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Mobley R.K. Ч Plant Engineering Handbook
Mobley R.K. Ч Plant Engineering Handbook

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Ќазвание: Plant Engineering Handbook

јвтор: Mobley R.K.


Every plant engineer's bookshelf should contain at least one basic engineering reference. And if you're only going to have one, Plant Engineer's Handbook is a good candidate. This volume is a completely revised edition of Plant Engineer's Reference Book, which was published about 10 years ago.

As chief editor of the handbook, Keith Mobley has done a masterful job of assembling the contributions of 40 contributors into 64 chapters that cover the entire plant engineering function from definition to technology to management. In fact, this handbook stands out from most other engineering handbooks by including information on such issues as insurance, finances, and maintenance management in addition to the engineering knowledge plant engineers require. - Plant Engineering Magazine

This book covers the things a plant engineer does-such as selection of a suitable site for a factory and provision of basic facilities - as well as issues such as labrication, corrosion, energy conservation, maintenance and materials handling environment, insurance and finances. The volume provides a comprehensive treatment of the maintenance management funuction. In addition to chapters outlining the operation of plant equipment, there is advice on getting the most out of the equipment and its operators. -llE Solutions

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»здание: 1st edition

√од издани€: 2001

 оличество страниц: 2000

ƒобавлена в каталог: 21.05.2008

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ѕредметный указатель
Pressure control, gas      298Ч299
Pressure equipment, employee safety and employerТs liability      196 196Ч197
Pressure plant and boilers, inspection of      165Ч166 170 176 177 183
Pressure reducing valves, steam low-pressure systems      364Ч368
Pressure vessels, inspection of      166
Pressure, SI/non-SI conversion factors      318
Pressure/volume/temperature (PVT) relationship, for compressors      605
Preventative maintenance and bathtub curve      860
Preventative maintenance, definition      848
Preventative maintenance, management of      859Ч860
Preventative maintenance, when insufficient      864 (see also УMaintenance/maintenance managementФ УPredictive
Prime cost (PC) sum      88Ч89
Process equipment, steam traps for      374
Process rolls, computer vibration analysis      771Ч772
Process rolls, computer vibration analysis, bearings      772
Process rolls, computer vibration analysis, load distribution      772
Process rolls, computer vibration analysis, misalignment      772
Process rolls, computer vibration analysis, transducer locations with      784
Process water, corrosion by      970
Process/site layout modeling, computer modeling      72Ч74
Process/site layout modeling, factory areas determination      76
Process/site layout modeling, model construction      74
Process/site layout modeling, model for change      74Ч76
Process/site layout modeling, plant layout optimization      72Ч73
Process/site layout modeling, plant sizing flowsheets      73
Process/site layout modeling, simulation models      74
Production responsibilities, plant engineers      5
Professional engineering development      10Ч11
Professional engineers, in UK      9
Profitability      1105Ч1106
project planning      see УShutdown (outage)Ф
Propane      323
Propene (propylene)      323
Protected markets/protectionist policies      37
Protection systems, electrical      see УElectricity distribution protection systemsФ
Protective equipment, personal, employee safety and employerТs liability      197
Provisional sum in contracts      89
Psychrometrics/psychrometry      483 693
Public liability insurance      194Ч195 (see also УLiability insuranceФ)
Pulleys and v-belts      see УV-beltsФ
Pulverized fuel (PF) burners      426 427
Pulverized fuel (PF) burners and air pollution      816
Pumps/pumping      533Ч564
Pumps/pumping, accumulator designs      542
Pumps/pumping, air content and pump behavior      545
Pumps/pumping, back pull-out desgn      537
Pumps/pumping, cavitation      550Ч555
Pumps/pumping, centrifugal pump installation, baseplate design and securing      567
Pumps/pumping, centrifugal pump installation, discharge piping configuration      568
Pumps/pumping, centrifugal pump installation, elbows on suction flange avoidance      569
Pumps/pumping, centrifugal pump installation, foundations      567 570
Pumps/pumping, centrifugal pump installation, friction loss reduction      569
Pumps/pumping, centrifugal pump installation, inlet piping configuration      568
Pumps/pumping, centrifugal pump installation, net positive suction head (NPSH) requirements      568Ч569
Pumps/pumping, centrifugal pump installation, piping alignment      569
Pumps/pumping, centrifugal pump installation, piping support      567
Pumps/pumping, centrifugal pump installation, right fittings usage      569Ч570
Pumps/pumping, centrifugal pump installation, rules for proper installation      568Ч570
Pumps/pumping, centrifugal pump installation, stop air in suction line avoidance      469
Pumps/pumping, centrifugal pump installation, total friction loss      568
Pumps/pumping, centrifugal pump installation, total system head (TSH)      568
Pumps/pumping, centrifugal pump installation, transducer locations with      784
Pumps/pumping, centrifugal pump installation, turbulent flow problems      568
Pumps/pumping, centrifugal pump installation, vapor in suction line avoidance      469
Pumps/pumping, centrifugal pumps operation and use      536 543 550
Pumps/pumping, centrifugal pumps operation and use and speed changing drives      561Ч562
Pumps/pumping, centrifugal pumps operation and use, inspection      171
Pumps/pumping, centrifugal pumps operation and use, seals for      556Ч559
Pumps/pumping, dissolved gas and liquid displacement      545
Pumps/pumping, double-suction design      538
Pumps/pumping, drive selection      560Ч562
Pumps/pumping, efficiency      539
Pumps/pumping, efficiency, volume efficiency      654
Pumps/pumping, energy conservation      512
Pumps/pumping, external gear      543
Pumps/pumping, family tree of types      535
Pumps/pumping, flow control      549Ч550
Pumps/pumping, flow control, bypass control      549Ч550
Pumps/pumping, flow control, valve control      549Ч550
Pumps/pumping, fluid properties and pump behavior      541Ч543
Pumps/pumping, friction factor      545
Pumps/pumping, internal gear      543
Pumps/pumping, lobe rotor      543
Pumps/pumping, monoblock design      537
Pumps/pumping, multiple-pumps      550 551 552
Pumps/pumping, multiple-pumps, transducer locations with      785Ч786
Pumps/pumping, net positive suction head (NPSH)      552Ч555
Pumps/pumping, piston/plunger pumps      541
Pumps/pumping, plunger      543
Pumps/pumping, positive displacement pumps      540Ч541
Pumps/pumping, positive displacement pumps, transducer locations with      786Ч787
Pumps/pumping, priming systems      555Ч556
Pumps/pumping, pump range chart      560
Pumps/pumping, pump selection      559Ч560
Pumps/pumping, pump/system interaction/matching      549Ч550
Pumps/pumping, reciprocating pumps      540Ч542 543
Pumps/pumping, reciprocating pumps, seals for      559
Pumps/pumping, regenerative      543
Pumps/pumping, reliability considerations      563
Pumps/pumping, rotodynamic pump principles      535Ч540
Pumps/pumping, scaling laws      536Ч540
Pumps/pumping, screw/centrifugal pump comparison      544
Pumps/pumping, seals, centrifugal and rotary pumps      556Ч559
Pumps/pumping, seals, reciprocating pumps      559
Pumps/pumping, seals, soft packings speed range      558
Pumps/pumping, seals, soft packings temperature range      557
Pumps/pumping, self-priming systems      555Ч556
Pumps/pumping, single/twin/multiple-screw      543
Pumps/pumping, single/twin/multiple-screw, transducer locations on      783
Pumps/pumping, sliding vane      543
Pumps/pumping, speed control      549Ч550
Pumps/pumping, spur (external) gear pump      540Ч541
Pumps/pumping, suction systems      550 552 553
Pumps/pumping, testing      563
Pumps/pumping, testing, factory tests      563
Pumps/pumping, testing, scale-model testing      563
Pumps/pumping, The Institution of Mechanical EngineersТ availability classes      563
Pumps/pumping, ThomaТs cavitation parameter      355
Pumps/pumping, variable speed      550 552
Pumps/pumping, viscosity effects      542Ч543
Pumps/pumping, viscosity effects, viscosity correction curves      544
Pumps/pumping, vortex-prevention      553 (see also УHydraulic/hydrostatic fundamentalsФ УPipework УVibration pumpsФ)
Pumps/pumping, СSpecific SpeedТ      538Ч539
Purchasing contracts      89Ч90
Pyrometers      268Ч269
Quality control of contracts      95Ч96
Quality control, using vibration analysis      723Ч724
Rail access, and site selection      20
Rail oil tank cars      275
Railway engines, and air pollution      816
Rainwater runoff      22
Rankin Cycle      204
Rathbone chart      791
Reciprocating compressors      see under УCompressor types and operationФ
Refrigeration plant, air conditioning      see under УAir conditioningФ
Regulatory compliance, in US      1151Ч1156
Relative humidity      692
Reportable accidents      172
Resins, limitations from corrosion      979Ч980
Resistance thermometers      269
Resource planning      41
Rest rooms      61
Reynolds number and heat exchangers      440Ч441
Reynolds number and pump design      537
Rigid polyurethane foam thermal insulation      146
Ringleman smoke measurement chart      816 819
Rip-rap banks      24
Risk assessment, and crime prevention      190 (see also УSecurityФ)
River oil tankers      275
Road access and site selection      20
Road access, access arrangements      21
Road access, headroom clearance      21
Road access, maneuvering space      21
Road markings      156
Rock wool thermal insulation      144
Roof insulation with false ceilings      450
Roof insulation, external      449
Roof insulation, U values for roof materials      450
Roof insulation, under-drawing      449
Roofs, flat      46
Roofs, flat, defect problems      60
Roofs, penetration arrangement      47
Roofs, pitched      46
Roofs, repairs      60
Roofs, trusses for      46
Roofs, typical constructions      47
Root cause failure analysis      887Ч888
Rotor balancing      1009Ч1016
Rotor balancing, balance quality grades table      1016
Rotor balancing, coupled imbalance      1013
Rotor balancing, dynamic/static imbalance combined      1013
Rotor balancing, imbalance amounts      1013
Rotor balancing, imbalance causes, assembly errors      1011Ч1012
Rotor balancing, imbalance causes, center of rotation errors      1011
Rotor balancing, imbalance causes, cocked rotor errors      1011Ч1012
Rotor balancing, imbalance causes, key length problems      1012
Rotor balancing, imbalance causes, shaft/bore location errors      1011
Rotor balancing, imbalance theory      1012Ч1013
Rotor balancing, imbalance theory, dynamic imbalance      1012Ч1013
Rotor balancing, imbalance theory, static imbalance      1012
Rotor balancing, in place balancing      1014
Rotor balancing, phase relationships of imbalance points      1013
Rotor balancing, phase shift techniques      1015
Rotor balancing, precision balancing      1014
Rotor balancing, rotor speed effects      1013
Rotor balancing, single versus two-plane balancing      1014
Rotor balancing, standards for balancing      1015Ч1016
SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) viscosity number      657Ч658
SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) viscosity number, engine lubricants      922 923
Safety and building control approval      52
Safety and contracts and specifications      96Ч97
Safety and maintenance management      863 (see also УGas safetyФ)
Safety valves, boilers      410
Safety valves, compressed air systems      596 704Ч705
Safety valves, gas emergency control valves      312Ч313
Safety valves, gas fire valves      307
Safety valves, LPG safety relief valves      331
Safety valves, oil pipework fire valves      281
Safety, boiler plant, automatic      409Ч410
Safety, coal storage      345
Safety, compressed air hazards      689
Safety, corrosion considerations      969Ч970
Safety, effluent treatment plant      22
Safety, gas usage      297Ч298
Safety, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG)      330Ч331 333
Safety, luninaires      125
Salt cavities, for gas storage      310 312
Saturation, degree of saturation      693
Scheduled maintenance, definition      848
Scottish Vocational Education Council (SCOTVEC), address      11
Scottish Vocational Education Council (SCOTVEC), Technician Certificate      10
Sea transport access, and site selection      20
Seals/seal materials      see УPumps/pumping sealsФ УShaft
Secific heat, gases/vapors      357
Secific heat, liquids      356
Secific heat, solids      355Ч356
Security, access control      193
Security, alarm systems      51
Security, alarm systems, reliability and maintenance of      51
Security, breaking-in time      191
Security, closed-circuit television (CCTV)      193
Security, cost effectiveness of      49
Security, criminal action      49Ч50
Security, defense in depth      190
Security, doors      192
Security, electronically operated access/egress systems      193
Security, entry and egress control      50Ч51
Security, fences      191
Security, gates      191
Security, high security buildings      51
Security, insurance aspects      189Ч192
Security, intruder alarms      192
Security, layers of protection      50Ч51
Security, lighting      192
Security, location considerations      191
Security, movement detection devices      50
Security, objectives of      49
Security, patrol and manual guarding      50
Security, planning for      190
Security, risk assessment      190Ч191
Security, roofs      192
Security, security staff      193
Security, shutters      192
Security, static detection devices      50
Security, trap and object detection devices      50
Security, walls      192
security, Windows      192
SEEWHY computer program      74
Semiconductor equipment, distorting load of      235
Sensible heat      483
Septic tanks, and site selection      30
Sewage, cesspools      29Ч30
Sewage, septic tanks      30
Sewage, treatment      39 (see also УEffluent discharge/disposalФ)
Shaft alignment      987Ч1007
Shaft alignment, angular/face misalignment      990Ч991
Shaft alignment, combinational/skewed misalignment      990Ч991
Shaft alignment, dial indicators      995Ч996
Shaft alignment, fundamentals of alignment      989Ч990
Shaft alignment, graphical plotting      1005Ч1007
Shaft alignment, horizontal alignment planes      992
Shaft alignment, horizontal units procedures      998Ч1000
Shaft alignment, horizontal units procedures, correction determination/amount of shim      999Ч1000
Shaft alignment, horizontal units procedures, initial check      998Ч999
Shaft alignment, hot alignment check      1005
Shaft alignment, indicator sag correction      994Ч995
Shaft alignment, machines to be moved (MTBM)      989
Shaft alignment, machines to be shimmed (MTBS)      989
Shaft alignment, offset/parallel misalignment      990
Shaft alignment, optical/laser methods      997Ч998
Shaft alignment, optical/laser methods, advantages      997Ч998
Shaft alignment, optical/laser methods, disadvantages      998
Shaft alignment, perfect alignment      990
Shaft alignment, preparatory steps      992Ч993
Shaft alignment, procedures      998Ч1004
Shaft alignment, reverse-dial indicator/indicator-reverse method      995 996Ч997
Shaft alignment, reverse-dial indicator/indicator-reverse method, data recording      996
Shaft alignment, reverse-dial indicator/indicator-reverse method, indicator sag      997
Shaft alignment, reverse-dial indicator/indicator-reverse method, limitations      996
Shaft alignment, reverse-dial indicator/indicator-reverse method, mechanical looseness      997
Shaft alignment, reverse-dial indicator/indicator-reverse method, mounting and readings      996
Shaft alignment, reverse-dial indicator/indicator-reverse method, zeroing and calibrating      997
Shaft alignment, rim-and-face method      995 997
Shaft alignment, rim-and-face method, limitations      997
Shaft alignment, rim-and-face method, mounting      997
Shaft alignment, soft-foot/soft-foot correction      993Ч994
Shaft alignment, thermal compensation targets      1004
Shaft alignment, thermal growth adjustments      1004Ч1005
Shaft alignment, trial-and-error versus calculation      989
Shaft alignment, two-indicator method      995
Shaft alignment, vertical alignment planes      992
Shaft alignment, vertical units procedures, angularity corrections      1001Ч1003
Shaft alignment, vertical units procedures, corrections application      1004
Shaft alignment, vertical units procedures, determining corrections      1001
Shaft alignment, vertical units procedures, east/west correction      1003
Shaft alignment, vertical units procedures, initial check      1000
Shaft alignment, vertical units procedures, north/south check      1000Ч1001
Shaft alignment, vertical units procedures, north/south correction      1003
Shaft alignment, vertical units procedures, offset correction      1003
Shaft seals, mechanical seals, advantages/disadvantages      1021
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