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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
157649 Jaegwon Kim, Ernest Sosa, Gary S. Rosenkrantz A Companion to Metaphysics (Blackwell Companions to Philosophy) 2009 ХХХ
78828 Martel G. A Companion to International History 1900Ц2001 2007ХХ
79105 Marincola J. A Companion to Greek and Roman Historiography 2008ХХ
58823 Miller T., Stam R. A Companion to Film Theory 2004ХХ
69118 Sheppard E. A Companion to Economic Geography (Blackwell Companions to Geography) 2002ХХ
59380 Clements M.P., Hendry D.F. A Companion to Economic Forecasting 2002ХХ
48414 Susan Schreibman, Ray Siemens, John Unsworth A companion to digital humanities 2001ХХ
133096 Larsen C.S. A Companion to Biological Anthropology 2010ХХ
40239 Lang K.R. A Companion to Astronomy and Astrophysics: Chronology and Glossary with Data Tables 2006ХХ
171912 Lang K. A Companion to Astronomy and Astrophysics: Chronology and Glossary with Data Tables 2006ХХ
165129 Lang K. A companion to astronomy and astrophysics 2006ХХ
178861 Lang K. A Companion To Astronomy And Astrophysics 2006ХХ
78567 Sosa E.D., Martinich A.P. A Companion to Analytic Philosophy 2001ХХ
150735 Korner T. A Companion to Analysis: A Second First and First Second Course in Analysis (Graduate Studies in Mathematics) 1991ХХ
1970 Koerner T.W. A Companion to Analysis: A Second First and First Second Course in Analysis 2004ХХ
79832 Wiredu K. (ed.) A companion to african philosophy 2004ХХ
174115 Gentle J. A Companion for Mathematical Statistics 2011ХХ
124176 Day W.A. A Commentary on Thermodynamics 1989ХХ
21129 Euler L. A commentary on the continued fraction by which the illustrious La Grange has expressed the binomial powers 1780ХХ
147473 Suarez F., Doyle J.P. A Commentary on Aristotle's Metaphysics: A Most Ample Index to the Metaphysics of Aristotle 2004ХХ
100020 Michael Batty A comment on the paper Уa comparison of the Shannon and kullback information measuresФ 1974ХХ
96991 Nitzan A., Ross J. A comment on fluctuations around nonequilibrium steady states 1974ХХ
123197 Gitterman M., Weiss G.H. A Comment on Early-Time Solutions of the Smoluchowski Equation 1994ХХ
120553 Eugene Gutkin A Comment on Baxter Condition for Commutativity of Transfer Matrices 1985ХХ
126026 Bertini L., Cirillo E.N.M., Olivieri E. A Combinatorial Proof of Tree Decay of Semi-Invariants 2004ХХ
998 Bjorner A., Stanley R.P. A Combinatorial Miscellany 2004ХХ
127567 Brualdi R.A., Cvetkovic D. A combinatorial approach to matrix theory and its applications 2009ХХ
149363 Brualdi R., Cvetkovic D. A Combinatorial Approach to Matrix Theory and Its Applications (Discrete Mathematics and Its Applications) 2009ХХ
38824 Baker M., Cooper D. A combination theorem for convex hyperbolic manifolds, with applications to surfaces in 3-manifolds 2008ХХ
124384 San Miguel M., Sancho J.M. A Colored-Noise Approach to Brownian Motion in Position Space. Corrections to the Smoluchowski Equation 1980ХХ
68135 Davenport J.C. A Color Atlas of Removable Partial Dentures 1989ХХ
96352 John E. Reissner, William A. Steele A collisional approach to the calculation of time correlation functions. Transport coefficients of gases 1975ХХ
107796 Kimball A.I. A college textbook of physics 1917 ХХХ
187615 Kimball A. A college textbook of physics 1917ХХ
166406 Kimball A. A College Text-Book Of Physics 1917ХХ
187305 Kimball A College Text-Book Of Physics 1917ХХ
116786 Irodov I.E. A collection of problems in atomic and nuclear physics 1966ХХ
165252 Epstein E.E., McCrady B.S. A Cognitive-Behavioral Treatment Program for Overcoming Alcohol Problems: Therapist Guide: A Cognitive-behavioural Treatment Program 2009ХХ
76895 Blair R.J.R. A cognitive developmental approach to morality: investigating the psychopath 1994ХХ
122077 Dimock J. A Cluster Expansion for Stochastic Lattice Fields 1990ХХ
40256 Thabane L. A closer look at the distribution of number needed to treat (NNT) a Bayesian approach 2003ХХ
165737 Fink B. A Clinical Introduction to Lacanian Psychoanalysis: Theory and Technique 1997ХХ
42399 McGuffie K. A Climate Modelling Primer 2005 ХХХ
121502 Frohlich J., Studer U.M., Thiran E. A Classification of Quantum Hall Fluids 1997ХХ
40198 Hithcock F.L. A Classification of Quadratic Vector Functions n/aХХ
122647 Jauslin H.R. A Classification of Fokker-Planck Models and the Small and Large Noise Asymptotics 1985ХХ
125245 Pearce P., Seaton K. A Classical Theory of Hard Squares 1988ХХ
53648 Vaudenay S. A Classical Introduction To Cryptography: Applicationsfor CommunicationsSecurity 2006 ХХХ
28712 Baigneres T., Junod P., Lu Y. A Classical Introduction to Cryptography Exercise Book 2005ХХ
65925 William A. Cohen Ph.D. A Class with Drucker: The Lost Lessons of the World's Greatest Management Teacher 2009ХХ

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