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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
22554 Dettmar J. A Finite Element Implementation of Mooney-Rivlin's Strain Energy Function In Abaqus 2000ХХ
193889 Fritz P., Zheng X. A Finite Element Framework for Geotechnical Applications Based on Object-orientated Programming 2002ХХ
78185 Markham J.W. A Financial History of the United States. (1492-1900) From Columbus to the Robber Barrons 2001ХХ
80733 Markham J.W. A financial history of the United States (1970-2001) 2002ХХ
77771 Markham J.W. A financial history of the United States (1900-1970) 2001ХХ
105259 Peeters K. A field-theory motivated approach to symbolic computer algebra 2006ХХ
160538 O'Neill P., Crow A., Burton L. A Field of Dreams: Independent Writing Programs and the Future of Composition Studies 2002ХХ
19504 Maufer T. A Field Guide to Wireless LANs for Administrators and Power Users 2003ХХ
170028 Forrest C., Halbert M. A Field Guide to the Information Commons 2009ХХ
159258 Sobey E. A Field Guide to Household Technology 2006ХХ
132068 Oswin J. A Field Guide to Geophysics in Archaeology 2009ХХ
145261 Poli R., Langdon W., McPhee N. A Field Guide to Genetic Programming 2008ХХ
178128 Sobey E. A Field Guide to Automotive Technology 2009ХХ
33234 Chambert-Loir A. A Field Guide to Algebra 2004ХХ
191166 Chambert-Loir A. A field guide to algebra 2005ХХ
54801 Blum D., Henig R.M., Knudson M. A Field Guide for Science Writers 2004 ХХХ
41778 A field approach to the description of gravitational interaction n/aХХ
37926 Almeida L., Damascelli L., Ge Y. A few symmetry results for nonlinear elliptic PDE on noncompact manifolds n/aХХ
134384 Dasgupta A. A festschrift for Herman Rubin 2004ХХ
121877 Franeesehini V. A Feigenbaum Sequence of Bifurcations in the Lorenz Model 1980ХХ
76564 Hoff J. A Faustian Foreign Policy from Woodrow Wilson to George W. Bush: Dreams of Perfectibility 2007ХХ
123007 Tom Kennedy A Faster Implementation of the Pivot Algorithm for Self-Avoiding Walks 2001ХХ
50599 Cabay S., Labahn G. A Fast, Reliable Algorithm for Calculating Pade-Hermite Forms 1989ХХ
120310 Zhang M.Q. A Fast Vectorized Multispin Coding Algorithm for 3D Monte Carlo Simulations Using Kawasaki Spin-Exchange Dynamics 1989ХХ
61399 Beckermann B., Labahn G. A Fast and Numerically Stable Euclidean-like Algorithm for Detecting Relatively Prime Numerical Polynomials 1998ХХ
119727 Bhanot G., Duke D., Salvador R. A Fast Algorithm for the Cyber 205 to Simulate the 3D Ising Model 1986ХХ
128709 Ben-Naim A. A farewell to entropy: statistical thermodynamics based on information: S=logW 2008ХХ
158332 Ben-Naim A. A Farewell to Entropy: Statistical Thermodynamics Based on Information 2008ХХ
177727 Ben-Naim A. A Farewell To Entropy: Statistical Thermodynamics Based On Information 2008ХХ
191655 Ben-Naim A. A Farewell To Entropy: Statistical Thermodynamics Based on Information 2008ХХ
61250 Ben-Naim A. A Farewell to Entropy: Statistical Thermodynamics Based on Infomation 2008ХХ
122344 Sergei Kuksin, Oliver Penrose A Family of Balance Relations for the Two-Dimensional NavierЦStokes Equations with Random Forcing 2004ХХ
120451 Tomoyuki Shirai A Factorization of Determinant Related to Some Random Matrices 1997ХХ
48464 Lee H.Y. A facile tandem radical cyclization route to propellanes and its application to a total synthesis of modhephene 2005ХХ
183999 Kuznetsov Y. A Elements of applied bifurcation theory 1998 ХХХ
41749 Roos C.F. A Dynamical Theory of Economic Equilibrium 1927ХХ
121581 Szasz D. A Dynamical Theory of Brownian Motion for the Rayleigh Gas 1987ХХ
122994 Cladis P.E. A Dynamical Test of Phase Transition Order: New Things in Old Places or Old Wine in New Bottles 1991ХХ
124697 Wick W.D. A Dynamical Phase Transition in an Infinite Particle System 1985ХХ
123166 Frigessi A., den Hollander F. A Dynamical Phase Transition in a Caricature of a Spin Glass 1994ХХ
121935 Gary P. Morriss, Lamberto Rondoni A Dynamical Partition Function for the Lorentz Gas 1994ХХ
124282 Fioriani E., Grigolini P. A Dynamical Approach to Anomalous Conductivity 1996ХХ
174082 Goldman R. A Dynamic Programming Approach to Curves and Surfaces for Geometric Modeling 2002ХХ
124156 Dunlop F.M., Ferrari P.A., Fontes L.R.G. A Dynamic One-Dimensional Interface Interacting with a Wall 2002ХХ
104919 Caboara M. A Dynamic algorithm for Groebner bases n/aХХ
37925 Lupo D., Payne K.R. A dual variational approach to a class of nonlocal semilinear Tricomi problems n/aХХ
166067 Shepp L.A., Shiryaev A.N. A Dual Russian Option for Selling Short 1993ХХ
33182 Doktorov E.V., Leble S.B. A Dressing Method in Mathematical Physics 2007ХХ
9602 Lamport L. A document preparation system LaTeX 1994 ХХХ
55213 Estrada R., Kanwal R.P. A distributional approach to asymptotics theory and applications 2002 ХХХ

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