrosion, furnaces, oxygen or steam in reformer tubes      973
Corrosion, furnaces, sulfur compounds      973
Corrosion, galvanic corrosion      966967
Corrosion, glass, limitations in use      980
Corrosion, gold, limitations in use      980
Corrosion, high-temperature environments      972973
Corrosion, hydrogen-induced cracking (HIC)      968
Corrosion, information sources      970
Corrosion, lagging, corrosion under      975
Corrosion, liquid line problems      975
Corrosion, liquid metal embrittlement      968
Corrosion, microbial induced corrosion      967
Corrosion, microbial induced corrosion, Cladosporium fungi      967
Corrosion, microbial induced corrosion, Gallionella bacteria      967
Corrosion, microbial induced corrosion, Thiobacillus bacteria      967
Corrosion, molten salt corrosion      969
Corrosion, monitoring      983
Corrosion, nickel alloys, limitations in use      978
Corrosion, non-aqueous processes      972
Corrosion, non-electrochemical corrosion      968969
Corrosion, oxidation      968969
Corrosion, physical examination      983984
Corrosion, pitting corrosion      964965
Corrosion, plastics, limitations in use      980
Corrosion, platinum, limitations in use      980
Corrosion, product contamination by      970
Corrosion, resins, limitations in use      980
Corrosion, safety implications      969970
Corrosion, silver, limitations in use      980
Corrosion, specifying materials      980981
Corrosion, stainless steel, limitations in use      978
Corrosion, steam problems, from boiler salts      971
Corrosion, steam problems, from carbon dioxide      971
Corrosion, steam problems, from condensates      971
Corrosion, steam problems, from oxygen      971
Corrosion, steel, limitations in use      978
Corrosion, stress corrosion cracking (SCC)      967968
Corrosion, stress effects      977
Corrosion, sulfidation      969
Corrosion, tantalum, limitations in use      980
Corrosion, thin-layer activation monitoring      984
Corrosion, titanium, limitations in use      980
Couplings      10671074
Couplings, bellows      1069
Couplings, chain      1068
Couplings, combination (metallic-grid)      1070
Couplings, compression      10671068
Couplings, computer vibration analysis      763764
Couplings, computer vibration analysis, flexible couplings      763
Couplings, computer vibration analysis, gear couplings      763
Couplings, computer vibration analysis, jackshafts      763764
Couplings, computer vibration analysis, universal joints      764
Couplings, diaphragm      1069
Couplings, elastomeric      10691070
Couplings, flanged rigid      1067
Couplings, flexible      1068
Couplings, flexible shaft or spring      1069
Couplings, floating shaft or spacer      10701071
Couplings, fluid      1071
Couplings, gear      1068
Couplings, hydraulic      1071
Couplings, installation, alignment      1073
Couplings, installation, bolting      1073
Couplings, installation, coupling installation      1073
Couplings, installation, coupling preparation      10721073
Couplings, installation, lubrication      1073
Couplings, installation, matching parts      1073
Couplings, installation, shaft preparation      1072
Couplings, installation, spacing      1073
Couplings, laminated disk-ring      1069
Couplings, lubrication      10731074
Couplings, maintenance inspections, combination couplings      1074
Couplings, maintenance inspections, material-flexing couplings      1074
Couplings, maintenance inspections, mechanical-flexing couplings      1074
Couplings, maintenance inspections, rigid couplings      1074
Couplings, material flexing      10681069
Couplings, mechanical flexible      1068
Couplings, rigid      1067
Couplings, selection considerations, cost      1072
Couplings, selection considerations, operating envelope      1072
Couplings, selection considerations, operational mode      1071
Couplings, selection considerations, speed      1072
Couplings, selection considerations, torsional characteristics      1071
Couplings, split rigid      1067 (see also Keys keyways
Covenants on buildings, expressed and implied      51
Cranes, inspection of      166 171
Cranes, insurance on      166167
Criminal action, and security      4950
Critical path method (CPM) for planning      894896
Critical temperature of a gas      692
CROs      see Cathode ray oscilloscopes
Current transformers      261
Cutting fluids (coolants)      940947
Cutting fluids (coolants), bacteria problems      944
Cutting fluids (coolants), benefits of      943
Cutting fluids (coolants), cleaning procedures      947
Cutting fluids (coolants), combinations of additives      945
Cutting fluids (coolants), electro discharge machining (EDM) oils      945
Cutting fluids (coolants), EP (extreme-pressure) oils      945
Cutting fluids (coolants), fatty oils      944945
Cutting fluids (coolants), fluid selection      945
Cutting fluids (coolants), grinding      946
Cutting fluids (coolants), neat oils      944 946
Cutting fluids (coolants), storage recommendations      946
Cutting fluids (coolants), water quality      946
Cutting fluids (coolants), water-based emulsions      943
Cutting fluids (coolants), water-based fluids/solutions      943944 946947
Cyclone dust separators      830 842843
Cyclone dust separators, collection efficiency      843
Cyclone dust separators, configuration      842
Cyclone dust separators, flow pattern      842843
Cyclone dust separators, installation      843
Cyclone dust separators, operating methods      843
Cyclone dust separators, performance      843
Cyclone dust separators, pressure drop      843
Daltons law      691
Data bases for vibration analysis      see Vibration computer-based analysis methods and operation
Data recording      270271
Debtors ratio      1106
Decibels (dBs), addition and subtraction of      709710
Decoration of buildings, corrosion resistance      64
Decoration of buildings, dry finishes      6364
Decoration of buildings, external      64
Decoration of buildings, internal      6364
Decoration of buildings, life expectancy/maintenance      64
Decoration of buildings, safety requirements      64
Decoration of buildings, wet finishes      63
Defect limits      1119
Degreasing agents      954
Design synthesis, location criteria and boundary groups      7679
Design synthesis, plant activities and telecommunications      76
Detergent/dispersant additives, in lubricating oil      920
Diesel engines, API engine lubricant service classification      924
Diesel oil      see Oil
Diesel powered electricity generation, applications      201 215216
Diesel powered electricity generation, as standby generators      250
Diesel powered electricity generation, compression ignition cycle      201202
Diesel powered electricity generation, mechanical efficiency      201202
Diesel powered electricity generation, oil consumption      202
Diesel powered electricity generation, overall efficiency      201202
Diesel powered electricity generation, plant and installation      220222
Diesel powered electricity generation, plant and installation, air intake      220221
Diesel powered electricity generation, plant and installation, control and instrumentation      222
Diesel powered electricity generation, plant and installation, cooling      221
Diesel powered electricity generation, plant and installation, engine starting      221222
Diesel powered electricity generation, plant and installation, heat recovery systems      222
Diesel powered electricity generation, plant and installation, maintenance      222
Diesel powered electricity generation, site conditions      202
Diesel powered electricity generation, thermal efficiency      201202
Diesel powered electricity generation, turbocharging      202
Diesel powered electricity generation, two-stroke cycle      202 (see also Combined heat and power electricity generation (CHP) Electricity Electricity
Disabled people, provision in buildings      61
Discounted Cash Flow (DCF)      11081109 1109 11101111 1112
Dispersant/detergent additives, in lubricating oil      920
Disputes, and contracts      9899
Distribution percentile estimates      11251128
Dividend yield and cover      1106
Drainage of sites, building rainwater runoff      22
Drainage of sites, gasoline/oil interceptors      23 24
Drainage of sites, gravity or pumped discharge      2324
Drainage of sites, subsoil drainage      23
Drainage of sites, surface water runoff      2223
Drinking water, corrosion by      970
Drop point, oils and greases      919
Dry powder fire extinguishers      188
Ducts, fume control      827828
Ducts, insulation of      139
Ducts, noise control in      718
Ducts, splitter silencer for      718
Dust and fume control      823835
Dust and fume control, ducting      827828
Dust and fume control, electrostatic precipitators      830831
Dust and fume control, fabric filters      830
Dust and fume control, fans, application data      829
Dust and fume control, fans, performance and laws      828829
Dust and fume control, hoods, booths      826
Dust and fume control, hoods, captor hoods      826 827
Dust and fume control, hoods, receptor hoods      826827
Dust and fume control, hoods, total enclosures      825826 827
Dust and fume control, metalworking machines      831
Dust and fume control, self-induced spray wet collectors      830
Dust and fume control, spray-type collectors      830
Dust and fume control, system design      831 835
Dust and fume control, tests and inspections      832835
Dust and fume control, waste disposal      831
Dust and fume control, wet collectors      830 (see also Air pollution Baghouses Cyclone
Dust and fume control, with air conditioning      497498
Dust, definition      825
Dye particle corrosion inspection      984
Dynamic friction, and lubrication      917
DArcy Weisbach equation      543
Earthing      see Grounding electrical supply systems and equipment
EC Directive on emissions from large combustion plants      292293
Ecology, pollution and plant location      4042
Ecology, pollution and plant location, ecological studies      42
Economies of scale      37
Economizers and acid dew points      431
Economizers, boilers      399400
Economizers, condensing economizers      435436
Economizers, design      432435
Economizers, fin types and attachment methods      432433
Economizers, fouling coefficients      431
Economizers, gas fired      431432
Economizers, installation      435
Economizers, oil and coal      431
Economizers, typical designs      433
Economizers, typical layout      434
Effluent discharge/disposal and the EPA      3940
Effluent discharge/disposal from industrial plant      521522
Effluent discharge/disposal, accidental discharge      22
Effluent discharge/disposal, and water authorities      22
Effluent discharge/disposal, disposal charges      531
Effluent discharge/disposal, domestic sewage      530
Effluent discharge/disposal, effluent management      531
Effluent discharge/disposal, effluent treatment      531532
Effluent discharge/disposal, noxious effluent      531
Effluent discharge/disposal, off-site treatment      22
Effluent discharge/disposal, on-site treatment      22
Effluent discharge/disposal, pipework for      22
Effluent discharge/disposal, safety considerations      22
Effluent discharge/disposal, surface drainage      530531
Effluent discharge/disposal, water economy and re-use      532 (see also Water supplies/water authorities)
EIA (Environmental impact assessment)      41
Elastohydrodynamic lubrication      918
Elastomers, limitations from corrosion      979980
Electric heating of buildings      see Heating of buildings
Electric lamps      113120
Electric lamps, choice of      130
Electric lamps, color-appearance guide      120
Electric lamps, color-rendering classes      119
Electric lamps, color-rendering guide      120
Electric lamps, compact fluorescent      116
Electric lamps, compact fluorescent, application and life      116
Electric lamps, control gear/ballast      125126
Electric lamps, fluorescent lamp MCF      115116
Electric lamps, fluorescent lamp MCF, application      116
Electric lamps, high-pressure mercury      118
Electric lamps, high-pressure mercury, applications and operating circuits      118
Electric lamps, high-pressure sodium      116117
Electric lamps, high-pressure sodium, applications and operating circuits      117
Electric lamps, incandescent lamps      113 114115
Electric lamps, incandescent lamps, application and life      114
Electric lamps, incandescent lamps, efficacy      114
Electric lamps, lamp selection      119120
Electric lamps, light outputs comparison      115
Electric lamps, linear tungsten-halogen      117
Electric lamps, linear tungsten-halogen, application and life      117
Electric lamps, low-pressure sodium      116
Electric lamps, low-pressure sodium, application and operating circuit      116
Electric lamps, low-voltage tungsten-halogen      117118
Electric lamps, low-voltage tungsten-halogen, application, life and operating circuit      117118
Electric lamps, metal halide      119
Electric lamps, metal halide, applications and operating circuits      119
Electric lamps, power factor correction      126
Electric lamps, run-up and strike times      121 (see also Emergency lighting Lighting lighting Luminaires)
Electric motors, computer vibration analysis      761762
Electric motors, computer vibration analysis, bearings      761
Electric motors, computer vibration analysis, imbalance      761762
Electric motors, computer vibration analysis, loose rotor bars      762
Electric motors, computer vibration analysis, running speed      761762
Electric motors, computer vibration analysis, slip frequency      762
Electric motors, computer vibration analysis, transducer locations with      783
Electric motors, computer vibration analysis, v-belt intermediate drives      762 (see also Squirrel-cage induction motors)
Electrical cables      see Cables electrical
Electrical earthing/grounding      see Grounding electrical supply systems and equipment
Electrical installations, employee safety and employers liability      196 196197
Electrical instrumentation      255272
Electrical instrumentation, instrument selection      265 (see also Acoustics acoustic Bridge Cathode Centralized Data Electricity Force Frequency Multimeters Multimeters digital Power Spectrum Temperature Voltmeters
Electrical plant, as fire hazard      189
Electrical plant, inspection of      166 171 179 181 182
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