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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
185182 Larsson S. Chemical physics 2012ХХ
185207 Wagner D. Trading ETFs: Gaining an Edge with Technical Analysis, Second Edition 2012ХХ
185242 Cooney K., Chappell J., Callan R. Veterinary Euthanasia Techniques 2012ХХ
185248 ∆уков ¬.√. ћеханика. —опротивление материалов учебное пособие дл€ студентов, обучающихс€ по направлению 260200 - ''ѕродукты питани€ животного происхождени€'' 2012ХХ
185290 Ariga K. Manipulation of nanoscale materials : an introduction to nanoarchitectonics 2012ХХ
185295 Siddiq M. Tropical and Subtropical Fruits: Postharvest Physiology, Processing and Packaging 2012ХХ
185300 Lakshmipathy U., Thyagarajan B. Primary and Stem Cells: Gene Transfer Technologies and Applications 2012ХХ
185451 Christiansen T., Wall L. Programming Perl 2012 ХХХ
185456 Hanzo L. Service-Learning in the Computer and Information Sciences: Practical Applications in Engineering Education 2012ХХ
185499 Cheng S., Wang W. Dualities and Representations of Lie Superalgebras 2012ХХ
185549 Tunick M., Mejia E. Hispanic Foods: Chemistry and Bioactive Compounds 2012ХХ
185598 Li M., Sherwood C., Hill P. Sediments, Morphology and Sedimentary Processes on Continental Shelves: Advances in Technologies, Research, and Applications 2012ХХ
185610 Cheng S., Wang W. Dualities and Representations of Lie Superalgebras 2012ХХ
185615 Farrant E. New synthetic technologies in medicinal chemistry 2012ХХ
185622 Wainer I., Józwiak K., Lough W. Drug stereochemistry: analytical methods and pharmacology 2012 ХХХ
185627 Sajja P., Akerkar R. Intelligent technologies for web applications 2012ХХ
185629 Rudolph M., Fager C., Root D. Nonlinear Transistor Model Parameter Extraction Techniques 2012ХХ
185655 Civjan N. Natural Products in Chemical Biology 2012ХХ
185661 Luo G., Wang Y., Liang Q. Systems Biology for Traditional Chinese Medicine 2012ХХ
185691 ¬иро ќ.я., »ванов ќ.ј., ’арламов ¬.ћ. Ёлементарна€ топологи€ 2012ХХ
185724 Barone S., Franco E. Statistical and Managerial Techniques for Six Sigma Methodology: Theory and Application 2012ХХ
185752 Fairlamb I., Lynam J. Organometallic Chemistry Volume 38 2012ХХ
185767 Ўишкина “.¬., Ўумейко Ќ.ћ. ‘изика элементарных частиц 2012ХХ
185898 Kayser O., Warzecha H. Pharmaceutical Biotechnology: Drug Discovery and Clinical Applications, Second Edition 2012ХХ
185988 Hatch S. Computerized Engine Controls (9th Edition) 2012 ХХХ
186074 Yarwood J., Douthwaite R., Duckett S. Spectroscopic properties of inorganic and organometallic compounds : techniques, materials and applications. Volume 43 2012ХХ
186175 Mohammad D., Jiang X., Schäfers K. Correction techniques in emission tomography 2012ХХ
186187 јпарина Ћ.¬. „исловые и функциональные р€ды учебное пособие дл€ студентов вузов, обучающихс€ по специальности 050201.65 - ''ћатематика'' 2012 ХХХ
186300 Kontermann R. Therapeutic proteins : strategies to modulate their plasma half-lives 2012ХХ
186318 Muradov N., Veziroglu T. Carbon-Neutral Fuels and Energy Carriers 2012ХХ
186370 Pan Y. Cultural Composition 2012ХХ
186421 Reddick G., Aikins S. Web 2.0 Technologies and Democratic Governance: Political, Policy and Management Implications 2012ХХ
186423 Dorey R. Ceramic Thick Films for MEMS and Microdevices 2012ХХ
186512 Padua G., Wang Q. Nanotechnology Research Methods for Foods and Bioproducts 2012ХХ
186634 Matyjaszewski K., Sumerlin B ., Tsarevsky N. Progress in Controlled Radical Polymerization: Mechanisms and Techniques 2012ХХ
186698 Sklar J. Principles of Web Design: The Web Technologies Series 2012 ХХХ
186719 Tilley S., Parveen T. Software Testing in the Cloud: Migration and Execution 2012ХХ
186731 √олощапов ј. Google Android: системные компоненты и сетевые коммуникации 2012ХХ
186749 Bai Y. Practical Database Programming with Visual Basic.NET, Second Edition 2012ХХ
186758 √орбатова  . ., √унькова ѕ.». ’ими€ и физика молока и молочных продуктов 2012ХХ
186821 Livingstone D., Davis A. Drug Design Strategies Computational Techniques and Applications 2012ХХ
186875 Sin L., Rahmat A., Rahman W. Polylactic Acid: PLA Biopolymer Technology and Applications 2012ХХ
186883 Lee Y. Self-Assembly and Nanotechnology Systems: Design, Characterization, and Applications 2012ХХ
186920 Dexter A. Monitoring and Control of Information-Poor Systems: An Approach Based on Fuzzy Relational Models 2012ХХ
186930 Attalla M. Recent Advances in Post-Combustion CO2 Capture Chemistry 2012ХХ
186963 Meroni G. TRIM/RBCC Proteins 2012ХХ
186972 Duffy-Matzner J., Pacheco K. Advances in Teaching Organic Chemistry 2012ХХ
186989 Doi T., Marinescu I., Kurokawa S. Advances in CMP/Polishing Technologies for the Manufacture of Electronic Devices 2012ХХ
186990 Sharma A., Bunde A., Dimri V. Extreme Events and Natural Hazards : The Complexity Perspective 2012ХХ
186991 Naimpally A., Ramachandran H., Smith C. Lifelong Learning for Engineers and Scientists in the Information Age 2012ХХ

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