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ID asc desc pic јвторы asc desc Ќазвание asc desc √од asc desc ƒоп.
96332 Fields of Interest of Board of Editors (4 1975) 1975ХХ
96333 Gruber C. On the Definition of Phase Transition 1975ХХ
96339 Piasecki J., Cichocki B. Generalized enskog theory for homogeneous systems 1975ХХ
96343 Gates D.J., Thompson C.J. Correlation Functions for Spin Systems of High Spatial Dimensionality 1975ХХ
96352 John E. Reissner, William A. Steele A collisional approach to the calculation of time correlation functions. Transport coefficients of gases 1975ХХ
96359 M. Malek-Mansour, G. Nicolis A Master Equation Description of Local Fluctuations 1975ХХ
96360 Gardiner C.W., McNeil K.J., Walls D.F. Correlations in stochastic theories of chemical reactions 1975ХХ
96371 Takeo Nishigori Theory of kinetic equations for systems with production and absorption of particles 1975ХХ
96375 Skagerstam Bo-Sture K. On the Notions of Entropy and Information 1975ХХ
96879 Future contributions to Journal of Statistical Physics (є1 1975) 1975ХХ
96881 Elliott W. Montroll, Bruce J. West Scattering of waves by irregularities in periodic discrete lattice spaces. I. Reduction of problem to quadratures on a discrete model of the Schrödinger equation 1975ХХ
96882 H. P. Neumann A lattice model for a real substance 1975ХХ
96897 Future contributions to Journal of Statistical Physics (vol 12 є2 1975) 1975ХХ
96901 A. A. Kugler Theory of the local field correction in an electron gas 1975ХХ
96908 Fields of interest of board of editors (vol 13 є5 1975) 1975ХХ
96912 Future contributions to Journal of Statistical Physics (vol 13 є1 1975) 1975ХХ
96917 Future contributions to Journal of Statistical Physics (vol 12 є5 1975) 1975ХХ
96935 Křemen A. Transmission of information in nucleotide pools: Application of the statistical thermodynamic formalism 1975ХХ
96975 Fesciyan S, Frisch H.L. Stochastic Model of a One-Dimensional Fluid 1975ХХ
96976 Hynes J.T., Kapral R., Weinberg M. Nonlinear momentum relaxation of an impurity in a harmonic chain 1975ХХ
96987 Alexandrowicz Z. Irreversible adiabatic demagnetization: Entropy and discrimination of a model stochastic process 1975ХХ
97007 Stochastic theory for rate constants of chemical reactions in liquid solution 1975ХХ
97031 Sture N., Zwanzig R. A systematic derivation of exact generalized Brownian motion theory 1975ХХ
97039 Cichocki B., Piasecki J. Microscopic approach to the enskog theory of a homogeneous gas 1975ХХ
97047 Gunther L., Zitkova-Wilcox J. The mössbauer effect: A potentially ideal probe into Brownian motion 1975ХХ
97075 Fields of interest of board of editors (vol 12 є3 1975) 1975ХХ
97081 Future contributions to Journal of Statistical Physics (vol 13 є3 1975) 1975ХХ
97082 Madden P., Kivelson D. Statistical transport theory of reacting two-component fluid: Light scattering from an A⇄B liquid 1975ХХ
97084 Cohen E.R. Bandwidth limitations in pulse code modulation 1975ХХ
97092 Fields of interest of board of editors (vol 13 є4 1975) 1975ХХ
97099 Kihara T. The Chapman-Enskog and Kihara approximations for isotopic thermal diffusion in gases 1975ХХ
97100 Hirsch N. Note on the Paper УGibbs vs. Shannon EntropiesФ by Richard L. Liboff 1975ХХ
97108 Wiegel F.W. An exactly solvable two-dimensional biomembrane model 1975ХХ
97110 Reddy V. On the existence of the steady state in the stochastic Volterra-Lotka model 1975ХХ
97143 Hale B.N., Kiefer J. A partition function model for nucleation on surfaces 1975ХХ
97153 Résibois P. Approximate kinetic theory of hard-sphere fluids near equilibrium: II. A quasihydrodynamic approximation for the velocity autocorrelation function 1975ХХ
97497  арр ј. –ептилии 1975ХХ
97646 George L. Hall Weak "Ph ase Transitions " in Asymptotic Properties of Lattice Sums 1975ХХ
97678 De Gennes P.G. Brownian motion of a classical particle through potential barriers. Application to the helix-coil transitions of heteropolymers 1975ХХ
97686 Glasser M.L. A singular example in the statistical mechanics of a one-dimensional system 1975ХХ
97717 Fields of interest of board of editors (vol 13 є6 1975) 1975ХХ
97718 Future contributions to Journal of Statistical Physics (vol 12 є6 1975) 1975ХХ
97759 I. Hosokawa, K. Yamamoto Turbulence in the Randomly Forced, One-Dimensional Burgers Flow 1975ХХ
97766 Mark A. Pinsky Stochastic solution of the linearized Boltzmann equation 1975ХХ
97774 Amar Maheshwari Functional integral representations of partition function without limiting procedure. Techniques of calculation of moments 1975ХХ
97789 Elliott H. Lieb, Heide Narnhofer The thermodynamic limit for jellium 1975ХХ
97800 E. Presutti A mechanical definition of the thermodynamic pressure 1975ХХ
97804 Z. Alexandrowicz Entropy of irreversible cooling and the УdiscriminationФ of model stochastic processes 1975ХХ
97814 M. J. Mandell, H. Reiss Thermodynamics of curved boundary layers 1975ХХ
97841 Carol K. Hall Scaling in the ideal Bose gas 1975ХХ

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