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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
145121 Aupetit B. Lecture Notes in Mathematics (735). Proprietes Spectrales des Algebres de Banach 1979ХХ
128285 Kaiser G., Marsden J.E. Lecture Notes in Mathematics (755). Geometric Methods in Mathematical Physics 1980ХХ
128346 Schwartz L., Chernoff P.R. Lecture Notes in Mathematics (852). Geometry and Probability in Banach Spaces 1981ХХ
128175 Mardesic S., Segal J. Lecture Notes in Mathematics (870). Shape Theory and Geometric Topology 1981ХХ
129606 Erven J., Falkowski B.-J. Lecture Notes in Mathematics (877). Low Order Cohomology and Applications 1981ХХ
128064 Doebner H.-D., Andersson S. I., Petry H. R. Lecture Notes in Mathematics (905). Differential geometric methods in mathematical physics 1982ХХ
194876 Chu C.-H., Lau A.T.-M. Lecture Notes in Mathematics (є1782 2002). Harmonic Functions on Groups and Fourier Algebras 2002ХХ
194625 Carmona R.A., Ekeland I., Lasry J.-M. Lecture Notes in Mathematics (є1919 2007). Paris-Princeton Lectures on Mathematical Finance 2004 2007ХХ
127875 Casse L.R.A. Lecture Notes in Mathematics(1036). Combinatorial Mathematics X 1983ХХ
128182 Rezakhanlou F., Villani C. Lecture Notes in Mathematics(1916). Entropy Methods for the Boltzmann Equation 2008ХХ
128045 Hajek O., Lohwater A.J., McCann R. Lecture Notes in Mathematics(235). Global Differentiable Dynamics 1971ХХ
128048 Zieschang H., Vogt E., Coldewey H.-D. Lecture Notes in Mathematics(535). Surfaces and Planar Discontinuous Groups 1980ХХ
49103 Heyer H. Lecture Notes in Mathematics, vol. 150. Dualitat lokalkompakter Gruppen 1970ХХ
49126 Deligne P. Lecture Notes in Mathematics, vol. 163. Equations Differentielles a Points Singuliers Reguliers 1970ХХ
49454 Brinkman H.-B., Puppe D. Lecture Notes in Mathematics, vol. 18. Kategorien und Funktoren 1966ХХ
49105 Chandrasekharan K. Lecture Notes in Mathematics, vol. 29. Einführung in die Analytische Zahlentheorie 1966ХХ
49106 Floret K., Wloka J. Lecture Notes in Mathematics, vol. 56 Einführung in die Theorie der lokalkonvexen Räume 1968ХХ
49352 Chase S.U., Sweedler M.E. Lecture Notes in Mathematics, vol. 97. Hopf Algebras and Galois Theory 1969ХХ
59471 Avramov L.L., Tchakerian K.B. Lecture Notes in Mathematics. Algebra. Some current trends 1986ХХ
61545 A. Dold, B. Eckmann, M.M. Richer Lecture notes in mathematics. Computation and Theory 1984ХХ
46236 Hodges W. (ed.) Lecture Notes in Mathematics. Conference in Mathematical Logic - London '70 1972ХХ
127885 Chudnovsky D. V., Chudnovsky G. V., Cohn H. Lecture Notes in Mathematics. Number Theory (є1052 1984) 1984ХХ
127283 Cossart V., Giraud J., Orbanz U. Lecture Notes in Mathematics. є1101. Resolution of Surface Singularities 1984ХХ
128337 Hoenselaers C., Dietz W. Lecture Notes in Physics (205). Solutions of Einstein's Equations: Techniques and Results 1984ХХ
145262 Glowinski R., Lions J. Lecture Notes in Physics (91). Computing Methods in Applied Sciences and Engineering, 1977, II. Third International Symposium, December 5-9, 1977 1979ХХ
197290 Garrido L. Lecture Notes in Physics. Far from Equilibrium Phase Transitions. Proceedings of the Xth Sitges Conference on Statistical Mechanics, Sitges, Barcelona, June 6-10, 1988 1988ХХ
77338 Asch J. (ed.), Joye A. (ed.) Lecture notes in physics. Mathematical physics of quantum mechanics 2006 ХХХ
145860 Bray W.O. (ed.), Milojevicv P. (ed.), Stanojevic C.V. (ed.) Lecture Notes in Pure and Applied Mathematics (157). Fourier Analysis: Analytic and Geometric Aspects 1994ХХ
194881 Mabuchi T., Mukai S. Lecture Notes in Pure and Applied Mathematics (є145 1993). Einstein Metrics and Yang-Mills Connections 1993ХХ
132087 Roos B. Lecture Notes in Quantum Chemistry: European Summer School in Quantum Chemistry 1992ХХ
106503 Vilfan I. Lecture notes in statistical mechanics 2002 ХХХ
23529 Saouma V.E. Lecture Notes in Structural Engineering: Analysis and Design n/aХХ
5853 Casalbuoni R. Lecture notes in superconductivity: condensed matter and QCD 2003ХХ
153661 Avresky D.R.(ed.), Diaz M. (ed.), Bode A. (ed.) Lecture Notes of the Institute for Computer Sciences, Social-Informatics and Telecommunications Engineering (34). Cloud Computing 2010ХХ
8934 Chaitin G.J. Lecture Notes on Algorithmic Information Theory from the 8th Estonian Winter School in Computer Science, EWSCS'03 2003ХХ
812 Devroye L. Lecture notes on bucket algorithms 1986ХХ
171568 Devroye L. Lecture notes on bucket algorithms 1986ХХ
158933 Devroye L. Lecture Notes on Bucket Algorithms (Progress in Computer Science, No. 6) 1986ХХ
110265 Lamdsman N.P. Lecture Notes on C*-algebras and Quantum Mechanics 1998ХХ
54255 Hu S. Lecture Notes on Chern-Simons-Witten Theory 2001ХХ
53713 Li Z. Lecture Notes on Computer Algebra 2004ХХ
191664 Saouma V. Lecture notes on Computer Graphics for Engineers n/aХХ
10059 Goldwasser S., Belare M. Lecture Notes on Cryptography 2001ХХ
105944 Terng C.-L. Lecture Notes on Curves and Surfaces in R^3 2003ХХ
68074 Graham-Brown R., Burns T. Lecture Notes on Dermatology 2002 ХХХ
110068 Sweers G. Lecture notes on differential equations of mathematical physics 2003ХХ
153982 Fazekas P. Lecture notes on electron correlation and magnetism 1999ХХ
157991 Fazekas P. Lecture notes on electron correlation and magnetism 1999ХХ
22357 Singer I.M., Thorpe J.A. Lecture Notes on Elementary Topology and Geometry 1967ХХ
188249 Singer I., Thorpe J. Lecture Notes On Elementary Topology And Geometry 1967ХХ

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