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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
164643 Edvardsson B., Gustafsson A., Kristensson P. Involving Customers in New Service Development (Series on Technology Management, V. 11) (Series on Technology Management) (Series on Technology Management) 2006ХХ
131812 Pais A. Inward Bound: Of Matter and Forces in the Physical World 1988ХХ
181339 Lopes R., Spencer J. Io After Galileo: A New View of Jupiter's Volcanic Moon (Springer Praxis Books Geophysical Sciences) 2007ХХ
121061 Horton W. Ion Acoustic Turbulence and Anomolous Transport 1985ХХ
199634 Schmidt B., Wetzig K. Ion Beams in Materials Processing and Analysis 2013ХХ
192840 Hellborg R., Whitlow H., Zhang Y. Ion Beams in Nanoscience and Technology 2009ХХ
172228 Fermini B., Priest B. Ion Channels (Topics in Medicinal Chemistry, 3) 2008ХХ
190052 Stockand J., Shapiro M. Ion channels Methods and Protocols 2006ХХ
133154 Stockand J.D. (ed.), Shapiro M.S. (ed.) Ion Channels. Methods and Protocols 2006ХХ
181175 Stockand J., Shapiro M. Ion Channels. Methods and Protocols [Methods in Molecular Biology 337] 2006ХХ
188217 Foundation N. Ion Channels: From Atomic Resolution Physiology to Functional Genomics: Novartis Foundation Symposium 245 2002ХХ
157484 Stockand J., Shapiro M. Ion Channels: Methods and Protocols (Methods in Molecular Biology Vol 337) 2006ХХ
54351 Weiss J. Ion Chromatography 1995 ХХХ
54719 Fritz J.S., Gjerde D.T. Ion Chromatography 2000 ХХХ
124216 Chan D.Y.C., Hughes B.D. Ion Diffusion in a Coulombic Field 1988ХХ
50799 Marinsky J.A. Ion Exchange and Solvent Extraction 1985ХХ
60651 Marinsky Jacob A., Marcus Yitzhak Ion Exchange and Solvent Extraction: A Series of Advances, Volume 12 1995 ХХХ
52192 Pollard S.J.T., Thompson F.E., McConnachie G.L. Ion Exchange Chromatography 1995ХХ
189915 Tanaka Y. Ion Exchange Membranes, Volume 12: Fundamentals and Applications (Membrane Science and Technology) 2007ХХ
49415 Tanaka Y. Ion Exchange Membranes: Fundamentals and Applications 2007ХХ
51433 Nachod F.C. Ion Exchange Theory and Application 1949 ХХХ
50801 Muraviev D., Warshawsky A., Gorshkov V. Ion Exchange, Vol. 1 1999ХХ
191794 Harland C. Ion Exchange: Theory and Practice (Royal Society of Chemistry Paperbacks) 1994 ХХХ
60893 Nastasi M., Mayer J.W. Ion Implantation and Synthesis of Materials 2006ХХ
145109 Strathmann H. Ion-Exchange Membrane Separation Processes 2004ХХ
186813 Strathmann H. Ion-exchange membrane separation processes 2004ХХ
153722 Cecchi T. Ion-Pair Chromatography and Related Techniques (Analytical Chemistry) 2010ХХ
133130 Todres Z.V. Ion-Radical Organic Chemistry. Principles and Applications 2008 ХХХ
21220 Hille B. Ionic Channels of Excitable Membranes 1992 ХХХ
55645 Yoder C.H. (ed.) Ionic Compounds: Applications of Chemistry to Mineralogy 2006ХХ
49287 Greenwood N.N. Ionic Crystals, Lattice Defects and Nonstoichiometry 1968 ХХХ
182999 Malhotra S. Ionic Liquid Applications: Pharmaceuticals, Therapeutics, and Biotechnology 2010ХХ
148208 Kirchner B. Ionic Liquids (Topics in Current Chemistry, Volume 290) 2009ХХ
10041 Wasserscheid P., Welton T. Ionic Liquids in Synthesis 2002ХХ
61505 Bennemann K.-H., Brouers F., Quitmann D. Ionic Liquids, Molten Salts, and Polyelectrolytes: Proceedings of the International Conference Held in Berlin (West), June 22-25, 1982 1982ХХ
183997 Rogers R., Seddon K. Ionic Liquids. Industrial Applications for Green Chemistry 2002ХХ
142250 Zhang S., Lu X., Zhou Q. Ionic Liquids: Physicochemical Properties 2009ХХ
41874 Ionic Mobilities in Ammonia-Hydrogen Mixtures and an Anomalous Effect of Ammonia 1926ХХ
41383 Loeb L.B. Ionic Mobilities in Ether as a Function of Pressure 1925ХХ
41384 Loeb L.B., Ashley M.F. Ionic Mobilities in Gaseous Mixtures 1924ХХ
140862 Henderson D., Holovko M., Trokhymchuk A. Ionic Soft Matter: Modern Trends in Theory and Applications: Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Research Workshop, held in Lviv, Ukraine, April 14-17, 2004 (NATO Science Series II: Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry, Vol. 206) 2005ХХ
58922 Friedman H.L. Ionic Solution Theory Based on Cluster Expansion Methods 1962ХХ
158229 Kontturi K., Murtomaki L., Manzanares J. Ionic Transport Processes In Electrochemistry and Membrane Science 2008ХХ
44084 King A.S. Ionization and Absorption Effects in the Electric Furnace 1922ХХ
44085 Davis B. Ionization and Radiation Potentials and the Size of the Atom 1922ХХ
121298 Nouri A., La Bourdonnaye A. Ionization and Recombination in Plasmas 1996ХХ
132363 Macris N., Martin Ph. A. Ionization Equilibrium in the Electron-Proton Gas 1990ХХ
43637 Zwicky F. Ionization in Gases by Ions and Atoms 1932ХХ
41875 Brewer A.K. Ionization in Reacting Gases n/aХХ
56547 Ashcroft A.E. Ionization Methods in Organic Mass Spectrometry 1997ХХ

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